Should students be able to carry firearms on campus for increased security?

  • They'd fight back.

    Yes, students should be able to carry firearms on campus for increased security, because they would send a clear message to a perpetrator. A perpetrator would know that if they try anything, there will be more students in the classroom with guns than there will be of them to fight back. It would stop crimes before they happen.

  • College students should be able to carry firearms on campus.

    Modern times have shown us an increase in college campus shooting frequency. The campus seems like a prime area to find victims since law abiding students will not be able to defend themselves. Arming the students, even if its a few well regulated, well trained and competent students, that is enough. Arming the students is not a free for all. Make it difficult to carry a firearm, and have those rights congruent with state and federal conceal/carry laws.

  • No, certainly not. it would create more problems

    Most of the times when there is violence in school it is from a student who did bring a firearm to school. There are already too many instances of hate, discrimination already. Bullying is at an all time high. Hormones are imbalanced and some students would be uncomfortable around guns.

  • No, absolutely not.

    Who in their right mind thinks that more guns actually stops the gun problem? There have been mass shootings on military bases. What makes you think that people toting more guns on a school campus would stop violence, if a militart base cannot even stop it from happening? Less guns.

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