Should students be forced to stand for the pledge of the allegiance?

  • Stand...Of course this is the United States .

    Look this is the United States....The flag doesn't represent government
    It represents sacrifice and true freedom, something rapidly becoming extinct, due to liberals and their grand ideas of everyone is right and no one is wrong.....
    If you don't stand for the pledge, please leave and return to your previous Nation.

  • Yes, we should be forced to say the pledge of allegiance

    Yes, we should be forced because it is for our national country. It is very important to our founding fathers. So we can support our american army and presidents. Also our flag is a very important to our country America. It honors the people who died for our country America.

  • Students should not be forced.

    Students have the right to believe what they want, and while teachers may make the case that we are in America getting our education, they can not and should not force students to stand. They can however encourage and educate students to understand and respect the pledge of allegiance each day.

  • We cannot stand for what we do not believe in

    With the current state of the government it's easy to see that the pubic would reject saying a pledge regardless of what the flag could mean, for by its nature, a symbol could mean anything.

    Having to search for a meaning in a symbol degrades what the symbol stands for, and if one has to verify their pledge with religious values or to honor soldiers instead of declaring that one is a member of the United States and agreeing to the executive actions of that nation, then the pledge is being held by false vales and it means nothing to the union.

  • No, that would be awful.

    1. A forced allegiance is not a real allegiance. You can say "I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America", but that does not mean you mean it.
    2. Not every student is from the USA. Some people are from Mexico, Spain, Canada, England, Germany, France, Italy, et-cedra. The US might not be their favorite country.

  • Forced patriotism is not real patriotism

    It is really bizarre the way the USA schools have the kids stand and say the pledge of alliegence every day. It is like worshiping a country. They don't have religion in schools yet their follow their flag with cult like enthusiasm.

    Patriotism should come from pride in ones country not from being forced to stand to say the pledge every day. These are kids, they have no say over where they live.

  • No, simply because...

    The government LIES. They say we have freedom of religion, we do. They say we have separation of church and state - we DON'T.
    In the allegiance, it states One nation under god. Yes, I understand it was found religiously, but no, I will not stand for the pledge because I don't believe in that.

    We fight over gay marriage and its not legalized everywhere because of RELIGION.

    Yes, I respect soldiers that fought for most of our freedom.
    But no, I do not respect the government.

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