Should students be allowed to curse in school?

Asked by: nacb99
  • Yes they Should

    Words are sounds. You shouldn't get in trouble for making a sound. I hate it when parents and teachers yell at you for saying something. I never understood why some words were considered "bad" in the first place. If it's the meaning behind the word, then why is it sociably acceptable to say the word "hate" but it's wrong to use what we call profanity.

  • Yeah kids should be able to curse.

    Honestly kids are curse anyway no matter what the schools do. It’s a part of life and sometimes it’s kinda fun cursing I do it all the time in my school same with literally almost every other student there. Kids shouldn’t get in trouble for cursing if their just stating an opinion or fact they should only get in trouble for it is if they use it inappropriately towards a teacher or staff or well basically an adult. And honestly I don’t see any problem with useing a bit of strong language here and there, But sometimes people would think of it as bullying like wtf if someone says “fuck you” or “stfu” why would you consider it bullying their just saying bs and it shouldn’t hurt your feelings and if it does stop being a pussy then but whatever think whatever the hell you want I can’t change your opinion.

  • Yeah of course!

    Why shouldn't I be able to curse in class, Freedom of speech is my right as a u. S citizen. Why would I get in trouble if I cursed in class, It's a normal part of life and I should be able to use curse words freely. Schools and teachers should let kids be kids and let them curse.

  • Words are not as TABOO, the principle of the cultural shift.

    I think it should be allowed because of the general shift of the emphasis as they do not have as much power as they use to. Words such as fuck, shit twenty years ago were not allowed on television now they seem to be very present in shows such as altered carbon, west world, and game of thrones. More often then not these taboo words are used to create emphasis for example "this potato is really hot" as opposed to "this potato is really fucking hot." The cultural shift of western society's vocabulary should also be present in the school system as words change their meaning. Governing the language person's use will not change anything as new words are made, or old words transform replace them. Such as in the case of the of the word "retarded." It was once a medical term, then became taboo. I find people instead of using "retard" they are replacing it with "autistic" even though it represents one particular disease students use when trying to insult a person mental functioning. In short governing language doesn't do anything, and we should use these words as just as any other.

  • It’s going to happen anyway

    At my middle school we’re not allowed to curse but kids do it anyway. What harm will it do? For example if person a calls person b stupid they will get in trouble. But if person a says that was a stupid mistake they won’t get in trouble. Why shouldn’t it be the same way with cursing?

  • Why stop them?

    Finding "alternatives" doesn't work. Teachers then get offended by the alternatives and students get in trouble for using those alternatives. And in the first amendment all people are given freedom of speech, by limiting students speech in school, school staff is limiting their constitutional right. It isn't like students don't hear those words in the hallway or outside of school.

  • Helps people happy

    It helps people with there anger and sad so it helps express feelings for people so it makes them happy instead of them having anger issues but sometimes they should not allow it but it is okay to allow swearing in school that is my statemeant but it helps with anger

  • Why not swear?

    Becuase the other day my deputy head caught me say the word shit. I mean i slipped and neraly fell on my broken arm. He took me into his office and statrd shouting at me becuse i siad that that. But later on that day in the canteen at lunch i head him sweraing to another member of staff and laughing? You tell me is this fair?

  • Yes they shood

    Words are sounds. You shouldn't get in trouble for making a sound. I hate it when parents and teachers yell at you for saying something. I never understood why some words were considered "bad" in the first place. If it's the meaning behind the word, then why is it sociably acceptable to say the word "hate" but it's wrong to use what we call profanity.

  • It's going to happen

    Its going to happen one way or another don't blame them neither yes some of the words are their fault but maybe the grew up in a bad school and they get in trouble even by accident sometime when you hurt yourself you say it by accident and you don't mean to put it in a sentence and sometimes reasons happen you get mad and you say it by accident they will hear the words soon enough and you are getting them in trouble because they say it all around I've hear so many curse sometimes they stick with you.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    Cursing, especially in SCHOOL, is highly disrespectful and enitrely unneeded. When a teacher is giving a lesson, students shouldn't just be able to curse all around and in the hallways and such. This is also setting a horrible example for smaller or younger students around them, and we don't little children swearing, now do we?

