Should students be able to bring their backpacks from class to class?

  • Its quite pointless

    Kids shouldn't be required to use a dinky little binder to carry their stuff around. How absolutely idiotic is that?! A backpack won't "clutter" the classroom. Duh. We keep them under our desks. Obviously the schools just want to have us drop our crap on the ground when an idiot runs into us. So allow us to have bags!!!!

  • Yes we should

    My school just announced that they are making it against the rules for us to carry our backpacks.But they want us to be organized.Im sorry but how many highschool students can decently organize their lockers. And what is wrong with a backpack being carried to class.I keep all of my class supplies in my bag so that way i dont waste time at my locker. They complain about kids being late to class and they complain that kids arent organized.So their bright idea is to take kids rights to keep their bags on them to class. And if theyre worried about kids conceling wepons in their bag thats ok you may have just made it harder for a kid to get away with doing something horrible but think of the other wepons they could hide in their clothes. A kid can hide up to 15 wepons in their clothes.....So whats next are they gonna take our rights to wear clothes. Or our right to wear coats during winter.

  • Why do we wear backpacks to school?

    We wear backpacks to school and on the bus(High School) to keep everything nice and tidy and make sure that everything is not only organized, but also safe. Now, we get into the school building. Now we have to strip ourselves of the luxury of the backpack so we can carry our supplies around by hand. How does this make any sense? What does this accomplish? Even if you do have a close locker to most of your classes, and your locker never jams, it would still be a lot quicker to use backpacks. Also, for me, my locker is extremely far away and has a really old, rusty kind of lock attached to it, the kind from the old black and white movies. I have to go there and drop off my backpack, get together the required supplies, then go off to the other side of the building for my class, which I'm probably already late to, then back again for lunch which I am usually late for the class afterwards, and then at the end of the day, I would probably miss the bus if I hadn't had everything inside a nice and tidy backpack, which, after all, is what they are made for in the first place! Like I have previously read on this website, it wouldn't take up any room because it would be underneath the desk or next to the desk where it wouldn't get in the way, if you had a convenient seating arrangement. All things considered, there really are no negatives that are strictly concerning backpacks. The whole "safety" thing with shootings and everything would probably happen anyway, they would just put their weapon in there locker or something. Backpacks are more secure, safer to others and yourselves, easier and way more convenient, allow students to get to class on time, which is highly educational and improves student learning, and is just great in all ways, so the question must be asked: Why can't we just bring our backpacks to class. A locker is like a really bulky and stationary and inconveniently awkward backpack, with a weird space arrangement and no portability. And my school is also issuing chromebooks, little laptop type devices to help with our learning, that costs hundreds of dollars to get repaired, although it has a lot less likely chance of being broken in the first place if it's nice and snug in a backpack. This argument is just rofl. The choice is obvious and clear, so why does the school have such a big problem with it? IT'S ENDANGERING THE LIVES OF THE STUDENTS! OMG! Seriously? Nothing is going to happen. "What if a student uses his backpack, full of supplies, as a WEAPON?" - What if he just used his pencil/pen as a weapon, or, if he was strong enough to lift a heavy backpack, how about a less padded and lighter instrument called the desk? Backpacks do not pose additional threats. Pencils are more dangerous. Seriously.

  • We should ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Students should be able to bring backpacks into class because it saves time, and the school won't have to use money to buy lockers for all of the students. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Students should be allowed to carry bags.

    This no bag policy was just implemented in my high school. I am outraged. Being told that I'm not allowed to have my bag in class because "it's a threat to safety" is absurd. I'm an honor roll student and I'm being treated like a common criminal. Benjamin Franklin said "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." This policy is degrading, pointless, and it's un-American. As an 18 year old, American citizen I have the right to protection from unwarrented search and seizure by way of my 4th amendment right. Telling me that I have to put my bag in my locker and not bring it into class, because anyone could be a school shooter is not probable cause. If i wanted to kill someone i could break one of their crappy pencil sharpeners and slit someone's wrist with the razor. If a girl wanted to smuggle narcotics into class they would stick it in their purse and no one would ever know. And if someone really had a gun in their bag there would be nothing stopping them from pulling it out in the middle of the hallway and unloading a clip of hot lead. Search me, go ahead, I have nothing to hide, but my property is mine.

  • Backpacks can cause back pain

    Back pain is just one of many problems. I am a student I feel as though my school is safe but there are still dumb people in it whose to say that they would not bring in something like drugs or alcohol. One kid threatened to shoot me if backpacks were allowed in a classroom he just met have.

  • Of course bro

    Backpacks are needed. I used to be organized with a folder for every class in my backpack. Now that we cant bring backpacks to classes i have one folder for everything, so that i dont have to go to my locker, and it is very unorganized. Backpacks are good, they help us be more organized. If someone wanted to shoot up a school, they could always conceal a 9mm, backpacks are not a security threat.

  • Backpacks are good for children

    Backpacks = life
    Backpacks = love
    Backpacks = everything
    Backpacks = best thing ever
    Backpacks = yes backpacks are awesome
    All right I don't want to carry around my stuff all day without my backpack! I even named my backpack! Its name is
    Backpacks = life and love and awesomeness

  • Backpacks are useful

    It's way easier to carry my drugs, guns, knives, etc, into school with a backpack. I mean how do they expect me to make money when I have to keep my weed in my pocket, I mean shit It gets squished and all flat, not good for business. Furthermore having a backpack ban would not let me implicate my plan of world domination. My backpack army will crush all hope. Long live the pack of backs. Back packs.

