• Athletes should be drug tested

    RC, PHI1103, IRSC

    Mandatory Drug Testing for Athletes
    Recently, more and more athletes have started, and been caught using many different forms of drugs. We have reached a point where, not only are athletes using performance enhancing drugs, but also other illegal substances, for example: marijuana, cocaine, etc. Regardless of what drug is being abused, I feel that athletes should be subjected to regular mandatory drug tests.
    Athletes are a select group of people that take part in sports, mostly for the viewers’ entertainment. Lots of emphasis is placed on fair play and equality in sport. Not only is having an unfair advantage in sport frowned upon, but there are laws enforcing fairness in sports. Mandatory drug testing supports fairness in sports, helping ensure that everyone is equal when competing against each other. One major controversy in this regard is the availability of funds. Some will argue that if they can afford performance enhancing drugs then they should be able to use them, while others would argue that it’s unfair to those that take part in sports but can’t afford the drugs. It is for exactly that reason that drugs are banned for athletes. If no one is allowed to use the drugs, then regardless of whether one can afford it or not, everyone is on a level playing field.
    Athletes are also known to have good general health. Although some might develop unfortunate illnesses or injuries, physical exercise has been proven to improve one’s health. Prolonged use of drugs restricts one’s ability to perform physically and can shorten an athletes’ lifespan. Mandatory drug tests will restrict prolonged use of drugs. Many suggest that it is the duty of any sport governing body to protect the athletes playing the sport in the same way that American football players must wear helmets. This isn’t a valid assumption, as it is the right of every human being to run their own lives. It is, however, in any sport governing body’s best interest to keep their athletes from doing illegal drugs.
    Another very important reason is that professional athletes are role models for our youth. There are many stories regarding professional athletes abusing illegal substances, for example: Michael Phelps abusing marijuana, and most recently, cyclist, Lance Armstrong was tested positive for the use of performance enhancing drugs. It is very important that the use of illegal substances is stopped, and possibly the most effective way of doing this is by forcing athletes to participate in mandatory drug tests. Public figures play a very important role in our lives and if they use illegal substances then it might become acceptable for others to do it. Even though this is not the correct way to think about this problem, many people don’t realize that they aren’t thinking about what they are doing, and will end up following in their role models’ footsteps.

  • Should student athletes be drug tested?

    Yes, student athletes should be drug tested.

    I think student athletes should be drug tested. Athletes need to have a clear mind and not be under the influence of anything. Every athlete should take a drug test and if they refuse usually they have something to hide. As being a student athlete you represent your school and you shouldnt ruin your schools reputation by being a huge druggie or parting every single weekend. If you are an athlete you need to not be even thinking about doing any illegal things.

  • Yes, student athletes should be drug tested..

    I think student athletes should be drug tested. Athletes need to have a clear mind and not be under the influence of anything. Every athlete should take a drug test and if they refuse usually they have something to hide. As being a student athlete you represent your school and you shouldnt ruin your schools reputation by being a huge druggie or parting every single weekend. If you are an athlete you need to not be even thinking about doing any illegal things.

  • Yes!!

    They should be drug tested. Students have to learn that they can win without doing drugs. This will lead to them becoming better citizns because they can realize that they can do things without the use of drugs. Drugs are used in to many of todays sports. We need to catch them early and weed them out.

  • Yes, Athletes Should Be Drug Tested

    Studies and time has proven that athletes may be tempted to take certain illegal drugs that may enhance their ability to perform; therefore, athletes should be drug tested. Besides, if an athlete is not taking illegal drugs he/she has nothing to worry about. If an athlete is taking illegal drugs he/she should be held accountable for his/her actions.

  • Yes

    It is only fair to make sure people not cheating. They are students and we need to teach them that they need to stay away from that. There are so many bad side affects of taking drugs. Those students need to be encouraged to stay away from them and do it the right way.

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  • Evening the Playing Field

    If you are participating in an extracurricular activity in which substance use is strictly prohibited, then one would assume it would be obvious you do not use drugs. Random drug tests prevent the use of these dangerous substances, and make the sports an even event. If a player is doing drugs that could effect his or her playing for better or for worst it hurts the dignity of a team and of the sport's its self. It's also a reality check for the real world, that some places of business do check, and find it unacceptable.

