Should someone under the age of 13 be allowed to babysit?

  • Yes a 10 year old should

    Think about it a 10 year old is mature. 4th graders are acting a little note mature so yes in my opinion yes. Up to 2 hours, yes a 10 year old is a big kid now they are a role model to lil kids so yes to a baby yes but it depends maturity really not age.

  • Maybe, it kind of depends on a lot of things. :/

    I believe a child under the age of 13 should be allowed to babysit in some situations but not in all including: 1. Their younger siblings. 2. Toddlers and preschoolers. 3. If they take a training course and are certified. And 4. If their parents sign a waver allowing them to babysit. Some of my reasons for when they should not be allowed to babysit: 1. If it is not of their immediate family. 2. If the child they are babysitting is under 2 or over 8. 3. When the parents disagree. I believe each family should have their own choice regarding if the child is responsible and ready to babysit.

  • A 10 year-old having the responsibility of looking after baby's? No way.

    First of all, a kid of that age can't defend his/herself from adults. So what if a burglar comes in? Secondly, children that age are a lot less careful than older ones are, and could easily do something wrong. The baby could swallow something while the kid is distracted, or something else. And even if they would pay attention, what if things went wrong and they needed help? Children tend to stress out more than adults.

    So no, don't give children that age that kind of responsibility.

  • They are not ready for that kind of responsibility.

    A child under 13 should have a babysitter themselves if they are home alone, they are not old enough to be able to protect themselves from many dangers let alone a small child. Children aged 12 and below have not yet developed the abstract thinking skills to be able to predict things that could go wrong and therefore prevent them. They also do not have the life skills to be able to know what to do in an emergency.

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