Should students be allowed to walk home fom school?

  • Let them be free!

    Some kids- or teens might feel like both their house and school is a prison. Walking home- that is if either accompanied or their residence is close should be allowed under certain circumstances.

    Many parents fear for their children waking home- but come on, give them a chance. If they didn't like it they can stop- if they prefer to continue let them. Walking home won't harm nor kill your child- it's the bad people who do that.

    But from 3-4 the only bad happening is traffic for people who are either getting home from tiring work or are at work.

  • Just how paranoid are you!

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  • Kids should be aloud to walk home from school if they are at least 9 or 10

    Kids need to start learning responsibilities when they are younger so that in the future, they become more responsible adults. My friend once told me that she and three friends had swimming class at the New Canaan Y.M.C.A. What they should have done was walk together from Saxe Middle School to the Y but in stead her mom insisted on picking them up and driving them there. Not SO bad right? WRONG! Because in case you didn't know, you can SEE the Y.M.C.A. From Saxe Middle School!!!!!!! So basically, parents are coddling kids way to much these days and seriously, what are you parents protecting them from, getting tired of walking? Come on people get a grip!!!!!!

  • Yes they should

    Kids need to learn to walk home by themselves to become more independent. If they aren't what is going to happen to them when they become much older? Better to prepare them now. Of course, kids will need their parents permission and would have to be mature enough, and it should be banned on dark nights or during the winter....

  • Yes, they absolutely should!

    Unless school is now officially considered a prison, the school had no right to hold them hostage, and once the child leaves the property, the school should have no say on what happens next. What's next? Can high schoolers not use mopeds/motorcycles? Segways? Will Tesla cars not be allowed just because some ignorant bureaucrat isn't comfortable?

    Who elected these people? I sure didn't!

  • Yes, they should.

    Walking home from school is good for the environment and for the student. It is a great source of exercise and saves the parents on gas money, which also helps keep the air cleaner. Schools need to loosen up on some the rules they have and let students be able to act their age.

  • Yes. Students should walk home from school.

    Yes, I think that students should be able to walk home from school. Of course, it should be up to the parents to determine whether or not their child will be safe, but I feel like they can make that decision. The child should also know how to be safe when walking home from school.

  • Yes, they should.

    Many parents have crazy schedules and may not be able to provide transportation for their kids to and from school. It also helps save gas, and contributes to helping the environment. I understand at times the kids are young, but in those cases it would make more sense to have a group walk together.

  • Yes, of course they should.

    It is bad enough that the schools are already allowed to eliminate many fundamental rights of students, such as freedom of speech and expression. But, if they are allowed to also control what the kids are doing after school is over, that is way across the line. The school should have no say in what students do with their lives after school is over.

  • Yes, students should be allowed to walk home from school.

    Unless you live far out in a rural area, students should be allowed to walk home from school. There should be some stipulations, though. The student must be in a group of four or more, it must be in a very populated neighborhood, and there should be rules set down for them to follow. Also, if it is going to be dark before they get home, then it should be a no.

  • The child may become a gangster ,kidnapped or injured

    The child might become a gangster.The child might come across a gang.The gang might offer candy to the child to join the gang.The child might also be kidnapped.The parent might be risking there lives to cross a street.The child may get hit or ran over a car.Sure,the gas and the bills are important.They then will be paying money for medical bills and going to court for child abuse.

  • NO way bad idea

    No, i agree with they people above children should not be able to walk to school because of various reasons how ever it is very good exercise but there is no reason why they cant send busses. Its just very dangerous and you might be putting your childrens life at risk

  • Dangers Of Walking

    The students that walk home from school are more likely to be kidnapped, especially when they are by themselves. Unless they know how to protect themselves, they can easily be taken away. Also, some students mess around when they walk home from school, meaning that, if they make one mistake, they could easily hurt themselves or get hit by an automobile, leaving parents blaming the other kids for what happened, and possibly ruining friendships. Paying for the bus fee or the gas money to transport the student is much easier than paying for the medical bills that would follow the accident. When students are by themselves or with friends, they can be pressured or tempted to do things they would never be allowed to do at home. That can put them in serious danger. So would you rather your student be safe or in constant danger?

  • They should not walk to school

    Because its bad for kids to be walking to school and someone can kidnap them and then the parents we be blaming people and acusing so I disagree that school kids should walk to school because parents are worried half of the time because the have no arrived home good

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