Should statutory rape be downgraded to a misdemeanor (yes), or should it stay as a felony (no)?

  • It should depend on the age of the minor

    For really young children yes it should stay a felony. In fact it should get the perpetrator life without parole.

    But at a certain age, the late teen years kids know what sex is. They still should NOT be doing it. They are NOT mature enough to fully understand or appreciate everything involved in deciding to have sex. BUT at that point an adult giving sex to them is more like an adult giving them alcohol or cigarettes. The minors are NOT mature enough to be allowed to make that decision, however they know what it is, and they know they are NOT supposed to do it at their age. At that point it should be a misdemeanor on the part of the adult and an infraction on the part of the minor much like it would be if the minor was caught smoking a cigarette.

  • Statutory rape law should be abolished

    If the sex with minor is consensual and they are able to understand of sex act,there is no need for prosecution especially make it as a felony.If it is child molestation then yes because this often involve in prepubescent children.But having sex with someone who is sexual mature is not harmful.

  • Yes, statutory rape should be downgraded to a misdemeanor.

    Yes, statutory rape should be downgraded to a misdemeanor instead of a felony. Yes, it is a sexual act with a person that is underage while the other is over legal age, however, it is still consensual. I believe that if the underage person is old enough to understand what is happening and has consented the overage person should not be convicted of a felony.

  • Should Be Down Graded

    I know people do not want to hear this but often time cases of statutory rape include two very willing participants. The charges are often brought up by parents or the community in an attempt to control other peoples lives and often with the thought that one persons life will be ruined. This is often what happens and I don't feel it is necessary. For this reason I feel it would be better to downgrade the offense to a misdemeanor.

  • No, statutory rape is an adult preying on a minor.

    No, statutory rape should not be downgraded to a misdemeanor. It should remain a felony because an adult is preying on and taking advantage of a minor. Minor children are legally unable to consent to sex and are often not mature enough to make the right decision when it comes to sexual relationships. It is the responsibility of the adult to refrain from these behaviors with minors.

  • The people are guilty.

    Statutory rape should stay a felony, rather than be downgraded to a misdemeanor, because if it is a misdemeanor, people will do the behavior and they will just suffer the consequences. Statutory rape is a problem because the victim is too young to comprehend the choice that they are making. It needs to stay a felony because it is serious.

  • Stay a felony

    Of course it shouldn't be downgraded- there are serious sick people out there who take advantage of little kids or anyone underage and they need to be punished to the full extent of the law! Rape that isn't underage is hard enough to get a conviction, but making it a misdemeanor would just leave a lot of rapists on the street.

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