• Steroids are definitely cheating

    There is no need to even explain the concept behind this. It is common sense. Steroids aren't natural, they are man made and were never meant to be in your body, and are illegal for a reason. Steroids are a clear form of cheating. Hard work and dedication should be what you get big using, not steroids

  • Yes it is dumbfuck

    A steroid user can build almost double the muscle without any weight training as a natural bodybuilder can with weight training. Why are steroids made illegal and banned from all professional sports besides bullshit ones like ufc and pro bodybuilding? If you use steroids you are a cheater. A steroid user can literally sit, do nothing and still gain muscle. Yeah that's a cheat.

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  • Using steroids IS cheating.

    Yes, I believe using steroids should definitely be considered cheating. Steroids improve strength, stamina and muscles, giving whoever uses them an unfair edge over the rest of the competition. I would consider this to be cheating. Any coaches or trainers who suggest or condone the use of steroids should be dismissed.

  • Steroids are cheating.

    The laws of war often apply to any other competition. The winner of any competition is typically the competitor that is either willing or able to do something that the opponents are unable or unwilling to do. Taking steroids comes with a risk of getting caught. It should be considered cheating, in order to avoid health issues related to steroid use. There will be those people that are unwilling to risk their bodies like that for the sport. That leaves an unfair advantage because the person values their health.

  • Steroid use should be considered cheating

    Steroids should be considered cheating because of the place that athletes hold in our society. Because they are placed on that pedestal, they must be held to a higher standard and one of those standards is gaining an advantage that is not available to everyone. Another is not embodying the social more of "practice making perfect."

  • Yes, they should be

    They are cheating,but if everyone is doing them, its fair. If they could stop and fix the issue, and make a few tests that stopped them, it would be good for the sports. I know that everyone has the choice to take them,but we are also not being offered 20 million dollar contracts. It is a hard choice.

  • It's not cheating ... Almost ...

    It's not cheating in any way if people are using it for personal benefit. I don't care what people are putting in their bodies, so long as they don't hurt others or break the law.
    But to claim that they have not used steroids and compete in a professional and drug-tested competitive event is something that would definitely raise eyebrows ...

  • No it's not cheating among American Athletes because it creates a level playing field for over 100 million Americans

    Steroids in American beef! 100 million Americans ate beef that came from beef cattle that were injected with anabolic steroids. Does that mean 100 million Americans are cheaters. This number extends to every known professional sport in the United States of America and there Olympic team for the past 20 years or more because this has been going on for atleast 20 years

    Trenbolone acetate, a synthetic anabolic steroid used as a growth promoter in more than 20 million cattle in the United States each year (this practice is banned in the European Union). The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved trenbolone for use among cattle. Trenbolone Acetate is an extremely powerful anabolic steroid and is considered the single greatest anabolic steroid by many performance enhancing athletes.

  • Not at all

    Some have great genetics that allow them to compete at a higher level than most people.. Is that cheating?? Is that fair?? We watch sports for home runs, slam dunks, knockouts and things most cant do.. Anything that makes more of those should be encouraged.. Because at the end of the day its us fans that fork out billions for the love of seeing these things

  • Steroids is not cheating

    If steroids is cheating then working hard, dieting and having good genetics is also cheating. If you are not willing to do everything you can to be the best athlete possible then why are you playing your sport. People who are locked into a goal do anything they can do to be the best they can be and are willing to sacrifice there life to reach there goals. Also it's not the drugs that make a champion, it's the hard work commitment and passion. Are they working harder because if steroids? No. They are pushing themselves because of why they are. If you call steroids cheating you just an average person who doesn't understand the true meaning of passion.

  • Its really not.

    Steroids are just getting ahead. Steroids give you a chance to compete with the competition. Although there are some things that happen when you're using them that are great, there are also some side effects to the drug, just like everything has a side effect. Just because you are on steroids, it doesn't necessarily mean that you are better. Of course there is an advantage but after a long term use of steroids, they seem to not be as effective. Seeing as it grows muscle and increases stamina having raw talent beats enhanced talent any day.

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