• Yes, students should be randomly tested.

    Drugs and alcohol should be forbidden of course during the school day because they are dangerous to the student and others and because performance is impaired. So drug testing that is random needs to happen and should be enforced with no question. It protects students and teachers as well and sets a tone of non tolerance.

  • Yes

    Yes I think students should be drug tested. I think this could help combat student drug abuse. It could also be used as a way to keep students that use drugs from being able to participate in after school /extra curricular activities. This would be a good way to deter students from using drugs.

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  • Good to be drug-free

    The students need that drug test to be drug free so they don't do it when they are adults, also too they will be able to have a better selection of jobs because if you do drugs you will have the job you dreamed of having all your life but then if you do drugs you will have rarely chance to evan get a job

  • Yes students should be drug tested.

    I believe this because it would help parents who were naive to what their children are actually doing outside of school. It will also help the student using drugs because once they start it makes it very hard to stop so if a drug test catches it early the student can get the help they need.

  • Yes To Drug Testing

    Yes, if schools were to randomly drug test their students then less students are likely to even start drugs, because they know the consequences. It will also provide those students who came out positive with help, and it would keep the drug users off of extracurricular teams. Also, if the drug tests were random then the problematic students wouldn't think they were being picked out.

  • Drug testing students

    Yes, I personally think that schools should drug test students, but that it should be randomly so as not to try to get clean and sober if they know a drug test is coming up. It could help deter drug use among kids and make extracurricular sports and activities more fair for other kids.

  • Clean.

    Yes, students should be tested for drug use. The sooner they find the problem with the student, the sooner they can combat it and that is what is best for everyone. I think it is a prevention and safety method that schools should not be afraid to use if they feel that they need to.

  • No, students should not be drug tested

    If students really wanted to smoke or do other drugs they will find a way to and no drug test will stop them. If we, kids, are taught to be treated like adults then we really should be and every adult will have something against being randomly drug tested. It is also a violation of privacy. Drugs also stay in your system for a decent amount of time so if they took the drug 2 weeks ago it could still show up. Drug tests aren't always accurate and can falsely accuse a innocent student who will get into a lot of trouble with his or her parents. Most adults administrating the test also probably took or tried drugs.

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  • Parents should do it

    Drug tests can be bought at the local Walgreens or Walmart for $10. Teachers have no business taking a students urine, and probably don't want to in the first place. Teachers should stick to teaching, and parents to parenting. If teachers wish to prevent drug abuse, they can inform the students parents if they have suspicions.

  • Violation of privacy

    Its violating students privacy and sometimes drug tests arent even accurate foreal it can depend on if they ate something wrong and if they end up with an inaccurate reading it can effect that child or students reputation in school he/she will be constantly messed with like aww thats a crack head and it will highly effect that childs life

  • No, student's should not be drug tested

    Drug testing is usually used in situations where a person has some responsibility to be mentally alert while on the job because they operate machinery or perform functions that involve the safety of others. While drugs are illegal, we already have in place ways to detect and punish drug users without randomly testing everyone. This should apply the same to students.

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