• Yes they should take fewer classes.

    Why because its hard to juggle sports and class work! I also play sports and after a long hard practice or game its hard to stay awake and try to study and do work.. Then your thinking about tomorrow and how you have to do it all tomorrow and still go to school, so most say if you can't do education don't do sport! But we should or someone should beable to help or do it for us..

  • Yep yes yep

    Ya did should cause they shouldn't be stressed they should just live the life
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  • Yep yes yep

    Ya did should cause they shouldn't be stressed they should just live the life
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  • Yes beacause they need to have a few things in their mind at a time.

    Some have dropped out of school and some can become a , gym teacher, a sports talk person, a coach, or even a sports magazine illustrator so look in my boi and look at all the grades there making and how they do in tyhr hoijd djdjd jdj dkk yeet

  • We'll duhh bruh

    We out here 24/7 ballin tel we fall. We dont get enough time to do school. Simple as dat. Not enough time for me and my squad. Only reason i went D1 and not to the NFL is because i needed to live the college life and partayyyy, get girls, and ball out..
    #yeetsquad #slowfeetdonteat #getmoney #theysleepin #weatin

  • Yeaaaaaaasssss my brothas

    Them athletes be workin for they sports now they gotta worry bout some stupid books thats some bull they need just that athletic education cause im finna go pro and not have a worry bout no equations all i gotta do is run fast and jump high so screw some books

  • Yes, they should be allowed to take fewer classes

    Because it's proven that the people who are doing sports and go to school in the day our less dropping out of school. It motivates students to stay at school longer. In life, it's not only good grades that are important, health and happiness are too. Sports can bring those to your life !

  • Yes they should

    I think that they should be allowed to take fewer classes because then they can focus on their training and become better at that sport. It also allows them to then get in more exercise and not have to worry about all of the other schoolwork that others have to do.

  • Yes they should

    Sports are very inportant to some people mabey even their whole life. Athletics who work really hard may have a chance to get in the NFL or the basket ball teams.Education isnt everything it is inportant but you should be able to do what you enjoy doing.Yes they may need a backup plan,im pretty sure it would be around sports.They could be on sports news, a couch,a gym teacher....

  • No Its not right

    College is for learning not for hobbies its not for you to make changes in your schedule teachers may not know if your going to be absent for that class but anyway you need something to fall back on like an education sports are primarily education is forever. If your parents pay for college for you to get an education im sure they dont want you to be missing classes for sports. And you need each and ever class they provide you with

  • No, they should be students first.

    No, student athletes should not take fewer courses, because then they are not really students. Student athletes do need to be sure not to over schedule themselves, so that they are not overwhelmed. But student athletes are not professional athletes, and they should prioritize their work obligation, which is their classroom work.

  • No, student athletes should not be given a free ride.

    While athletics may seem important for students in high school and college, the most important part of schooling is getting a good education. Very few people will make it into professional sports, so it's unrealistic to think they will and to cut them any slack on their studies. They should have to take a full load of courses, and put their studies first.

  • No sports is a bonus

    Student athletes should not be given fewer classes. Education always has to come first. If the athlete can't find a way to juggle both then they should not be playing sports. Athletes play sports as a choice so they need to do what is in their best interest. If they can't do both they shouldn't play.

  • Student Athletes Are Still Students

    I do not believe that student athletes should take fewer courses. Student athletes are still students and the main purpose of attending a school is to receive an education, not play sports. I do not believe that student athletes should receive extra benefits in class room, they should be considered equal to all other students.

  • Student athletes should not take fewer courses.

    Student athletes should not take fewer courses. I think that their education should matter just as the rest of the students. I think they should be required to take as many classes as the other students and have to graduate. I do not think that it is fair that they should not be allowed to focus on their education.

  • No they shouldn't

    To say student athletes should take fewer courses is ridiculous. They're already sponging off of higher education money to do their useless activities anyway, so it should be expected for them to keep their scholastic achievements high. Make them actually work for a change, and maybe they'll have a career after college.

  • No, student athletes should not take fewer courses.

    Here is the thought. An athlete will only be able to perform for maybe ten, twenty years, but after that, they will have to have something to fall back on. An education will stay with you for the rest of your life, but your bones can only take so much. Get that education!

  • No They Shouldn't

    Student athletes should be required to take the same amount of classes as everyone else attending school. Their classes should come first. Playing a particular sport is a choice, but excelling in school to stay enrolled is not. There should be no exceptions or special rules for students who play athletics.

  • Education before entertainment.

    No, because student athletes are primarily at college to gain an education. Sport is merely a way to gain funding, but it should not be allowed to take over the student's life. If participating in sports interferes with the athlete's access to education, than perhaps simply paying them outright and treating the position as a job would be more effective. However, as long as a student athlete is there to earn a degree, they should be held to the same standards as all other students.

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