  • Nopedy nopety no

    Well i believe in God so yer i'd have to say no on that one, it's disrespectful to God and can be to other people as well. Even if it's a habit, it shouldn't be allowed at schools. The less cursing in the world, is less of that particular sin, so yer its always good to have a clean mouth :)

  • No, because there are many hidden consequences for it.

    No, because, as many people don't know, cursing can increase a persons anger and temper. Imagine all the students cursing, and day by day, they become angrier and more uncontrollable.
    Also, when a person curses, it becomes a habit for them, which causes them to curse at inappropriate times such as in front of a principal, teacher, parent, when they are in trouble, etc. In these situations, cursing would definitely be considered as rude and disrespectful.

    I also found this from a website I found explaining the different cons of swearing:
    Swearing Imposes a Personal Penalty
    It gives a bad impression
    It makes you unpleasant to be with
    It endangers your relationships
    It's a tool for whiners and complainers
    It reduces respect people have for you
    It shows you don't have control
    It's a sign of a bad attitude
    It discloses a lack of character
    It's immature
    It reflects ignorance
    It sets a bad example

    Swearing is Bad for Society
    It contributes to the decline of civility
    It offends more people than you think
    It makes others uncomfortable
    It is disrespectful of others
    It turns discussions into arguments
    It can be a sign of hostility
    It can lead to violence

    Swearing corrupts the English language
    It's abrasive, lazy language
    It doesn't communicate clearly
    It neglects more meaningful words
    It lacks imagination
    It has lost its effectiveness
    ( http://www.Cusscontrol.Com/swearing.Html )

    Hope this helped you understand why students shouldn't be allowed to swear in school. :)

  • No need for it

    There is NO reason for students to have to swear in school, or anywhere, it is pointless in my opinion, and is an excuse to make fun of people, make others affended, or just do it for the "rush" which i feel does not exist. It is just sad to think there are any reasons why bad words are needed.

  • No, no, no

    Although I myself do curse all the time, i do realize that becaues of school, you learn when and where certain language is acceptable. The school settting, which later turns into the work setting, is not. Kids need to learn that they cannot curse just anywhere, because getting into the habit of not caring and cursing anywhere will later on mess up their chance for a job. What if they accidently curse in an inteview????

  • It's a matter of respect.

    I personally feel that students should not be able to swear in school out of respect for the teachers and the other students. As a student myself, I know how hard it is for the teachers to put up with idiots in classes, and if they swear at you, you are belittling all of their efforts. They don't swear at the students, so we shouldn't swear at them.

  • It's so offensive

    I get highly offended when I hear people swear. I was just at the shops and felt awful and uncomfortable being around people swearing. Kids need to learn restraint and when it's not appropriate to use these words, if they can just swear where ever they want they will never learn this.

  • No, no student should be a loud curse.

    Every student should be a quite blessing. Diligent students who respect their teachers and study their coursework tend to do well. Why would you want a student to be a curse? What sort of sick, perverted logic justifies the desire for students to be a curse upon the school system?

  • Cursing is an absolutely bad thing

    Cursing is a big problem at my school. In pretty much all of my classes, there are 1 or more students who curse. I don’t like cursing, at all. If I tell them "NO CURSING!" They just curse at me. They tell me "Just shut the f*ck up!" And these are kids ages 12-13 and 13-14. I myself am just 12. Middle school students are cursing left and right, and it is very, very bad. No. Not just bad. It’s scary, and mean. Cursing is bullying. When you curse at someone, you are bullying them.

  • Students should not be allowed to curse in school

    Students should not be allowed to curse in school because although that may be the way that they express themselves it is still a language that some people do not appreciate. It is against some religions to curse and say all of those dirty words and use the words that they want to use. It makes their religion or their part of their job so much harder than it already is. A proven fact is that when people curse it shows that they do not have a wide vocabulary. That they do not know what words to use so they replace it with curse words. Cursing should not be allowed because it is negativity that doesn't need to be brought into schools.

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A loud curse?