  • For everyone to be safe

    If an athlete were on drugs and were lets say running they could really hurt themselves and possibly the other runners. If its an athlete playing football or soccer, the audiences are now potential victims if a football player were to come in the stands and hurt them or if a soccer player were to like kick them or hit them with a ball. For everybody's test athletes should be tested for drugs so no one gets hurt.

  • Athletes should ge drug tested.

    Sports are an optional thing. Students that take part in sports should be drug tested to make sure they are playing fair and not taking drugs to increase athletic skill. It would be unfair to the people competing against them if they were and the point of competing to to play and win fair.

  • Student athletes should not be required to drug test.

    Student athletes across America are being denied their Fourth Amendment right. The Fourth Amendment gives rights of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects without unreasonable doubt. This means that people of authority, such as polices, court officers, or even coaches can not deny you that right. So when being forced to urinate in a cup, does this invade that right? Does this go against the constitution our forefathers wrote so long ago? In my opinion, yes.

  • This intrudes the students privacy

    When students who are not in sports, they do not have to get drug tested, I don't think the athletes should have to get drug tested either. Drug tests are pointless anyway because of the amount of masking drugs used. Masking drugs are designed to hide the traces of drugs in your blood, urine, etc. Sometimes the tests are wrong anyway. There is such a slim chance of catching the drug users that the money used to pay for the tests is pretty much getting wasted.

  • It could be changed.

    When student athletes are forced to pee into a cup to get drug tested is so ridiculous. Now if an athlete has somehow got extremely fit out of the blue than yes they should, other than that no they should not be drug tested. It goes against their right of freedom if they don't want to take that test.

  • Cost to much

    Each test cost 40$, imagine taking that times every player in the college football league or basketball league or even baseball it cost way to much, plus half of every team wont even get drafted so whats the point of doing something that is not needed. Also what if you had a broken bone and needed steroids to help it heal thatll show up on the test youll get falsely accused of something you are required to have

  • The Cost is not worth it.

    Considering there are millions of high school athletes, (and almost none of them will go pro, meaning they will likely never use) and that a basic urine test costs $40 per individual, the cost will be too much.

    There is no way that tax dollars should be wasted on athletes who aren't going to become pro. Especially since high school sports generally don't revenue any money to pay for the tests.

    Pro sports will pay close to millions of dollars to test athletes, in leagues that have under 1000 athletes. Even imagining the cost of testing millions of athletes, makes my head spin.

    Anyone who thinks this is a good idea, clearly has no idea on how drug tests are done, and how much they cost.

    A basic urine sample at $40 per test, won't even catch the people who want to use drugs. If you want to use drugs, it is easy to pass a $40 drug test. Meaning if you really want to catch HS athletes, you have to invest in CIR testing which costs $400-700 a sample. As well as a facility and staff to allow for the testing to go on. As well as genetic testing (keeping tracks of T/E test results[urine test] for years) to make sure people don't get through. And even then you aren't going to catch 100% of cheaters, unless you CIR every athlete, monthly.

    The cost to make sure no athlete cheats ever, would cost billions of dollars, which just isn't worth it.

  • No students should not be drug test because it A. Invades privacy, B. Cost a lot of money, & C. Innocent until proven guilty.

    My Lit Class is doing the same debate. I will be speaking on how it is breaking the Constitution. The sixth amendment was made for a reason. Innocent until proven guilty is what it says. Having all athletes is like saying Guilty until proven innocent. If you suspect that the child is using or the students are using then yes that would be good, because you are suspecting them of a crime but not suspecting them of a crime and having them being drug tested is like a police officer saying" Hey can I see your I.D.?" "Well, what for?" "I need your I.D." "Well, do you suspect me of a crime because that's the only way you can see it" Which is true. Cops can only ask for identification if they suspect you of a crime but if they don't they are breaking the constitution... A law they should be enforcing. Same thing with the drug testing.

  • Invasion of privacy

    Unless coach has reason to suspect that the player(s) are doing drugs the player(s) should not need to be drug tested. Just think about if you were in their position, would you want to be accused of something you didn't do? In my opinion the players shouldn't be drug tested against their will.

  • Mandatory School Drug Testing

    Mandatory drug testing violates the Fourth Amendment rights of students. Some of the drugs are for medicinal reasons. It is a violation of privacy and a waste of tax payers money. Students should be trusted to make that choice. If you do not agree you should read over the Fourth Amendment again.

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