Should students be forced to stand up and say the pledge of allegiance?

  • They should stand for the Pledge to show respect.

    I'm a student and I've seen students not standing for the pledge. It enrages me to see this as I believe that it should be a strict and enforced rule to have to stand for the pledge. If students don't stand, they should be met with a swift and enforced punishment. It's a very simple thing to do and shows a lot about your character and how you're seen as a person. It's just completely disrespectful and it shows how lazy and how much they are lacking in attitude and discipline! I feel it should be sent to the courts and made a law in all states, and met with a punishment of detention. After a certain number of times not standing for the Pledge, they should have fines and suspension and eventually expulsion.

  • People Die for Our Country!

    People die for our country! The least we can do for the men and women fighting for our freedom oversees is to stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance. Why would someone not stand up for such an easy thing? If one is just being lazy that person needs to think about what is really going on in Iraq.

  • Not taking away rights

    Kids don't pay taxes but are still protected by the government. All the government wants in return is to say a simple pledge. You don't have to mean it. You cant get arrested for not saying it so no rights are being taken away. IT IS JUST WORDS IT DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING!

  • We are the greatest nation there has ever been in the history of the world.

    We have achieved a standard of living never before thought possible, and have been the leaders of technology ever since WWII. Through out all of America's history our flag has been there, symbolizing freedom from oppression, liberty to live as you chose, and justice for all as guaranteed by our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It is wrong to force someone to do what they do not want to do, but I am curious as to how it came to the point that we had to start forcing students to pledge allegiance to the flag of their country. It should be considered an obligation, and a privilege to pledge your allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. Stop whining and expecting everybody to give you things for free, and start giving without expecting anything in return.

  • Our forefathers were Christians

    Our nation is based on christianity. Our forefathers built our nation based on a christian foundation, and "one nation under God" is there for a reason. Thomas Jefferson wrote, "can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are the gift of God?" Notice that Thomas Jefferson wrote "under God" and this is written in The Declaration of Independence.

  • Yes it is a sign of respect for the country you live in.

    If you don't say the pledge of allegiance, you are just telling all the men and women in our armed forces past and present that we do not care that they have lost their lives to protect our freedoms. It is a sign of respect to those who fight for our country.

  • Mandated Pledge of Allegiance

    Children should say the Pledge of Allegiance in honor of all Servicemen & Women who've sacrificed their life (and some paid the ultimate price) for their country and their freedom. It's what America was built upon. These children will soon be our leaders and loyalty to this country should be given or the non-loyal should leave it!

  • Students should say the pledge of allegiance in school, in order to be taught to take pride in being an American.

    It is very important that children be taught to take pride in who they are. Students that are U.S. citizens should be encouraged to understand what it is to be an American. By doing things, like making students say the pledge of allegiance, they are being taught that it is important to be an American.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Yes, we fought hard for our freedom.

    This is America! We fought for our freedom back in the 1700s and 1800s. The men fought for that, so why can't we just say the Pledge of Allegiance. Yes, we should not say "under God" because it may be disrespectful to any Hindu's, or anyone else. Men and woman are fighting for our freedom RIGHT NOW! Respect them! Without them, there might be a real Red Dawn, except without the brave patriots. What if the soldier stopped fighting for us? Where do you think we would be? Probably slaves.

  • Students no longer have a feeling of belonging to the United States and are easily recruited to Jihad.

    Look at what is going on in our schools and what is being taught. I was a former Teacher and know how badly our schools have deteriorated and much of it is due to teachers spending much time promoting there political beliefs which has been moving toward one that is not in the best interest of the country or the student. 30% of the students do not finish High School and the United States has dropped from #1 to #20 rating in the world in education. All this since Jimmy Carter started the Dept of Education. This tells me our emphasis on truly educating the Student has changed more to indoctrinating the student and missing out on the needs the Student must have to be successful in any higher education or finishing High School. Religion and the Pride of your country are important and will help move the Student forward in wanting to achieve the correct objectives for the student versus knowing that it is not important to be religious and not say GOD or the Pledge of Allegiance. In California 50% of the Students do not finish High School and it is obviously one of the most Liberal States in the United States and failing economically. I feel sure when you fail at education you will fail at most things. Vouchers are important and California shows it's strength there with their Universities that are a form of Vouchers Schools System. The Student can choose their school versus High Schools that do not allow choice unless you both pay the taxes to go and the private chosen school cost. We need the Pledge, Vouchers, Measures of achievement in school which should be simple and let them cheat they are cheating themselves, Schools for the Students not for the Unions, Administrators, Teachers, Taxes, Government union campaign funds.... Or should we say for the Students not for the Adults.... Com'on because we did it in the past does not mean we should do it now but in most cases it does work that way. The Devil does what us to move in a different direction and you can see how our government is now stealing the taxpayers money and leave office as multi-millionaires when they were not when they won their first election. The give money to their campaign donors for big government contracts and favors..... I could go on with this but I am sure you are smart enough to know I am correct or to dumb to realize it when I am finished so I will simply stop!!!! Have a Grand Day and send your kids to a good Private school that is ranked as a private school !

  • No, what does Christianity have to do with my Pledge of Alliegiance to my country thats SUPPOSED to respect my right of freedom of religion?

    I understand that the pledge in one way or another is intended to honor both active and fallen soldiers. But why should the Pledge of Alliegance to the United States be based on christianit, this, to me, suggests that atheist, agnostics or anything besides christans are not accepted. Apparently it is "disrespectful" to not stand up to honor our soldiers. I can tell you however, all soldiers are not christans. What does fighting for your country, who respects freedom of religion have to do with christianity. I should not, in my 8th grade classroom, be obligated, feel obligated or forced in anyway into exploiting my religion.

