• Yes it should be a crime

    I agree spanking anyone of any punishment even home, school, judicial cor pal punishment should be a crime in any way because it is a cruel and unusual punishment and teaches everyone including children and adults and criminals to become violent when they suffer abuse. Listen to me i have better rights to criminals and children instead of cor-pal punishment OK. Best punishment is for children is no jail time and no spanking including school children is time out or detention or grounded.

  • Spanking Children Crime

    I personally think that people disagree on whether spanking is good or bad. Many European countries have banned spanking outright. The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child has outlawed all physical discipline, even within families. However, the vast majority of American parents spank their young children at some point, and most Americans believe that spanking is a legitimate form of discipline.

  • No but it needs limits

    In the olden days kids got pratically beat with all types of paddles, rods, straps, switches, shoes, etc. sometimes they would go too far. However a milder type is ok as long as the kid knows why they're being punished and don't do it until they have cuts or bad bruises. Sometimes, such as if a kid continually misbehaves or outright disrespects you or runs out into the road, then it's a fine option as lecturing would take too long and grounding wouldn't be feasible. The hand or impement used shouldn't be anything more than a light paddle or brush usually use something like a hand or flyswatter, which are not dangerous. Overall kids can be spanked but there is certainly limits on how far and in the situation it is used.

  • No, not a flat, definite crime.

    While I do not agree with spanking, I do not think it should be a crime in and of itself. There have to be limits, though. A short swat is usually no big deal, but when it crosses the line over into child abuse and more severe physical punishment, then action should be taken.

  • No, every parent has done something regrettable.

    Beating a child is one thing and it should definitely be a criminal act. However, spanking implies a swat or a slap and sometimes this is enough to scare a child into seeing something they have done is dangerous. And sometimes a parent just loses it and spanks and later regrets it.

  • Abuse is a Crime, Not Spanking

    Parents should be allowed to spank their children, but not the point that it leaves bruises or red marks. Corporal punishment is way to teach lessons, even if it is hurtful to the child. Spanking children shouldn't be made illegal because sometimes there are reasons for spanking that have nothing to do with abuse.

  • No It Shouldn't

    I do not believe spanking children should be made a crime. Some people use spanking as a form of punishment for their children and when implemented properly I believe it can be helpful to parents. As a parent I don't use spanking typically, but I do use it occassionally under bad circumstances. I think it is unfair for the government to dictate what is right and wrong for parents and their own children.

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