Should students be allowed to use tablets during class?

  • Students should be allowed tablets at school.

    I think this is a great idea because a lot of books are old and other kids have mistreated them so it's hard to tell what they say. Second, they would be great for researching science and history facts. Lastly, you can't have the excuse that your dog ate your homework.

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  • Students should be able to use tablets in school

    Kids are always complaining my book bag is heavy so why don't you just give them a tablet to take home or around the school it would be way more efficient open your eyes and finally make more money then you do and get more kids that you do now you need these tablets to keep kids awake and interested.

  • Yes,I believe all students should be able to bring devices to school.

    In my opinion,all students should be able to bring devices to school because our computers are old and slow. Tablets are easy to deal with. 89 percent of people agree with me. These are just three reasons why all students should be able to bring devices to school, and I can think of one hundred more.

  • I believe schools should let students bring gadgets to school.

    Because a tablet a day keeps the teacher away, not really.
    Students need access to Compass Learning, Moby Max, and other online activities. These programs help students achieve goals in their various classes. Our tablets are new and fast, unlike our schools computers which are old and slow. I vote for tablets in schools.

  • Students should be able to bring their own tablets to school.

    I need online remedial work, and my school computers are old and slow. My teacher encourages me to get on Compass Learning and MobyMax. Other kids are also on the computers for other reasons. If I had my own tablet, I would not need to wait and waste time. I could be learning!

  • I think students in school should be able to use tablets during school hours.

    Tablets are good for learning, reading, searching for information for homework and so much more. We should be able to use them because it could be a good way to learn responsibility. And the school wouldn't have to provide them either. Parents can send their children to school with them. If they get stolen, there are apps for tracking devices. You can also download apps for learning new languages.

  • In class tablets are good, out not so much

    Tablets are defiantly useful tools for learning in class, but out of class the kids can use the tablets for other things like gaming instead of doing school. The question at the top asks "Should student be allowed to use tablets 'during' class?" I say yes because it asks "during" class. Out of class tablets should not be used unless programmed only for school.

  • Tablets are beneficial for students in classroom

    Tabs are beneficial for students in classroom as they can be use for gaining extra knowledge which might be absent in text books.Although we say that books are best friends of ours but nowadays technology is our best friend as it is increasing our industrial growth.But in text books papers are used which causes deforestation.

  • Tablets should be allowed in school.

    It is lighter and easier to carry. They last longer, and provide more resources. They need to be used to record a lecture later on. It puts good use and parents who do not have enough money to buy one can take a loan.Tablets should be allowed in school. Hi

  • They Should Not be Allowed

    Tablets should not be allowed in the classrooms. If students need to take notes they can type them on a laptop or write the notes down, there is no need for a tablet in a classroom. It would just be a distraction to the students and it is a bad idea.

  • Tablets shouldn't be allowed during class

    Tablets shouldn't be allowed in class or at school for many reasons. First, kids might break someone else's tablet and then they get in trouble. Second, kids will watch inappropriate videos on YouTube. Last, students can connect to Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and they could get feelings hurt on any of those websites. That is why students should not have tablets at school.

  • Student should not be able to because these websites

    I think they should not becausethey can get on websites like facebook, twitter, and more and students my still themthen thats how you start fights and they are enspencive so little bit of kids myte bring some so that will not be fun and what do students need tablets for

  • Phones are bad

    Phones take away a student right to look for stuff in a text book it doe not let the student expand it brain if a phone does all the work for it In think phones should be band in school and cause they are abusive to the brain.Phones should be band

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