Should students be able to talk about politics in class?

  • A Great Addition To High School Education.

    I like the idea of having High School students talking about politics in the classroom, because as the old cliché goes they are our future.

    I think it is important that the students begin to study and discuss/debate politics, because they will have a chance to start voting either while in their last year of High School, or shortly after they graduate, and having even a small grasp about issues and what candidates are proposing is important.

  • Students should be allowed to flex their political minds.

    Politics is a touchy subject no matter what age you are. Many grown adults cannot talk politics without getting heated and causing arguments. Because of this I believe students in class should be encouraged to talk politics. Doing so at such a young age helps develop their minds and readies tthem for the real world where their politic choices have large consequences.

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