• "Street" Racing... Not "Flying through traffic" Racing

    Why shouldn't it be legal to race on the streets. It doesn't mean that you have to race around other innocent people. It just means that you can race on a public street without having to pay the fee at the track. If the road was industrial and free of dips and bumps and was blocked off in a safe manner then innocent people would be out of harms way. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with that.

  • Street racing is badass fun

    I grew up street racing and nothing is more sweet than adrenalin pumping threw your veins worrying about the cops showing up and just making that last pass down the street going as fast as you can being in the race no matter what happens you run until she blows up street racing is everything should be legalized because that is American right their street racing in America bringing whatever you have to the streets from cars to snowmobiles to lawnmowers it's all what American culture is about

  • Street racing is one of the best sports ever

    It would put most of the major highways on the map today because we would have so many more people going to them so that they can race plus the economy would do so much better because we would have so many more people buying all of the parts needed so that they could race on the main roads instead of people racing illegal on small roads and going to jail for them.

  • Jdm racing lit

    It should be legalized because I love racing even though I'm to young to drive I know how to drive and when I grow up I'm want to race at midway beacuse it's fun why do people engine swap or put nice turbos and have 1000 hp its cuz racing

  • Street racing should be legal.

    Drag racing is fun and it sucks if the cop[s try to steal your car and impound it if it is on slicks. Street racing = fun opportunities to work on your own car and your adrenaline pumping in your body, people will have more fun. Street racing is awesome.

  • Let them race!

    I am only 12, and I have seen fast and furious many times[my favorite car is the Mitsubishi Eclipse]. I think that we should have street racing legalized because I have always wanted to see one in real life, and like in fast and furious they have a racing scene in the desert far away from civilization so people are safer. They could also have the roads blocked of. I am arguing because it is the drinking that kills people not the speed.

  • I think it should be leagilized

    They should legalize it because a lot of people go to it and it could be an extremely fun show to watch if you ask me or watch in general. Also because if you crash its your fault so haters can hate and i say hell yeah lets do it

  • Yes i think it should be legelized

    You just have to close down the roads and it will help so you don't have to pay for a big track to race instead you can race with your friends and have fun. It will be a very good bonding experience and if they wreck a car they pay for it if one person dies the law goes back to normal

  • Street raceing is life

    Yo u have to pay alot of money to go on a track where your street raceing you can ace for free but if its for money you can win big andbuy more car parts every guy there is loves raceing so why pay a huge price for a track when you can have fun for free sure there are deaths but there are deaths at the racetrack to so whats the differct LEGALIZE STREET RACING!

  • Blown 1970 Charger

    I think it should because face it, there is going to be street racing whether people like it or not. No one is gonna change that. It should be the choice we ourselves make, not what other people think. If your gonna legalize, do it. Like people have said, have the police close off the roads during the race, have the paramedics on standby, and have the cars be inspected before the race to ensure the car won't kill the driver. If your not gonna legalize it, oh well it's still gonna happen.

  • Just look at the isle of man

    Deaths. Deaths. MORE Deaths, a small consequence of what you racers might call having a bit of fun. It is appalling thought of watching bikes hurtle past at incredible speeds only to spin off in a ball of fire and fear. On lookers are also open to danger if the racers lose control, as over 100mph

  • Street Racing Cannot Be Legalized

    Dangerous would be the first, and most prevalent reason to make street racing illegal, but after that obvious fact, is the secondary supporting reason of intelligent common sense. Our city streets are not designed to be drag strips. To use them as such would defy all logical intelligence. I actually am hard pressed to find any reasoning behind how, or why this topic would even be considered for debate. Street racing is senseless, there are places for such things in many areas, and beyond that it is just plain stupid. The thought of it being considered legal just goes against all-logical, and sensible thought.

  • Legal street racing would be very dangerous.

    I do not think that street racing should be legalized. I think that any sort of racing should be done in private areas under supervision. Street racing would be incredibly dangerous for all the people on the road. This would surely lead to a lot of unnecessary car accidents and an increase in fatalities.

  • It is dangerous.

    Street racing should not be legalized. Not only is it dangerous for those who participate in it, but also innocent bystanders and those who share the roads. If people want to race their cars, they should do so not on public streets, but instead in areas where the only ones who could get hurt are those who are foolish enough to participate. Public street racing endangers families and children who are passengers on the same roads as those who are racing. It is not fair to endanger their lives for the simple pleasure that racers get from their adrenaline rush.

  • Street racing should not be legalized.

    I believe that street racing should not be legalized. Street racing is so dangerous and many people can get seriously hurt or killed. Legalizing it would only increase the number of people who get injured--not only the participants but innocent bystanders. Street racing is just an ego trip for drivers and proves nothing., Legalizing it would be a huge mistake.

  • Street Racing should be kept on race courses and away from general population.

    Driving is dangerous enough with people falling a sleep at the wheel, texting, and just not paying attention. We do not need to add to the danger by allowing people to race down the streets swerving in and out of traffic and having the possibility to crash into people. If street racers want the street experience, build a street track and provide extra consideration to safety. Racers have tracks they do not belong on highways.

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  • Road racing is STUPID!

    Family of 6, mother, father, and four children. Father and two older children went shopping. On their way home two morons are Street Racing and neither wanting to be the one to "loose" both ran a stop light and one of them hit the father and two sons killing them all. Leaving a mother to grieve for not only her husband but TWO children as well..While Trying to raise two more children all alone!
    I knew this family personally, they were loved by everyone that knew them.
    The scumbags that killed them? Both lived, busted up some but nothing they didn't heal up from.
    Punishment? Sure, ONE served a whole year in jail. The other idiot got three months. Both paid token fines, as they came from big land owning families the could easily afford the best, most crooked lawyers that money could buy. The judge retired shortly after the trial. Why not? WE pay for them to do so, and SOMEONE gave him a super deal on a Hugh boat And lake cottage to store it at.
    The widow lost her house, ended up moving in with her family until the boys were grown.
    If the two morons racing had died no one would have cared except for their families. But they didn't. Selfish and Stupid, best description I can give for Street racers.

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  • Street racing can never be safe for the public.

    Street racing is very unsafe for the cars participating in the race are going at a high speed and could lose control of there vehicle and spin out, killing many people(spectating or driving in another car). The desert could be one place for racing but the streets are not an option

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joancito15 says2014-05-20T14:01:32.813
It should be legalized because is life to other peoples.. It keeps a lot of people out of trouble and helps other in need.. It might be dangerous ,but its always the drivers fault .. If you don't know how to drive,then why do u have a licences for ?