Should space exploration be a priority for federal funding?

  • A big yes!

    C'mon, we are Home Sapiens! Curiosity, exploration, reaching new heights, discovering new things, unraveling the deepest mysteries etc. is a core part of who we are! Those who oppose space missions funding are Luddites and laggards, they either don't understand an iota of science or want to push the human race back to dark ages!

  • It should be a priority

    In the past, technological developments in the space exploration industry have helped to make life on earth easier.By putting priority into space exploration, it will solve enviornmental issues by simply taking us out of the equation. In addition, it will add a new form a tourism into the united states, which will increase revenue. By prioritizing space exploration, it will create jobs. Even if we fail, the knowledge we gain will be invaluable.

  • A big yes!

    C'mon, we are Home Sapiens! Curiosity, exploration, reaching new heights, discovering new things, unraveling the deepest mysteries etc. is a core part of who we are! Those who oppose space missions funding are Luddites and laggards, they either don't understand an iota of science or want to push the human race back to dark ages!

  • Space Exploration is Important!

    Funding space exploration is very important. NASA has had hundreds of space spinoffs that have impacted us very much, yet we take them for granted. For example, the Infrared Camera is used in the military and for firefighters to see heat or flames. It was originally used to track blazing plumes in the space shuttles. We also have the chicken fat bio fuel, the eco friendly fuel that people are now considering to use in our jets and planes, that was only going to be for NASA's rockets, but we have access to it now. And what about the HEALS device? That light that NASA was trying to use to grow plants in space? That is now used in hospitals to reduce the painful side affects of chemotherapy and radiation.
    The spinoffs that NASA has had aren't all. We are constantly learning about our solar system and what is in it. For example, we just recently found out that some meteorites have rings around them, and that Saturn's moon, Enceladus might have had/still has an ocean it it.
    Including that, NASA is benefiting education by working with universities and other schools. We want educated and aware people in this world right? That is why funding space exploration should be a priority.

  • Space travel is important!!!!!1

    The pros of funding space travel are if we go in space we could find things that will help our life, as we know it and answers to questions about space and earth. Also if we could find new minerals, new species and new living things. Lastly, it gives jobs and dreams to people who want to be astronauts or work in space and rocket ship engineering.

  • It is Important

    We need to know if there is a back up plan for us if anything goes wrong on Earth. We know to know the surrounding environment that we live in. Also, we are humans, it is only natural for us to have a curiosity for the unknown. Space IS the unknown to us, so we should go explore it, because we might make many new discoveries, elements that could be turned into medicine to fight cancer. Who knows.

  • Space and Tech connect

    Don't forget that the only reason that we have cellphone technology and satellite television is because we send people and craft into space. Space exploration is what helps us get upgrades in technology, and wouldn't it be just plain cool to have colonies on Mars and on the Moon someday?

  • We either expand or die

    Space exploration is the next step to the expansion of man kind. Multiple times in history it shows our need for land, but it isn't an instinct without purpose. It is the instinct that we need to listen to, our we over populate, and on earth its not going to well. Even though its costly, and may sometimes not meet the expectations, it creates so many helpful items, that never would have been conceived without space exploration.

  • Should be funded

    Space exploration should be funded because it has been in mans history more than once to expand. And if we don't we overpopulate and die. That is our instincts, and I believe their right. This is just the next step. Even though space exploration is costly and does not always meet expectations, other great machines and luxuries come out of it that never would have been conceived if space exploration had not begun.

  • West Middle School Student

    I think NASA is a great program it tells us when an asteroid will hit earth. I think the federal government should pay because they use NASA just like the rest of the world. If that's not enough then what is ? That is what I think about funding the NASA program.

  • WE haven't learned anything.

    If you google it, you won't find anything that says what we've learned, how it helps us, or how we are paying for space exploration! Either get it on google or never use it again! It's like no one cares enough to tell us what we've learned.. Or we haven't learned anything at all!

  • Incentivize the Private Sector

    Gov't run research is not usually successful. Prime examples are derived from Soviet Russia. The public sector (gov't research) has no incentive whatsoever to discover or refine technologies, they don't see another dime. They just get blank checks.

    Gov't research doesn't efficiently use resources either, as it has no competition, and gov't doesn't know the proper way to utilize funding, unlike in the private sector in which the scientists know how money should be spent in the best possible way.

    I support incentivizing the private sector to create space technology, and creating the modern miracles of medicine, and investing in clean energy. The private sector can do this ultimately more efficiently, more effectively, and has greater innovation without soaking up private capital which grows the economy and helps us all.

  • space has aliens

    if we spend millions of dollars to send people and materials into space only to be captured by aliens. so we are just supplying the enemy for the intergalactic war. stop supplying the enemy stop space exploration what will happen next? well maybe we could give the aliens nukes then we would all die!
    this message brought to you by the president of the
    United Airlines.

  • I do not believe that space exploration should be a priority for federal funding, especially when we have so many domestic demands and so little funding to go around.

    Because there are still so many parts of Earth that we have not fully explored, and because there is no immediate benefit of space exploration, I do not believe that it is deserving of federal funds, more than domestic issues, like education and economic stimulation.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Space exploration does little to improve the lives of citizens, and there are more pressing priorities.

    Space exploration should be viewed as a luxury. When the government cannot repay its debts, and when we must deal with hunger, disease, and a crippled economy, it is unconscionable to fund programs that do not directly advance the well-being of the citizens. Space exploration is nice, but we have much more urgent priorities.

    Posted by: HaplessBritt39
  • I oppose federal spending for space exploration.

    With all the things going on in the world right now space exploration needs to take a back seat to all others as far as federal spending goes. We have diseases, economic failures, global warming the disaster in the Gulf and starving people that the money could be better used on. The only thing space exploration is good for is putting up satellites. Really, what else are we going to find out there?

    Posted by: dadude913
  • Not while we're in debt

    While space exploration should be a priority for the human race as a whole, the government should not fund it if we cannot repay our debts. But we must remember, that space is our top scientific priority. The more we spend on getting into space, and researching in space, the more we learn.

  • Federal spending should go on priorities

    With all the money being used on putting people on the moon or seeing what other planet we could live on, beside the one God put us on, there could be cures for so many different illnesses. Cancer would have a cure, diabetes would be a thing of the past, and our next generation wouldn't know what alz timers is, but not because they weren't educated but because it hasn't existed in decades. The money that the government, or whoever, is spending needs to go one priorities not....Could be or what if's.

  • Waste of time!

    Why do we bother? It might pay for some people to feed their families, but it costs us billions of pounds.
    Stop funding space exploration. Help people who need the money, and not some rich person looking to get richer with some numbers.
    It is not right.
    Stop the funding!

  • Space is not as important as world hunger!

    How can you sit there while helpless children starve!? Don't they deserve to live !? 3-5 million children die each year from hunger. 1 out of every 5 children go to bed still very hungry. Over 16 million children starve in the u.S. Alone. Don't be shellfish and give money up for space. It can wait , but the what will we do if we find a way to save man, but man is gone?

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