• It should be banned

    It is our duty to save the environment so such animal killing sports should strictly be banned our earth is fore all animals to live peacfully but what we do is kill them in large numbers which lead to their extinction such sports should not be encouraged in any ways

  • The environment was doing fine before humans, will do fine after us

    It's one thing to hunt for a food source. No question, hunting for meat is definitely okay. But hunting for sport, for fun, killing living creatures for entertainment and recreation is as much a sin and a sign of sickness as killing a human being. Conservation efforts by sports hunters are not needed once they stop this "sport". The cycle right now goes like this: sports hunters kill off let's say 40% of the deer in an area. Well, now in name of "conservation" and balancing the ecosystem, they need to also kill a certain amount of predators so the deer population can heal. And same cycle goes on yearly. Stop the (sport)hunt, stop the cycle, no need for this kind of "conservation".

  • Yes It Should

    While I am not a big fan of governemnt intrusion into things like hunting, I think that hunting for sport is a somewhat cruel and also very wasteful form of entertainment. I have no problems with hunting should the purpose be to acquire food or fur, something along those lines, as then such an activity serves an adequate purpose.

  • Sport Hunting Supports Conservation Efforts

    Sport hunting has been used for decades as a way to raise money for conservation organizations. Certain animal species that are endangered or at a risk of becoming endangered have extremely limited supplies of available licences, usually only one is available each year/ every few years. The proceeds from the sold licences go entirely to these conservation efforts. In the long run, the death of one animal every few years will save the lives of thousands, if not millions more. Compare that one death to the potential hundreds/thousands of natural deaths each year the animal species suffer. It is incomparable.

    In addition to helping endangered species, sport hunting is an extremely valid way to control explosive populations. In the Southern United States, feral hogs have caused millions of dollars of damage. Many, if not all of the affected states have had or still have available sport hunting applications. Another explosive animal population is the South's Nutria rat, which, like feral hogs, have caused extensive damage. Culling efforts can and have been supplemented with sport hunting.

    Sport hunting is a valid and necessary thing. It helps to preserve endangered species, as well as hold explosive populations in check.

  • We need to help the environment

    We need hunting as a sport because without our help the ecosystems would slowly start to collapse. The environment need us when ever there is a boom of predictor or prey. Without us the prey would kill off the vegetation and the predictor would wipe out the prey.It is better to kill animals then let them starve to death and not exist anymore.

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