Should students be allowed to curse in school?

Asked by: nacb99
  • Yes they Should

    Words are sounds. You shouldn't get in trouble for making a sound. I hate it when parents and teachers yell at you for saying something. I never understood why some words were considered "bad" in the first place. If it's the meaning behind the word, then why is it sociably acceptable to say the word "hate" but it's wrong to use what we call profanity.

  • Its unavoidable and part of our culture at this point.

    Im currently in private school, and my classmates constantly curse. Its something that has become unavoidable. We use it for emphasis, and we use it to mess with each other. I have personally never seen two kids at school cussing each other out in anger. Honestly, telling kids to not use profanity will only make it more appealing. According to the dictionary, profanity is really only considered rude to people immersed in religion since it is seen as talking down on God. Therefore, we have always been told not to use these "vulgar" or "blasphemous" sounds and the meanings they carry in our day to day vocab. Today, we are constantly surrounded by profanity. Even some G rated Youtube channels curse on a regular basis.
    Of course, these words arent accepted in some professional settings. You shouldnt cuss a teacher out, or even another student. You shouldnt use it when answering questions or talking about serious problems. It's casual language, like "aint". However, its ridiculous to say our mouths cant make these sounds simply because some people think it's blasphemy when its not particularily offensive to them, but the dead guy in the Heavens. We are constantly having sex, profanity, drinking, and all sorts of things shoved down our throats. Every generation has something they think is the best. Let us enjoy ours (in moderation)

  • People should be aloud to curse in school

    People should be aloud to curse in school because kids hear it and say it everyday and no one can stop people from doing it because f freedom of speech also it helps show more emotion when trying to express yourself or angry i'm a sophomore in high school and i do it everyday no matter who says i can't

  • Helps relieve stress.

    It will help relieve stress, more words in the vocabulary of these students, the more words they know the more it will help, there are curse words in the bible, they are just words used negatively, students curse at school either way, it allows students to express themselves to each other.

  • Cussing should be allowed in schools every where

    Because it help us express our selves and we wouldn't get in trouble with the teachers i'm saying that we should express ourselves with no strings attach case if we let it slip on accident we get in trouble i'm not saying disrespect are elders but let let us say what we need to say what we need to say and plus are teacher cuss right in front of us any way.

  • Cause what if you do something wrong

    I don't like it when people just bully you and they say no biggy and you want to say ' You are just a bull shit' and i am 10 years old i should not have said that to everyone whoops i am sorry i really sorry sorry sorry sorry

  • Yes I feel that every person has the freedom of speech of swearing.

    Now, I'm not saying that everyone should start swearing in school like "Hey yo teacher what up my n*gga." That's just being unnecessary, but if you're hanging out with your friends at lunch or at your lockers, then the teachers shouldn't really care what is going on in your conversation. The rule with swearing at school only applies at school but it doesn't apply anywhere else. Even at my house we might swear once in a while, but we don't swear 24/7. Now I understand that it is rude against God if you swear, but not everyone is going to be perfect. Even your teachers, after their job, will go home and probably swear there. If the teachers can swear, why can't we, we're basically young adults, except we can't get tried as an adult. But come on. I have those students,too, that even if you mention how you want this guy to go to hell, then they start having a stroke about it. Like, calm down, it's just a word, it's not like I just killed 8 million jews. And they will probably say "But it's inappropriate to swear." Well you want to what else is inappropriate? The showers in the locker room, where you go full on naked with other naked people next to you. So why don't you punish these kids completely naked in the showers with other students? What if a student gets raped in the shower? The point I'm trying to prove is that swearing is way too overrated and it should be used when you are with your friends or you get hurt or something. But when you constantly swear in one sentence, then you might want to tone it down a bit. So please, I'm still in 7th grade, and somehow, if we could make it possible that we could swear in school, that would make my experience at school a whole lot better.

