• "Street" Racing... Not "Flying through traffic" Racing

    Why shouldn't it be legal to race on the streets. It doesn't mean that you have to race around other innocent people. It just means that you can race on a public street without having to pay the fee at the track. If the road was industrial and free of dips and bumps and was blocked off in a safe manner then innocent people would be out of harms way. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with that.

  • Street racing is a way to release stress

    Its honestly a great way to just get any frustration you have without hurting other people (eg fights/ alcohol or drugs). Instead of keeping in the anger you take it out by putting your put down on the open road with your friends or family. The way I see it we should legalize it so people who are having a bad time can have some fun and not take out anger where it could possibly hurt friends or family.

  • Legalize it duh

    I think it should be legalized for the simple fact that we know what we are doing we even take safety precautions so no one gets injured also who doesn't like an adrenaline rush and this is the best way to get it because of all the commotion ! !

  • Hell yeah brother

    Why not let the bald eagles scream down the street as the american flags blow in the wind as you blow by in your rig at mach murica. Eating a burg and sippin a litre of cola and whippin the wrapper out the window as you hit a canadian goose and smile

  • I think YES!

    When a street race is being held. The ACTUAL street racers take to industrial parks that are not populated at night. Or other abandoned roads. There is a reason that you mainly hear of street racing at night. The people that ACTUALLY know what they are doing aren't going to do it down a 2 way with oncoming traffic. I think that if it was made legal on unpopulated roads, then those of the people doing the more dangerous racing would stop racing where the are. Resulting in less injured innocents.

  • Street racing should be legal

    Street racing is something very popular in movies and tv shows. Just because one person doesn't like it, or got injured by it we shouldn't get rid of it. There are far more "unsafe" things out there. People just need to quit getting offended by everything and grow up. It's fun

  • Street Racing Is Like Drugs

    Street Racing is like drugs because it is so addictive. Another thing about it is that it causes so many problems for society's. Also in 1999, 5,749 teens died from this illegal sport. It is just not right to let these machines speed up to the same speed as closed circuit cars. It is just wrong.

  • Street racing should be legal

    First of all, It is so much fun. 2 it is so cool to see such beautiful cars racing. Third of all, It is way more fun to free roam the city at high speeds then watch cars go in circles. To conclude, street racing should be made legal for everyone.

  • Racing has it’s opportunities.

    Street racing can be fun. Considering driving laws exist, it ruins the point of having cars that exceed 100 MPH. Now granted, it’s sorta dangerous, but you have to keep in mind that you neeed to be REALLY careful when racing. So don’t do anything stupid. It can be fun for everyone.

  • Street racing is LEGITNESS

    Street racing should be legalized because its something many people enjoy doing. Its a way in which people have fun and clear their minds and also compete against other drivers. It should be illegal to the extent on which they race near traffic and pedestrians. It should be legalized to places that are secure of no traffic or dangerous roads.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LEGALIZE STREET RACING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Just look at the isle of man

    Deaths. Deaths. MORE Deaths, a small consequence of what you racers might call having a bit of fun. It is appalling thought of watching bikes hurtle past at incredible speeds only to spin off in a ball of fire and fear. On lookers are also open to danger if the racers lose control, as over 100mph

  • Street Racing Cannot Be Legalized

    Dangerous would be the first, and most prevalent reason to make street racing illegal, but after that obvious fact, is the secondary supporting reason of intelligent common sense. Our city streets are not designed to be drag strips. To use them as such would defy all logical intelligence. I actually am hard pressed to find any reasoning behind how, or why this topic would even be considered for debate. Street racing is senseless, there are places for such things in many areas, and beyond that it is just plain stupid. The thought of it being considered legal just goes against all-logical, and sensible thought.

  • Legal street racing would be very dangerous.

    I do not think that street racing should be legalized. I think that any sort of racing should be done in private areas under supervision. Street racing would be incredibly dangerous for all the people on the road. This would surely lead to a lot of unnecessary car accidents and an increase in fatalities.

  • It is dangerous.

    Street racing should not be legalized. Not only is it dangerous for those who participate in it, but also innocent bystanders and those who share the roads. If people want to race their cars, they should do so not on public streets, but instead in areas where the only ones who could get hurt are those who are foolish enough to participate. Public street racing endangers families and children who are passengers on the same roads as those who are racing. It is not fair to endanger their lives for the simple pleasure that racers get from their adrenaline rush.

  • Street racing should not be legalized.

    I believe that street racing should not be legalized. Street racing is so dangerous and many people can get seriously hurt or killed. Legalizing it would only increase the number of people who get injured--not only the participants but innocent bystanders. Street racing is just an ego trip for drivers and proves nothing., Legalizing it would be a huge mistake.

  • Street Racing should be kept on race courses and away from general population.

    Driving is dangerous enough with people falling a sleep at the wheel, texting, and just not paying attention. We do not need to add to the danger by allowing people to race down the streets swerving in and out of traffic and having the possibility to crash into people. If street racers want the street experience, build a street track and provide extra consideration to safety. Racers have tracks they do not belong on highways.

  • No, it should not be legalized.

    It causes too many injuries and deaths, more than half of the time not the person behind the wheel(study by LA Times). Also, it wastes too much CO2 into our atmosphere. Some people say that they need money so they street race, however, it puts their life at risk. We should not legalize street racing at any time because it wastes both CO2 and people.

  • No no no

    Congestion everywhere! I dont know about u but i am not a fan of traffic especially not due to some idiot not wanting to loose a bet so bad he speads down the highway. I fail to understand whats so pleasent about a bunch of cars zooming past your eyes for what 30 seconds. Fantastic

  • Cheese whiz yay

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  • Road racing is STUPID!

    Family of 6, mother, father, and four children. Father and two older children went shopping. On their way home two morons are Street Racing and neither wanting to be the one to "loose" both ran a stop light and one of them hit the father and two sons killing them all. Leaving a mother to grieve for not only her husband but TWO children as well..While Trying to raise two more children all alone!
    I knew this family personally, they were loved by everyone that knew them.
    The scumbags that killed them? Both lived, busted up some but nothing they didn't heal up from.
    Punishment? Sure, ONE served a whole year in jail. The other idiot got three months. Both paid token fines, as they came from big land owning families the could easily afford the best, most crooked lawyers that money could buy. The judge retired shortly after the trial. Why not? WE pay for them to do so, and SOMEONE gave him a super deal on a Hugh boat And lake cottage to store it at.
    The widow lost her house, ended up moving in with her family until the boys were grown.
    If the two morons racing had died no one would have cared except for their families. But they didn't. Selfish and Stupid, best description I can give for Street racers.

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joancito15 says2014-05-20T14:01:32.813
It should be legalized because is life to other peoples.. It keeps a lot of people out of trouble and helps other in need.. It might be dangerous ,but its always the drivers fault .. If you don't know how to drive,then why do u have a licences for ?