• Why sports should be included in school.

    Because it keeps the students' mind focused on positve things and keeps them from doing drugs drinking e.T.C. It also gives us a head start to what we wana do in life starting an early career . It keeps us to be healthy and strong it gives us better health.

  • Yes sports should be included

    Yes, I think that sports need to be included in a school's curriculum as they are important to the development of a healthy lifestyle for teenagers. At an early age I believe that it is important for teenagers to learn how to exercise and live a healthy life, which is why sports needs to be included.

  • Sports is stress buster for students

    I think sports should be included in school curriculum because its a relief for students from books. Having sports in the school sometimes help students to maintain their book knowledge because if they can't keep up with their grades then they can't play sports. Also it gives students recognitions of their work they put it schools.

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