Should some species be allowed to become extinct?

Asked by: Axons
  • If they want to...

    It is their existence, so they should be allowed to do with it what they want. If a species wants to go extinct, we have no right to stop them. It is their choice, not ours.
    Forcing them to keep on living when they do not want to would just be cruel.
    Therefore, all species should be allowed to become extinct.

  • Yes. Let's start with a useless and damaging one.

    The American liberal. If we let them go the way of the Dodo, we'd have better roads, teachers and wages. We'd have the freedom to do as we wished, do as we pleased and be allowed to defend ourselves should one of their charity cases decide to "redistribute" our wealth by force.

    End the American Liberal, class: Dweebus Dumbass.

  • Genocide is Bad But Nature

    I'm not saying we should go out and hunt the last surviving member of that species, nor that we should permit that to happen, merely that if it is endangered to permit nature to take its course. Of course if it is endangered because of human meddling of some kind, maybe by 'accidentally' bringing a snake to Florida, or by hunting it overly so, than we should try to help a bit. I also feel if they are endangered, we should take about two to four of them into captivity in order for some to survive, but the others are pretty much on there own.

  • Mosquitoes and Bats

    The elimination of these two species would significantly reduce the spread of diseases.
    There are no animals that solely depend on these creatures as their ONLY food source. Even the Gambusia affinis (Mosquito Fish) do not solely rely on mosquitoes as their food source.
    Their extinction would not destroy the ecosystem.
    The mosquito and bat need to go the way of the dinosaur.

  • Definitely, its a no brainer.

    Animals are a part of nature and if stupid people cant respect them then they have a right of law to be locked up behind bars because animals could provide us with medication and meat for us if you think we should all starve them you can get on with ur selves but me personally I want to look on the internet at animals with their cubs having a good life.

  • Spieces Naturally Die Off

    I believe we should try to save species that we directly impact and harm. If they are totally dying off because of our actions, then they deserve our help. However, many species die off on their own, from natural causes and changes. I believe if we find that to be the case with a particular species then we should let them go naturally.

  • Species go extinct daily.

    Whether humans like it or not extinction is a natural part of life on Earth. Millions if not billions of life forms have walked this Earth at one point or another and most of them are not alive at this point in time. It is an unfortunate part of the circle of life.

  • Yes and no.

    I think that some species should be able to go extinct because these species obviously are not handling the earth well and are not reacting well to changes that have been made and that is why they are dying off. Keeping them here might just be cruel and torture like to them.

  • Why leave problems?

    Some animals are problems. Don't protect them. From an evolutionary perspective, protecting them is stupid. I see no good reason to protect problems in our world. It aught to be legal to kill any wild cat, all American and pollar bears, and other such dangerous creatures. It's legal to kill an animal which is attacking your livestock, which I think is an excellent law.

  • Never give up

    There are a lot of species that a very close to extinction, but does that mean we should allow them to die? Life is precious and we should go to great lengths to protect it in all of its forms. Just because it is difficult doesn't mean we should give up on that species.

  • Some species should not be allowed to become extinct.

    Some species should not be allowed to become extinct. It is not right to allow any species to become extinct. This happens mostly because they are over-hunted either by other animals and humans. With the technology that we have today we should be able to monitor the numbers of the animals and make sure extinction does not happen.

  • No species should be protected

    Species should be protected and not allowed to become extinct. People need to be more responsible for our planet and the environment. Extinction is final. It is also something that could ultimately have future negative effects on the food chain and on various ecosystems. Unless a species has been artificially introduced and is decimating native animal populations, it should be protected.

  • No, they might have value later.

    No, no species should be allowed to become extinct, because we do not know which species might be critically important later on. It is also important for historical purposes to keep some of every kind of animal alive. It is also a way to honor mother nature. We should respect nature by preserving all species.

  • We should keep zoos for record purposes

    Even if it is natural selection what if it turns out there is a property of some plant or animal that we need. We should keep them in zoos for record and research purposes and breed them. But unless it's important to some ecological dynamic then we shouldn't interfere with extirpation (extinction only in the wild).

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