• Who really cares?

    Little kids celebrate it because it relates to leprechauns and rainbows and pots of gold. Why not just let them think that. Everyone saying no are the people who sit inside while all the kids and fun adults are parading around the neighborhood like crazy people, and you know what, I like crazy people. They are more fun. So, maybe you should be more fun and celebrate St. Patricks day with all the other misbehaving drunk adults and chocolate coin addicted kids.

  • It's about Irish Pride

    I believe that that it should be a national holiday. Many cities in the US have huge celebrations, and is attended by many and while not official in any capacity As far as you can tell, it is a National Holiday whether you like it or not. Many stores sell merchandise in support of the day. Cities like Tempe,AZ and Chicago,IL die there rivers green in honor. I say make it official so at least people can get the day off work to celebrate properly

  • It's about St.Patrick.

    It celebrates St. Patrick cleaning out Ireland. What Americans did was ruin this day by thinking that it's a day for drinking. It's a shame that we don't celebrate the way it should be, but America always messes with stuff that shouldn't be messed with, but I still want it to be a national holiday.

  • No, there's no reason for it.

    It wouldn't make sense to make St. Patrick's Day a national holiday. Only a percentage of people in the United States have Irish heritage, we are not an Irish nation, so there is no reason for an Irish holiday to be made a national holiday in this country. It has nothing to do with our nation as a whole.

  • St. Patrick not even remotely close to being anything for America.

    The reasons I believe this is because
    1. He was not even Irish. He was actually British but got taken by Irish raiders and was held captive for 6 years.
    2. He means absolutely nothing to America. He is the Saint of Ireland not America.
    3. Legend says he got rid of all the snakes in Ireland. He never could have done a single thing of the sort, the temperatures in Ireland are way to cold to harbor snakes of any sort.
    4. Finally, He promotes bullying. Seriously think of all the times you were pinched as a kid for not wearing green

  • Totally silly idea

    We already have enough "holidays" that are silly and unnecessary, MLK's birthday for one. (Why are we celebrating an unabashed womanizer and adulterer again?) St Patrick's Day, like so many other "holidays", is merely an excuse to get roaring drunk, behave stupidly, and be completely retarded all day and night.

  • It would be oppressive to the faiths who see it as a day of mourning, i.e. the Pagans.

    It is a day of mourning for us Pagans, as it was when the druids/pagans were threatened with death if they did not convert to Catholicism. Those who weren't killed fled the Emerald Isles and dispersed. Therefor, we do not "celebrate" it. To make it a national Holiday is an outright slap to the faces of those who see it as we do.

  • No, it should not be a holiday.

    As someone who is a huge fan of St. Patrick's Day, it makes me sad to write that it should not be considered a national holiday. All it really is for a holiday is an excuse for people to get drunk and to get themselves into trouble, and that is not right.

  • The holiday is celebrated in the United States by getting insanely drunk. Let's not perpetuate that behavior.

    In my opinion, in the United States, Saint Patrick's Day is celebrated mainly by bar-hopping, wearing ridiculous green clothing and imbibing unhealthy amounts of sickly-green alcohol. There is absolutely no reason to make this into a national holiday. No one complains that they aren't allowed to celebrate it for religious reasons. No one complains that they aren't allowed to celebrate it for secular reasons. It's fine as it is.

  • It Shouldn't Be

    I love St. Patrick's Day but it has no reason to be a national holiday. Most people in America are not Irish and probably don't even now why the holiday is celebrated. I imagine most people just look forward to partying and drinking on that day. It shouldn't be a national holiday.

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