Should Speedo have dropped sponsorship of Ryan Lochte over the controversy in Brazil?

  • Yes, Ryan Lochte deserved to lose sponsorship.

    Yes, Speedo should have dropped sponsorship of Ryan Lochte. Lochte showed immature and careless behavior while on an international stage. His behavior in Brazil was horrendous. He not only fabricated a lie over what happened but also tried to implicate police officers in the incident. In my opinion such behavior would not be acceptable from someone who was supposed to be representing a company in a positive way. Therefore, it would be acceptable for Speedo to drop Lockte for bringing a negative image to the company.

  • Yes, Speedo should have dropped Ryan Lochte's sponsorship.

    Speedo should definitely have dropped Ryan Lochte's sponsorship after his actions in Brazil. He is a poor representative of our country, first by vandalizing the gas station and then by lying to police and the public about what happened. What a disgrace, he showed a real lack of integrity and honor.

  • What he did was not the least bit honorable

    Ryan Lochte, along with his fellow swimmers that were part of the incident, should have known better. He is a grown man who made up a tremendous story, in the process making an entire country look bad. He should be punished for his false statement, and losing endorsements is one of the best ways to do that.

  • Speedo does the right thing

    Speedo made the correct decision to drop Ryan Lochte as a sponsor for its products. Companies have to uphold their reputations, and his is tarnished badly. His account of events was proven false, and he appears to be covering up a drunken escapade. Worse, he was the oldest person in the group, and should have been the leader.

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