Should Spanish be a mandatory course in public schools?

  • Spanish is the 2nd most spoken language .

    If you ever go to large cities or the coast there are people who speak Spanish it would be nice to be able to speak to them in their 1st language or speak to them. Also a lot of countries teach English to their student so why cant we learn Spanish. Gracias por leer. (Sorry if i spelled it wrong).

  • Sí , el español es bueno para nuestra cultura

    The USA has a very good opportunity to adopt some of the Hispanic culture into the American way of life. Speaking Spanish is apart of the every day life of nearly 38 million Americans and that number is growing. Most Americans have this attitude that everyone else speaks English so why should we bother learning a foreign language when its pointless. Learning Spanish is not pointless because it can be used to connect with our Hispanic neighbors. We are a true melting pot and that can include a second language.

  • Sí , el español es bueno para nuestra cultura

    The USA has a very good opportunity to adopt some of the Hispanic culture into the American way of life. Speaking Spanish is apart of the every day life of nearly 38 million Americans and that number is growing. Most Americans have this attitude that everyone else speaks English so why should we bother learning a foreign language when its pointless. Learning Spanish is not pointless because it can be used to connect with our Hispanic neighbors. We are a true melting pot and that can include a second language.

  • Spanish is Better!

    Spanish is alot easier to learn and write. If you know how a word is spelled, you can almost always know how it is pronounced (although the reverse isn't true). It also is the worlds 2nd common language. Many schools also have Spanish as a mandatory language because its better to help them when looking for a career

  • Spanish should be required in Public schools.

    I think that Spanish should be required in Public schools. If you know Spanish while going into Collage you have a better chance to have a career. Also if you know Spanish and run for a job you have a better chance anyway. A lot of people in the speak Spanish in the world, because over 21 countries have Spanish listed as there first language.

  • Education should be bilingual in the United States as it is in all the civilized countries of the world. We are lacking behind...

    There is an overwhelming number of studies and successful models around the world that provide evidence that early foreign language instruction is the way to go. In Europe children learn 2 and 3 languages since early age and develop along the way cognitive skills beyond their linguistic abilities, not to mention a cultural competency to make them wonderful 21st century individuals. Unfortunately, with this short-minded mentality that English is the only language in the world, we are lacking behind and we are failing our children in providing them with the tools to preparing them to assume roles in the global society they are inheriting. My children already speak three languages and I feel very proud of that!

  • Spanish should be necessary

    Yes, I think that Spanish should be a necessary language that is taught in public schools. Nowadays, many more people are speaking Spanish and being bilingual will help individuals get jobs at a global level. I think that learning Spanish will help to merge cultures, and cut down on animosity towards others.

  • Yes,for many reasons because

    Just learning one language will not make you really go far only for some people ,there's a grantee that your child is going to have Spanish speaking friends so you could helped them, also it could help you for your future job because you will sometimes you need to speak a another language and that's my opinion

  • Of course we should!

    Like it or not, the United States is quickly headed towards becoming a bilingual nation. Now, we can either get xenophobic and go " get your dirty Mexican-speak out of my red white and blue hurrr " or we can understand that it's not weird at all for a nation to speak multiple languages, requiring it at a elementary level can help push the nation into a bilingual , and a more united state of nation.

  • Yes, for many more reason then I can list

    Spanish will help land people land better jobs. People could be more open to their neighbors, and appreciate other cultures. America is now the 2nd largest country in the world that speaks Spanish, just recently passing Spain and Colombia. Its said that by 2050 America will be the largest Spanish speaking country in the world, which is saying something considering America's primary language is English.
    Yes, America is a melting pot of many different cultures, and languages, but Spanish is the most common language there is compared to the others. People should at least know the 2nd largest language in America. Kudos to them if they want to learn more languages.
    It is said that Spanish isn't that hard to learn and could very possibly improve your English skills , considering the similarities between the two languages. They both have Latin roots, and thousand of similar cognates. It is easier for people who speak English to speak Spanish, then it is for people who speak Spanish to speak English. English is known as the most difficult language to learn.
    If people who speak Spanish, really take pride in being in America, then they will try to learn English. People need to be understanding, English is hard, even for people who are fluent. Be proud of the people who can speak broken English, they are trying...

  • This isn't helping our students learn the stuff they need to.

    If our students in america need to learn Spanish so them at they are able to communicate with their neighbor, that's just crazy. This country started speaking English and need to continue only learning about their natural home language. Why teach English if everyone is gonna switch to Spanish? Its just ignorant to think that my child will need to learn Spanish in school, when it was optional for me.

