• It perpetuates sex addiction

    Degrades, demoralizes, dehumanizes women. Sorry, this does not empower women, anyone who would think that is fooling themselves. And then we wonder why we are objectified and not seen as equal- isn't this what we have been trying so hard to achieve?
    The fact that so many people don't find a problem with this (and porn for that matter) is really disturbing. There is something seriously wrong with needing to have these pornographic images "updated" in your mind and catalogued for future use- this is what happens. We have become so desensitized to this that many don't see a problem with it because it is so easily accessible. And for those who have a significant other, this isn't helpful, most women aren't happy with it, so why do it? Maybe a better question is why do many women put up with this?

  • Any business based on the objectification of the human form demoralizes and removes all personhood from those people.

    Objectification of bodies has led to a very unhealthy view of the human form, wheter male of female, but in this country mostly the female. Selling bodies like candy makes them no more valuable than candy, and people develop the mentality that all bodies (usually women) are for entertainment and there to please. Besides, I am tired of seeing a damn strip club in every single movie I see lately.

  • It is immoral

    It is degrading. Women are not sex objects. Men, get it right. Women are mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, not sex slaves. Don't get me wrong, there are male strip clubs too. IT SHOULD ALL BE BANNED? What happened to love? What has happened to the human race? It's a disgrace.

  • It is immoral

    It is degrading. Women are not sex objects. Men, get it right. Women are mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, not sex slaves. Don't get me wrong, there are male strip clubs too. IT SHOULD ALL BE BANNED? What happened to love? What has happened to the human race? It's a disgrace.

  • Nothing Less Than Prostitution

    Many would say that nothing goes on at strip clubs or indeed parties where strippers attend. You are completely ill advised.
    The Majority of male strippers parade into the attending crowds and encourage manual and oral sex between themselves and the party goers. Occasionally to a climax, all good for their act. Often the play is reciprocal. You play with mine i'll pay with yours if the third party allows it.
    In basic terms you have paid to receive and give sexual acts. This is nothing less than prostitution and the encouragement to interact should be banned. Visual stimulation is one thing to partake in the act is another.

  • Obviously they should be banned for both male stripclubs and female stripclubs

    I find it absolutely appalling that in America prostitution is illegal and yet going to strip clubs on your 18th birthday if you're a male is not only socially acceptable but EXPECTED OF YOU. Why is it that women or men arent allowed to work in prostitution because it's degrading and disgusting but all of a sudden working in a stipclub is socially normal?

  • They should most definitely be banned!

    Number one reason, they are degrading to women. Women demand respect, but then there are a bunch of women who do trashy things, and then wonder why men treat them like crap.
    Two, I am 23, but I am old fashioned. I think such sexual acts should be kept in the bedroom and Private.
    Why should we be encouraging young men that this is okay? It sets a ridiculous bar for women, at least image wise.

  • Yes they should be banned!

    I have many great reasons on why strip clubs should be banned. First off they objectify women just to make a living that they should be paid to take their clothes off. To me getting a lap dance would be cheating on your significant other, paying someone to take off their clothes in a private room and dance on your lap? Patrons can pay strippers to have sex with them if they pay the right price. My last point is that it lowers every woman's self esteem making them think the only way they can get anyone to find them attractive is if they take off their clothes.

  • Women Deserve Fair Employment Opportunity

    I am a firm believer in the fact that if there were no such thing as legal work in the sex trade, it would cease to exist in the legitimate economical scheme.

    Men who operate these heinous, seamy establishments are usually brutal and exploitative. Males who participate in the sex trade or finance women for demeaning and compromising their bodies and families as well as their reputations are pimps who treat women worse than a homeless man with a Pit Bull on a chain leash and choke-chain treats a mangy dog.

    I am a woman who is educated and earned a scholarship from getting good grades. I have very good qualifications and in this economy it is hard to find a decent job. However when you are a women and the world of men thinks they can find you at one of these horrid places if you are unable to find a job, the answer no will be heard and no legitimate, decent job is easy to find when men think of women as objects.

    Strip clubs are degrading and disgusting and attract drugs, prostitution, and people who are criminally minded to exploit unaccompanied females. I find that women in the sex trade are viciously jealous and abusive to women who are part of the workforce, and there is absolutely a difference. I refuse to get nude for payment, there has been times where I was poor and told to do so with an attitude that it was my fault for being a prude however I will not degrade my values and I went to a church for food rather than do that. This should be illegal so women have options of being employed without being a toy.