  • People do not know what the pledge means.

    First line: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.
    Most people do not know what an allegiance is. It is like an oath that you will follow what the country does, no matter what direction it goes in. Nazi Germany had allegiances too, an they followed what the Reich did because they had the allegiance. Thus you have to ask yourself: would you still follow this nation if it became Nazi like?

    Second Line: And to the republic, for which it stands
    I swear, ask almost anyone on the street what they think the United States is and they will say democracy. False. We are a republic.

    Third line: one nation, under GOD. [take note of capital letters in this case]

    This line was put in in 1954 to combat the communist. The reason why they did this was atheism back then was associated with communism. And since atheism is a disbelief in god, they decided to add the god part in so they wouldn't be "communists"

    Line 4: indivisible
    Of course America is divisible. We are divided by a million different things. We have republicans, democrats. Americans cannot believe on a single subject. We had a civil war splitting our nation. Granted, this was made after the civil war, but still we are divided by so many things.

    Last line: with liberty and justice for all.

    America discriminates against race, gender, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, nationality, so on and so forth.

  • We are not a nation anymore.

    We are not a nation any more. We are not together. We are not following the path that our fathers created for us. Country fighting country, starting wars, killing. Afghanistan bombed us. So what? That was wrong of them, but are you really going to kill innocent people? Arrest the dang person that caused the chaos, and problem solved. War after war, never ending. No peace anymore. Everything is national. There is no nation, no allegiance!

  • No, I disagree because I am an atheist student

    I never say the pledge because the words 'under God' offend me. I only stand up because I wish to honor the fallen soldiers of America. Since the Constitution gives us freedom of religion, being required to say the pledge goes against what our founding fathers wrote. Almost all of the pledge goes against our personal freedoms or does not reflect the truth about America.

  • We are a democracy

    America is a free and democratic nation. I myself am a high school student and I personally say the pledge but I do not feel someone should be compelled to do so. It is wrong to force someone to speak or do what they don't want to do. I think that making someone say the pledge of allegiance against their will does not serve any rational school interest. Forcing someone to pledge allegiance against their will does not aspire people to be loyal Americans. So to summarize my position no I do not think students should be forced to say the pledge of allegiance.

  • Liberty and justice for all?

    I refuse to stand for a country that still discriminates against gay marriage and such. We should also be able to do what we want, we shouldn't be forced to do something we don't believe in. They should also separate the church from the state. Leave "one nation under god," out of the pledge and back to the original pledge!

  • It's to you to choose.

    As a student, they will most likely be under the age of 18. Meaning they can not vote, smoke, drink, get married, get tattoos, major surgery. America has told me that I am not old enough to make decisions for myself. So why when it comes to giving my elegance, pledging myself, to something, an inanimate object, am I suddenly on old enough. Maybe I'm being mellow dramatic, but it's how I feel. Pledging yourself means giving up your free will, saying your willing to fallow it, to take orders from it. If someone gives me an order in the name of the flag, I don't want to feel like I have to obey. I choose not to stand. I don't want to, no I should not be forced into giving away my allegiance away. If I can't vote, why should I anyway.

  • No. It's ridiculous.

    I am a highschool student and I feel like I am being forced to say it. I always stand respectfully but I never say it. I am regarded by some students as being DISRESPECTFUL, and un-American. I shouldn't be shamed into saying it and I think "Under God" Should be taken out period. The original did not have it and the phrase was added many years after. America is about freedom and tolerance of religion, favoring Christianity is wrong and can be demeaning to some.

  • America was founded on the premise that it is FREE.

    Not all Americans are completely in love with their country or brainwashed by the propaganda that no country is as good. How can people say this without even seeing another country? No one should be forced to say the Pledge of Allegiance just as no one should be forced to believe in a certain god or religion. Saying the Pledge is a nice way to show respect for your country and those who died defending it but it is also a matter of choice.

  • Violation of the first amendment.

    It's called 'freedom of speech,' people. Sorry, but you can't expect every person from every country to pray to God in the pledge. It's against their religion. Well, I suppose it really isn't a prayer, but what can I say? If someone thinks it's a prayer, then it is a prayer. To them, that is.

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Anonymous says2013-03-10T05:51:27.587
It is your right not to say the pledge but just stand because when you don't your disrespecting the men who fought and died for this country so please just stand remove your hats and give them the respect thoes fallen soliders deserve ok
Anonymous says2013-03-10T06:00:11.663
I believe that students should have the right not to say the pledge but just stand take off your hats and show the fallen soliders the respect they deserve
Anonymous says2013-03-10T06:07:00.157
I believe you should have the the right not to say the pledge but just stand take your hat off and show the fallen soliders the respect they deserve
Anonymous says2013-04-24T21:01:33.323
Say the dang pledge
Anonymous says2013-07-11T19:34:07.660
No one should be forced to pledge allegiance to a country. What does this remind everyone of? Hello, Nazi Germany.
Educate yourselves on the damn history of the pledge and you'll find it was never intended to be recited by anyone but immigrants.
Saying the pledge has nothing to do with supporting our troops either, as some of you somehow believe.
mtymtz says2014-03-31T21:54:30.567
Honestly...Can an 6,7,8 year old kid legitimately pledge allegiance to ANYTHING?