  • Yes we shoud

    We should use backpacks because a lot of kids are very clumsy and forget stuff in there locker and it would take less time for them to just turn around and get what they need out then to stand up and miss a couple of minutes just to get something.

  • A quality backpack, worn properly is essential to our children's back/spine health, and will NOT encourage concealed contraband or weapons.

    My son's HS has a ridiculous policy that students can not carry backpacks during the day, but they ARE allowed to have a purse (the size of a school folder), or one of those ridiculous, impractical "draw-string" bags. Obviously the security concern is negated by allowing draw-string bags and purses. Couple that with the fact that students sometimes have to carry (at least) 1 heavy text book, 1 school issued notebook computer, 1 charger, 1 additional accessory like a bluetooth mouse, 1 paper notebook, 1 folder, supporting paper documents, syllabus, 1 pencil, 1 pen, sometimes a protractor, calculator, highlighter, eraser. Plus any personal items a student may require (tissues, feminine hygiene products, chap stick, etc) Just the computer and text book can weigh nearly 6 lbs by themselves. Stuffing 6 lbs of material into a drawstring bag, and hanging it over your shoulders by a thin piece of rope for 7 hours a day is just not practical / safe. Carrying it by hand is also not practical (it's 2014, we've evolved as a species to be able to design things like backpacks so we don't have to carry things in our arms)

    For all the people claiming that backpacks support school violence/shootings - Please show me the data that supports this claim, otherwise you're coming to conclusion based on unsubstantiated, arbitrary information, and this is a horrible way to form an opinion. Stop pretending that our children are stupid, if they want to smuggle contraband or weapons into school, they will! They're industrious, ingenious, and capable. I like to think that our nations students are "smarter" than our nations prison population, and there's well documented evidence that prisoners smuggle in drugs/weapons DESPITE no backpacks (AND intensive security measures in place). So the security argument is pretty weak, uninspired, and lazy (it's easy to use that argument to "convince" large numbers of people very simply because it sounds reasonable without much additional thought).

    7 hours a day + carrying around numerous, heavy, delicate items = potential for a miserable experience for our kids!

    Backpacks = essential (especially at the higher grade levels)

  • Students should not have backpacks!

    Backpacks can carry guns, knives, or other weapons. Also, it will clog up hallways more because it will make the backpack longer causing people to take up more space. Finally, backpacks may be able to help with other needs such as carrying less weight, but it is not worth the risk to let people cry about it.

  • Wow Think people Think

    This increases back problems, plush you guys don't think logically. Seriously it's a pain wearing backpacks on my back with 1000 tons pushing on your back might break your bones. SERIOUSLY PEOPLE THINK DON'T KILL YOUR CHILD wow. This is sad people are willing to tourcher their childs and animals for the

  • Backpacks should be removed from all elementary, middle school and high schools.

    Girls carry purses most generally at all times on them, boys have wallets most generally at all times one them, most of all elementary students have one class home room, the middle school and high school students have lockers to use. The elementary students can have a folder sent home each day with notes, assignments, graded papers and or books needed to returned the next day to the home room teacher.

    Back packs are an essential in school but a non essential to end gun violence in our children school. In the state of our country, they need to be 100% removed because there are alternatives and to many school shootings.

    Kids can carry books, paper, pencils , purses, wallets, and use the lockers that the schools already provide. Most elementary schools don't change class rooms, so everything is left in a desk or if they do change class rooms the classes are pretty much directly across or besides on another to where they are not traveling far to even need a back pack.

    I feel that everyone can do without backpacks to help end gun violence in our schools. The less people carry around on them, the less places a person will have to stash items that don't belong on any school property, to also include things that children are under age of. The schools, the teachers, the administration, and the buses for our children will be much safer.

  • No the cause back pain

    Personally i am a student i see my peers hunched over with backpacks twice there wait last year i counted in total 12 blisters on my arms and iv had a back breaking pain through have of last years summer bookbags are just stupid students can conseil drugs alcohol and weapons

  • Yes we should

    I am a student at garrard middle school we have lockers but the locks are old and hardley work and we are late to class me and many of my friends agree with me i would love to have a book bag know we could hide drugs in ook bg but we have dogs that come search the school often

  • Backpacks are bad

    Backpacks are mean to me because of donkeys. They hurt me and bully me. Hopefully this opinion is anonymous because if the backpacks and donkeys see that I wrote it they would kill me. Literally kill me. V donkeys donkeys donkeys donkeys donkeys donkeys donkeys v donkeys donkeys donkeys donkeys v v v

  • No no no

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  • Backpacks Are NOT Needed

    Backpacks cause a lot of back problems and pain. Even though most students do not do drugs it is very possible for weapons or drugs to be hidden in them. On the other hand it is human nature to want something to carry your things in. But there are other options than backpacks, such as lockers to keep your stuff in or book bags with very limited pockets.

  • Students should leave backpacks in their lockers

    If students wear heavy backpacks during the several hour school day, it can cause back pain, which can lead to scoliosis, which could lead to depression, which could lead to heart disease which wouldnbk f k n n v n mnn mlead to death don don odonk b kifbkhb k bnjk

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