Should Stereotyping Blacks, Gays, Muslims, be illegal?

Asked by: TheDelshady
  • Everyone is equal!

    Blacks, Gays, Muslims, Indians.
    EVERYONE IS EQUAL! Whites are not superior and Blacks are not Inferior!
    Muslims are not terrorists and Christianity is not the superior religion.
    All i am saying is. Stereotyping should be illegal and NEVER EVER EVER EVER happen EVER again. Because Stereotyping is the same as Believing Lies.

  • Yes it should!

    Stereotypes are NOT ok, they make people believe bad things about another person because of their color, race, gender or ethnicity. I am an Ecuadorian boy thus I'm Latino. You're not gonna believe how many times people called me an illegal Guinea pig eater. IT'S NOT TRUE! SO STOP STEREOTYPES

  • You cannot ban stereotyping.

    Hate speech can very easily be made illegal. It is speech with malicious intent, only used to fuel hatred towards a certain gender, religion, ethnic group, etc.

    With that said, there is no way you can ban stereotyping. What if someone writes a novel with a feminine gay person, a woman who wears pink all the time, and a closet al-Qaeda member? Should we ban the book for stereotyping? The book is not trying to spark hatred towards these groups, merely presenting characters that match the general perception of these groups by the general populace. In fact, under that logic, we should ban the Merchant of Venice for stereotyping Jews.

    Basically, ban hate speech? Sure! Ban stereotyping? Not possible.

  • Not in a million years.

    Why don't we just make anything offencive illegal? I mean basically that's what you want, to take away our civil liberties and free speech. Offence is also purely subjective, so it would be the 'victim's' opinion against the accused's. Also if stereotyping is the same as believing lies are we going to make believing lies illegal to?

    Posted by: hect
  • It would be nice, but......

    It is like banning cussing. You can't really enforce it. It is just something people are going to have to deal with. Same reason why they failed to ban alcohol in the 20s. People just got away with it too easily. Unfortunately, in this world, we can't stop people from being prejudice or Stereotyping.

  • Brains have efficiently evolved

    In psychology, stereotyping is called schema and is a tool our brains have used to process information more effectively. People that shun stereotyping are working against their own innate evolution. Another tool our brains use is compartmentalization again for efficiency. We process an unconscionable amount of information daily and require these tools to be better thinkers.

  • How would such laws even be implemented?

    That's ridiculous. Who's to say what is and isn't sterotyping? Stereotypes aren't static either, so the laws would have to be updated almost daily to stay relevant, and then not enough people would know the laws to follow. Sterotypes are all relative to the individual- so if I think it's sterotyping to show a gay man in drag, does that mean that someone else should restrict what they have to say to appease me and my opinion? Everyone's viewpoint is different, and also instatic! This was a silly question.

  • It's terrible, but..

    Listen I don't belive all Islamic and Muslims are terriost, I don't think all blacks are gang members, not all Mexicans are illiegal aliens. Stereotyping can be very, very offensive. But sadly it will never go away. It would be an infringement on the 1st Admendant, and it would cause even more trouble making it illigal, than it does just existing.

  • We should not ban stereotyping

    There is a difference between racism and stereotyping
    Stereotypes are a form of label and category based off of a persons' characteristics, such as looks, the way they dress, their weight, or by the way they act and behave.
    Racism is based off of a persons' race, religion, origin or nationality.
    Racism is not okay, but in my opinion stereotyping is free speech.
    I don't think free speech should be illegal.
    I believe people should not get offended to free speech. Because what other's say about you shouldn't matter or hurt you. They are just words.

    The reason stereotyping is not illegal is because it is a lack of familiarity with other individuals. So for the people that stereotype just have a lack of knowledge about others and are only saying what they know from experience.
    If you see or know of someone who stereotypes, the best way to confront them is to give them knowledge on how they are wrong, but don't be mean about it or they will shut you out.
    We should give people the knowledge to learn and grow and not just make things illegal to fix everything.

  • You can't ban stereotyping.

    Stereotyping and bias are key elements of how we function and interact. Everyone has underlying bias in some form no matter how hard we try. People develop stereotypes often from family members, media or their own experiences. This means stereotypes are true in some places but not in all. Most stereotypes aren't true in all of the group their stereotyping but it can help to have that fear. Because you can help the black guy wearing a hoodie and he can then mug you because you wanted to seem accepting but sometimes the harsh truth is that stereotypes are essential to our survival because without caution or judgement, our trust could be lying in places it should not.

  • No, people need to take less offense.

    The more restrictions we put on such things the more easily people are going to get offended. There are already ridiculous restrictions put in place including political correctness changes the lyrics to 50 year old songs. Everyone has stereotypes and the thing that instantly killed this as a valid opinion poll is you said "should stereotyping Blacks, Gays and Muslims" what about every other race/group of people?

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