  • Yes they should

    Cussing is just apart of American culture. No matter what people are going to start cussing at some point in their lives so why bother restricting it. People cuss all the time and most likely start in middle of highschool. And if it's because cussing is not socially exeptible that's a stupid reason because people do it all the time any where

  • Exprese your self in more than one way

    Kids should exprese how they fill with out vilence. They aren't hurtful to begin with, I have researched that certain bad words can relief pain of some parts of your body _and they calm you down afterwards. Religion like me as a Christian really abides not use them at all unfortanately. I don't really care and just swear like a normal person in normal conversations. #itsoktocuss

  • Yes, and Here's Why

    The fact that some argue swearing is bad in school can be understood, such as interviews for jobs could be screwed up if a swear slips, but I do support the swearing in school facilities because there are numerous times where a student will hear those words in their life anyways. For instance, some would think of science as a very formal way if conducting experiments, but many scientists swear a lot. If something goes wrong, a lot of times in science the words "Oh, shit" are the only words that may apply. Profanity should be allowed (outside of blatant discrimination), because those who are force-taught not to swear will have a bit of a culture shock later on.

  • No, they shouldn't.

    Cursing, especially in SCHOOL, is highly disrespectful and enitrely unneeded. When a teacher is giving a lesson, students shouldn't just be able to curse all around and in the hallways and such. This is also setting a horrible example for smaller or younger students around them, and we don't little children swearing, now do we?

  • Nopedy nopety no

    Well i believe in God so yer i'd have to say no on that one, it's disrespectful to God and can be to other people as well. Even if it's a habit, it shouldn't be allowed at schools. The less cursing in the world, is less of that particular sin, so yer its always good to have a clean mouth :)

  • No, because there are many hidden consequences for it.

    No, because, as many people don't know, cursing can increase a persons anger and temper. Imagine all the students cursing, and day by day, they become angrier and more uncontrollable.
    Also, when a person curses, it becomes a habit for them, which causes them to curse at inappropriate times such as in front of a principal, teacher, parent, when they are in trouble, etc. In these situations, cursing would definitely be considered as rude and disrespectful.

    I also found this from a website I found explaining the different cons of swearing:
    Swearing Imposes a Personal Penalty
    It gives a bad impression
    It makes you unpleasant to be with
    It endangers your relationships
    It's a tool for whiners and complainers
    It reduces respect people have for you
    It shows you don't have control
    It's a sign of a bad attitude
    It discloses a lack of character
    It's immature
    It reflects ignorance
    It sets a bad example

    Swearing is Bad for Society
    It contributes to the decline of civility
    It offends more people than you think
    It makes others uncomfortable
    It is disrespectful of others
    It turns discussions into arguments
    It can be a sign of hostility
    It can lead to violence

    Swearing corrupts the English language
    It's abrasive, lazy language
    It doesn't communicate clearly
    It neglects more meaningful words
    It lacks imagination
    It has lost its effectiveness
    ( http://www.Cusscontrol.Com/swearing.Html )

    Hope this helped you understand why students shouldn't be allowed to swear in school. :)

  • No need for it

    There is NO reason for students to have to swear in school, or anywhere, it is pointless in my opinion, and is an excuse to make fun of people, make others affended, or just do it for the "rush" which i feel does not exist. It is just sad to think there are any reasons why bad words are needed.

  • No, no, no

    Although I myself do curse all the time, i do realize that becaues of school, you learn when and where certain language is acceptable. The school settting, which later turns into the work setting, is not. Kids need to learn that they cannot curse just anywhere, because getting into the habit of not caring and cursing anywhere will later on mess up their chance for a job. What if they accidently curse in an inteview????

  • It's a matter of respect.

    I personally feel that students should not be able to swear in school out of respect for the teachers and the other students. As a student myself, I know how hard it is for the teachers to put up with idiots in classes, and if they swear at you, you are belittling all of their efforts. They don't swear at the students, so we shouldn't swear at them.

  • It's so offensive

    I get highly offended when I hear people swear. I was just at the shops and felt awful and uncomfortable being around people swearing. Kids need to learn restraint and when it's not appropriate to use these words, if they can just swear where ever they want they will never learn this.

  • No, no student should be a loud curse.

    Every student should be a quite blessing. Diligent students who respect their teachers and study their coursework tend to do well. Why would you want a student to be a curse? What sort of sick, perverted logic justifies the desire for students to be a curse upon the school system?

  • No body should curse in school or in class

    Kids or any body should be curceing because you don't have a reason to cures In school or in class yes you might do it for a littile reason but still I will put a rull if a kid curse in class they will say it in front of the entire class room and stay up for lunch and for out doors

  • Yes students should be allowed to curse sometimes.

    One of the reasons why i am, supporting the opinion i had chose is because sometimes for example if your walking and on accident you pinch your toe run into something solid you"ll probably say a curse word or something. But i mean if you were one of those educated kids you would'nt have to say that :p

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