• Students using cellphones is like students using typewriters

    Cell phone use it part of the new era. Back then people would use type writers, except then there was no controversy. Students type day in day out, using a cell phone helps them take quick notes on what their teaches are saying and they can even support differnt learning styles as well

  • Yes they should be able to use their phones in school

    Because if you have free time in class you can listen to music or play a game. Or if you are doing math work in class and you finish your work early you can check your work on the caluculator app.And of course of there is an emergancy you can call 911 and that is why i think kids should be able to use thier cell phones.

  • Yes cell phones should be allowed in school

    However, if there where an lock down kids could contact there parents to tell them there alright. Also if you missed the bus kids could text there parents and tell them what happen. But cell phones should be a privilege so parents can take away phones. That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!

  • At Appropriate Times

    I believe students should be able to use cell phones, there's really nothing stopping them. However, if that student is in class, then their attention should be absorbed in that class, not in their phone. Students must realize that class time is not play time and unless they're using their phone to advance their education, then they shouldn't have it out. If they followed those basic principle's administrators and teachers wouldn't have a problem with the phones being there.

  • Yes they should.

    Students should be able to use cell phones it is the only way for them to contact their family without a lot of hassle. If the student needs a ride home suddenly, or has to stay after school they will need to be able to contact their family and let them know what is going on.

  • Students can have fun while working

    The students will be working on their phones if they have supervision. They can have fun because they will get to show off their new phone or whatever kind of phone they have. Therefore they can have fun while working. Last thing they will be able to contact their parents as soon as they get out of school.

  • Students should not be able to use cell phones.

    Students should not be able to use cell phones. Parents should not guy cell phones for their kids because it is a waste of money. Cell phones can be extremely expensive, and parents should spend the money on their kids education and welfare rather than buying them an expensive toy.

  • Take Mobile Phones Out of Schools

    In our schools, mobile phones have no use because they're a distraction. Students should be allowed to carry them on their person, however; use during class should be a punishable act. Too many students pull out their phones and disrupt the classroom on a regular basis, which isn't fair to everyone else.

  • They should not.

    Students should not be able to use their cell phones. They provide a detriment to the learning process, as they are just a distraction in schools. There were no cell phones in the past, and the kids then got through school just fine, so there is no reason they can't today.

  • No, they are distracting.

    No, students should not be able to use cell phones, because cell phones are a constant distraction for students. Students should learn how to socialize with each other during break periods, rather than playing on their phones. Banning phones also cuts down on jealousy when some students have phones and others don't.

  • No phones for students except under certain conditions.

    Cell phones are not affordable for all students so they should not be used as learning tools. And they should not be used if there is an unequal playing field, as most class rooms should have computers or lap tops. They are too tempting in terms of outside communication and doing random searches. So they need to be kept tucked away except in emergency during school time.

  • Cell phones should only be used in an emergency

    No, students should not able to use cell phones. In some families cell phones are their only means of communication from the children to the parents. For this reason I believe they should be able to have their cell phones. Not to mention the recent violent acts that have been happening in schools, cell phones can be very important during an emergency. I do not think they should be able to use the cell phone during school hours unless there is an emergency.

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