• Yes, to save our water resources

    These soft drink companies actually plunder our water resources nearly taking an average of 7,00,000 litres of water from a river for a single day production in a single factory, that too for free!!! In the name of providing employment to local people. Just imagine how much water they are plundering on whole in a country where farmers commit suicide because of scarcity of water for agriculture!!
    The manufaturing price of 10rs cocacola is just 1rupee, they sell that for 900% profit!!! 10 years before top restaurants will provide free drinking water but nowadays they just give billed mineral water bottle!!! Now this people who are supporting soft drinks are blind and narrow minded enough to say its their personal right , dont the farmers have right to claim water for agriculture ??? , cant these guys broad their mind and see the big picture???
    You buy drinking water fo money!!!
    You let your country farmers die without water for irrigation!!!
    You support this all because you think these soft drinks have rights to sell free water by converting it to carbonated drink for you people!!
    And you guys speak of responsibility and human rights!!! How hypocrite??!! You mindless people

  • Yes It must be fully banned.

    My dear frnds you r jst going to the taste but thing about the harm that these chemicals are making to our body. It is so powerfull that it can even clean ur bathroom. U can drink any other tasty dring like sharbat, shikanzi, robza etc.. They r tastier nd healthier.........:)

  • Be responsible for yourself

    Why in the world should soft drinks be banned? Is it because of the health issues that have all too often become associated with it? Anything thing that is not done in moderation though could become a bad thing. Companies should not be penalized for all or this that takes place.

  • No, they should not.

    Soft drinks should not be banned. People have a right to drink and eat what they want as long as it does not cause harm to others. Soft drinks are harmless as long as the one drinking it takes it into moderation and doesn't gorge themselves. That isn't exlcusive to soft drinks though, that is any food and drink a like.

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