Should Stephen Colbert run for president in the 2020 presidential election?

  • Stephen is the perfect American.

    Look at how he has responded to every political upset in the past 20 years. With passion, honesty, sincerity, wisdom, and a strong American spirit. Stephen has always given the people of this country perspective when politics got blurry. When politics leaves a bad taste in your mouth, Stephen Colbert is a cold glass of ginger ale. He is more informed on us politics than the current president-elect and will reach more voters than almost any other possible candidate coming in as a senator, rep, governor, or holder of any other higher office. He is the ideal candidate.

  • At this point, why not?

    The current Republican favourite is most widely known for his reality TV show. Kanye West says he plans to run in 2020. I don't know if this is true, but I heard Miley Cyrus announced she plans to run for president in the future. So really, how much harm could another celebrity do at this point?

  • Yes, Stephen Colbert should run for president in 2020.

    Yes, Stephen Colbert should run for president in 2020. I think he would get a lot of support from people who wouldn't otherwise vote. He also is a very knowledgeable and intelligent person. He wouldn't have the establishment support, but as we have seen this year, that is not totally necessary.

  • Stephen Colbert is a good comedian but that doesn't make him a good public servant.

    A good president is someone who cares about the population and wants to protect the nation and improve the lives of the people in the country. He is a good public servant. Stephen Colbert is a man who makes jokes at what is going on in popular culture. He should first show evidence that he can play the role of a strong public servant in a lesser role before trying to be president.

  • No, I'm sure he wasn't serious...

    He said several times that he wants to only run in South Carolina. So even if he gets a party to sponsors him and even if by some miracle he wins the South Carolina primary (which really isn't out of the realm of possibility) Without doing the primary's for the other 49 states means he would have no chance. But he is a Democrat that poses as a Republican on a show. If he'll actually go through with it then he will most likely be an independent.

  • Not quite qualified

    I understand that Stephen Colbert has a good grasp on what is happening in politics, and seems to have a good head on his shoulders. However, I don't think he is truly qualified to be President. I understand that this hasn't seemed to stop certain candidates this election cycle, but it just creates such a circus when a celebrity gets involved.

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