• Coddling Students is Count-intuitive in Preparing them for Life

    Simply stated, the perpetual coddling of the generation known as the iGeneration has caused discernible waves of discontent throughout the educational and work communities (sources: am an educator; managerial personnel testimony). This is because as less and less accountability is placed on students, students fail to learn how to hold themselves accountable. This seems like it should be easily deduced, but there seems to be a great perpetuation of coddling. Simply stated, teachers intervene when students are failing, and, when the student continues to fail it is nearly always because that student does not try. In fact, as evidenced by myself and fellow educators, it is extremely difficult to fail a high school course if the student simply attempts all the assignments provided.

  • Failure is Part of the Educational Procedure

    The purpose of an educational institution is to prepare its students for a career. In the professional world, though usually penalized, failure is an option, as it should be in schools. This is circumstantial, however. If a student is lacking resources or possesses some other disability, it is the responsibility of the educational institution to work within its highest limits to give this student the same opportunities of their peers. Aside from that and similar situations, failure is a crucial part of an education system that prepares its students for a professional career.

  • Students shouldn't fail

    The student may have some difficulties but they shouldn't fail students because its not right and what if it was you? How would you feel if you were told you failed and had to repeat and knowing you'll have to make all new friends, so should schools be able to fail students?

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