Should students be allowed to carry mobile phones?

  • Yes they should be allowed especially in international schools

    This is so that they can be in touch with their families ,but the shouldnt use during classes they can keep the cell phones in the locker.
    In school when is mobile used:
    1)staying back
    2)if bus is late or stops somewhere because of less petrol or diesel
    3)learning style

  • Everyone should be allowed to carry a mobile phone.

    Students should be allowed to carry a mobile phone. If a school shooting or stabbing were to occur a student would easily be able to call 9-1-1. There is no reason for a student not to have one. They can always set their phones up front on an empty desk during test time to avoid the appearance of cheating.

  • Yes they should.

    Students should be allowed to carry mobile phones it is a good means of communication for times of need. If the student is planning on staying late after school or has something they need to do for a sport or activity than the cell phone will come in handy to have.

  • Yes they should.

    A student should be allowed to carry a mobile phone but not use it during class, except in an emergency. An emergency is the main reason students should be allowed to have their phone. They could have a school shooting. There are also many students who walk to and from school. They may need their phone if they run into trouble.

  • Yes They Should

    I believe it is important for students to have their phones with them. They can be used as a learning tool and they can help them in their studies. They are also important for emergency purposes. What I have a problem with is students ignoring class studies and teachers while texting or being on social networking sites. I think if a student has proved they are incapable of being responsible with their phone, then they shouldn't be allowed to have it.

  • Especially for Emergencies

    Students should have mobile phones not only for the learning process, but also for emergencies. In an era with school shootings and crime on campus, even elementary students should have simple phones with 9-1-1 programmed in as well as their parents' phone numbers. It's not a safe world and cell phones are one measure of added security for children in the worst-case scenario that no parent wants to face but must be prepared for.

  • Students should be allowed to carry mobile phones.

    There is no reason that a student cant have a mobile phone on them. They might be in school but as long as they are not having it out during a class or session than there is nothing wrong with it. Also, if there is an occasion where there is a situation that calls for getting help soon, then a student having a phone is a good idea.

  • Students need to stay in touch with their families.

    As long as students don’t use their cell phones during
    classes, I think they should be allowed to take them to school. I don’t think that the cell phones are the
    problem. The problems arise when
    students are not disciplined in when, where, and how they use their phones. But, the students need the phones in order to
    stay in touch with their families.

  • Mobile phones are some student's only avenue of communication

    Yes, I do believe that students should be allowed to carry mobile phones. In today's world, the land line in homes are almost obsolete. Many homes depend on mobile phones to communicate with one another. Granted, there should be guidelines on when the phones can or cannot be used such as being shut off during school hours, but they should be allowed to be at least carried.

  • Students should carry mobiles

    It is not nessassary that students should use their mobiles in class they can use it only when required also . In case of emegency they may have to use them .So we cant oppose mobile phones for class or for students.So i strictly sat that students can use mobile phones.

  • No students should not allowed to carry phones

    Allowing cell phones in school is a danger to the health and education of students. Banning cell phones is in the best interest of everyone; it will help student’s grades, separate them from the negative effects for a few hours, and it helps the school to keep students safe in an emergency, and even prevent bomb threats. Schools have the power to help prevent all of these things cell phones can cause by simply banning them from their campus.

  • Students should not be allowed to carry mobiles!!!!!!

    They should not be allowed to carry mobiles to school as it will affect their studies. It would make students distracted to the entertainment applications such as facebook, twitter, google+ , etc- while the teacher teach the lesson ,they would enjoy the music in their cell phones, chat with friends in the facebook,google+,etc-if they have emergencies they can go to the supervisor or anybody and ask for a call in their mobile phone. The using of mobiles in their early age or carrying it to the school would result by making the students score less in exams too.
    Therefore i stand straight with my opinion by saying that students are not allowed to carry mobile phones to school........
    As a student i stand on the side of thew people who say that students are not allowed to carry mobiles to school.!!!!!!!!!

  • Mobile phone should be allowed for emergencies

    Today students have their colleges very far from their residence so to communicate with their parents if they are getting late it is important to have a mobile phones. Students who walk to their homes have any kind of trouble in their way they can call to police or at their homes. But the thing of using it in college premises colleges should make strict rule that the mobile phones should be switched off before entering college premises.

  • Students should not been allowed to carry mobiole phones in school

    Children should not be allowed to bring mobile phones to school.

    Firstly, mobile phones can affect the learning process in the classroom while the teachers are teaching in front. Childrens tend to get distract with all the entertainment applications inside their mobile phones such as music players, movies, games and sms, short for short messaging system. For example, while the teacher is explaining something important regarding to the class subject, students at the back are keep busying themselves with watching or listening to music songs in their mobile phones. When the teacher ask them a question, the students become quiet and ignore the teacher’s question because what is still playing inside their mind is the music. This is truly a waste of time of learning process in school and eventually the students will fail in their examination if they are not focused in class.

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