  • Why Reduce Students' Choices?

    I support students learning another language in addition to English; I do not agree with mandating Spanish.

    Students should have the choice to learn whatever language they want, and it would wrong to limit their options. Perhaps a student dreams of working for Honda, and wishes to learn Japanese. What if a student has a fascination with European languages or Romance languages?

    One must be cautious when suggesting mandates, especially when it reduces the choices students can make in regards to their education.

  • No, because historically speaking the United States was never part of the Spanish Empire.

    The USA was never part of Spain's Empire, we were part of the British Empire before declaring independence in 1776. And, we all know that Britain's main language is English. Therefore, from forced perspective, the language of the Motherland or Mother Country should be held to a higher standard period.

  • Should Spanish Classes Be Mandatory In Elementary And Middle Schools?

    Today I’m going to tell you my opinions are on Spanish being taught as a mandatory class in elementary and middle schools. I don’t support Spanish being a mandatory class. I do however think it should be mandatory to have a choice of languages we can learn such as German, French, Italian, and Spanish. I think that people should speak English since it was the original spoken language of the US. I also think that Spanish should not be mandatory because for someone to pass their citizenship test you are required to be able to fluently speak and write English. Lastly I think that Spanish should not be a mandatory class because since tech and programming jobs are a rapidly growing job market it should be taught as a mandatory class.

    The majority population speaks English. While I do think Spanish is a largely used language should it be taught as an optional class and not forced upon students. English is the third largest spoken language in the world (right behind Spanish) but 80% of the US speaks English and only 12.4% are Spanish speakers. This evidence shows that a much larger portion of Americans speak English. Since we speak mostly English it seems very unnecessary to learn Spanish.

    The US citizenship test requires you to speak English so if you are required to speak and write fluent English to become a citizen why are we taught mandatory Spanish. Kids in elementary school and especially middle school already have enough pressure as it is without having to worry about Spanish class.

    Lastly I think that instead of mandatory Spanish classes there should be a mandatory class of programming. The reason it should be replaced with programming classes is because today programming is becoming a rapidly growing job and continues to grow faster and faster. Teaching programming gives students an advantage.

  • No, Spanish should not be a mandatory course taught in public schools.

    No, Spanish should not be mandatory to be taught to students in public schools. Spanish is no different from any other language. If Spanish is made mandatory, the teaching of every other language would be made mandatory as well. Making Spanish classes mandatory would also cause school districts to lose money that could have been used toward better programs.

  • Let's be realistic.

    Not every career will use Spanish, and the big-shot ones that do, you can get a translator. The world is changing: Think about jobs like computer programmers. When will they need to know Spanish? If they are making software for their own country, why would they need to know Spanish. So I say no- not a requirement, but optional.

  • I think not.

    I am okay with the whole learning another language. If schools want to offer Spanish as a language that is okay as well. I just do not believe the only option should be Spanish. Most schools do offer languages like French, Chinese, Japanese, and even American Sign Language where I am from. I just do not feel it is okay to only offer Spanish. What about the Spanish speaking schools in America? Do they learn Spanish? I would hope not.

  • Spanish shouldn't be a mandatory class

    Spanish is an important language but we live in America where the main language is English. If we learn English but then we start learning Spanish what's the point? Spanish should be an optional class because maybe we end up in a spot where the extra language comes to no use. Spanish is a great language to learn but it takes up unnecessary time that could be used to learn more essential subjects.

  • Middle School students should not have to learn Spanish

    Setting a curriculum for a student is difficult. Especially when you create a 3-4 year program involving a second language they do not wish to continue learning. Why Spanish is the language they choose I don't know, but if a student wants to commit to another less obvious choice then they should be able to. Not only that but after high school, the only available language course is Spanish. If everyone were to learn Spanish then nothing sets them apart on college applications. I learned American Sign Language. Now I can efficiently communicate with deaf people.

  • It's very difficult to learn, goes against freedom of choice.

    Spanish class was a huge struggle for me in High School. I tried my best but still failed assignments on a regular basis, made a bad grade, therefore lowering my GPA 😒. Learning another language is more of a hobby or interest rather than something you'll need every single day outside of school, at least with most jobs. They need to teach kids more useful things like how to do spend money wisely or go over the constitution in history classes in more detail so people know their rights, in fact, I wasn't taught my constitutional rights at all in school. Brainwashing 101, keep people oblivious to their rights.

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