  • Women aren't objects.

    This is a degrading and disgusting environment where women are being encouraged to sell themselves for no more than sex objects. These women have chosen a life of what could be considered as; prostitution, to support their families, however, there are many other jobs that don't require an education. -monique

  • The human body is beautiful and erotic and should be celebrated.

    Why are we so appalled at the sight of a naked human body? Where is the harm in admiring a beautiful naked body - male or female - if the individual is happy to display it? The naked body can be stunningly beautiful. It is, also, erotic. And eroticism, and sexuality, are at the core of our being. Seeing a naked woman dance doesn't demean her, in my eyes - rather, she has become a goddess, and I in her thrall. She earns a very good living - many girls use it to pay their way through college. I go home aroused, and my partner appreciates it! When you're in a relationship for a long period of time, familiarity can take the edge of sexual ardour. A little spice helps… And judging from the number of women going to male strip shows (which strangely seem less regulated than female ones), many women feel the same way.

  • Strip clubs women are no pushovers

    Been to a few clubs and the women working there enjoy themselves and most are there for the money to pay general bills, travel expenses or college / university bills , they dont have to come back if they find its not for them. I go there to meet the girls and enjoy myself and always treat them nicely. All of them i have asked of they enjoy the work say they love it. Sure they dont like some clients but they usually just avoid them or get them thrown out. They dont have a problem getting clients thrown out for disrespecting them. Seen that many times. It takes a lot of guts to get up on stage and strip and skill to do pole dancing.

  • It can EMPOWER

    I have a very close friend that is a stripper, and she is intelligent and by no means vunerable. It empowers her, if men (or women for that matter) want to pay her very handsome sums to dance around and flash some flesh then why is this bad? You only have to go to a local club and you see practically the same anyway. If you start banning strip clubs what next? Banning short skirts? Banning bikini's? There are bouncers and strict rules in strip clubs and she is always called a cab by management at closing time, more of a responsible employer than most companies these days. People need to feel sorry for the mugs spending the money, not the clever girls cashing in on it

  • No need to ban

    Strip clubs do no harm. First of all they exist as a means of escaping reality. They are there for those who have a stressful life, married with children and have a boring job. Men in particular are preoccupied with sexual thoughts and fantasies which they need to tend to every once in a while. Attending strip clubs is one way of releasing stress and relaxing. It doesnt mean they are cheating on their wives if they occasionally check out nude dancers because after all there is no intimate interactions between are dancer and a customer.

  • 'With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured...the first thought forbidden...the first freedom denied--chains us all irrevocably.'

    Even if you believe it to be completely wrong, people must be allowed to be wrong insofar as they are not directly harming others. The fact is that no one is being directly harmed by this practice, women are not hurt in these buildings (security are famously unforgiving in this industry), and women are not forced to be there, employment is completely voluntary.

    It is not the governments place to regulate how men and women harmlessly express their sexuality, regardless of how disgusting you may find it.

  • They are a symptom, not the problem.

    An argument that strip clubs should be banned usually comes from the idea that they are demeaning and exploitative to those working there, usually women. However, this depends on the club and the atmosphere of the place. If the owners exploit their workers, or if the club is involved in sex trafficking, or such things, then the club is definitely a problem. However, it's a problem for reasons broader than simply "it's a strip club." These societal problems are what really need to be addressed. Once they are, all strip clubs will become what a small minority are already-- simply harmless entertainment.

  • No strip clubs should not be banned. The human body is a work or art that should be celebrated.

    Strip clubs should not ever be banned. Strip clubs provide a form of entertainment for men and women and they provide private sector jobs for individual. A free society would cease to exist if it started censoring everything citizens could see. There is no need to ban strip clubs because these clubs are buildings displaying live art and should be treated no differently than a museum or a zoo.

  • Strip Clubs Disappear When Men Treat Women Better

    Strip clubs are an evil in our society. They demean women. Men take advantage of the low self-esteem of women and girls who feel they have to resort to physical pleasures in order to make money. Strip clubs don't need to be banned. They will go away whenever societal changes mean equality for the sexes and abusive relationships disappear. It may take several more decades, but it could happen!

  • I don't think so.

    There is nothing with strip clubs, they aren't dangerous and they are way for men to enjoy themselves and way for women to get paid good money. Strip clubs have an age restriction for a reason because it is only appropriate for people of a certain age but they are breaking any laws and aren't a harm to anyone.

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