Should students be allowed to choose their own seats in school?

  • Yes they should be allowed to.

    Students could have trouble focusing if they have eye sight issues... Which they're assigned to the back of the room. Even though this doesn't happen all the time, a student could be sitting near a student they don't get along with or someone they dislike will affect their education and learning experience greatly.

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  • Yes indeed they should.

    Contrary to popular belief, students choosing their own seat can help them focus. Many students feel more comfortable around their friends and won't be scared to participate in group activities knowing that their friends won't judge them if they get something wrong. Additionally friends are more helpful to each other then strangers because they feel more comfortable with helping some one they know which can enhance grades.

  • Of course not! (This was written by somebody else from another site)

    Students do not need to be sitting with their friends. Some students prefer to sit in the back of the classroom to whisper, prank, pass notes, doodling, etc. Assigned seats gives the teachers a chance to see where we are most likely to sit to pay attention and do our work without goofing around.
    Some students do pick on the ones they are not friends with. But on the other hand they get to make new friends and socialize with them. Plus they do still work hard.
    First impressions means a lot and if we get free sitting and goof off then the teacher will not have a good impression on us.
    The teachers are hoping that we get to work with someone else then our usual friends so we don’t goof around. They are also hoping that we get to interact and work good among each other.
    By having seating arrangements we won’t fool around, and we’ll be on task and meet new people to work with.
    If you have the desks in a good arrangement then it would be easier to management the kids. Plus cleaning up would make it easier with a good seating arrangement.
    If we get to choose where we want to sit we would be the boss of who we get to sit next to. Assigned seating would let the students know that they are the boss and that they control what they want to control.
    I believe that students should be assigned seated because of behavior. Some kids might goof off if they sit next to friends. With assigned seating they would work on their assignments and concentrate better.

  • No, for stable class shape.

    With the amount from 40 - 60 per/ class, students should fix their seat for teacher controlling, help them easier identify name, quantity of students in class. Of course, student freedom when choosing their seat at first and they must take responsibility for their choices - first lesson starting course.

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