Should students be friends with teachers on social networks?

  • Students should be friends with teachers

    Students should be able to follow teachers because if you need help on something you could just message your teacher and he/she could help you out with whatever it is and teachers shouldn't be posting anything inappropriate because when they are getting a job they could see what they have posted.

  • Yes, students should be friends with teachers on social networks

    Because if you're friends with them then they won't be as hard on you in class. I wouldn't want my teacher being mean to me about stuff. I can just message him/her on facebook and work some things out and be friends. Then there will be no getting picked on in class:)

  • No way man!

    They shouldn't be friends on social media because they can start bulling and they can tell teachers something that parents could be doing to them. Or the teachers could be giving students extra homework, teachers could be telling things to children, that parents don't want their children to know at all.

  • People are shy

    People do not have to get in other peoples stuff they are going to talk about that to their dad the student don't have to have a phone if they are going to act like that because their parents are not cool some people say that everyday ok so backoff

  • Teachers need Privacy

    I think students and teachers should NOT be friends on Social Medias because they have personal things to look over as well. No one wants a student seeing where their teacher went on this day and what they are going to wear at this party. Or who they are hanging out with. It wouldn't be very comforting especially seeing your teacher is dating someone and posts it on the Social Media.

  • No, students should not be friends with teachers on social networks.

    I believe that students should not be friends with teachers on social networks. There needs to be a boundary between teachers and students, and being friends crosses that boundary. Teachers do not need to know what goes on in a student's private life just like students don't need to know what goes on in their teachers' private lives.

  • Students should not be friends with teachers on social networks.

    Students should not be friends with teachers on social networks because it blurs the lines of their social roles. Students and teachers can be friendly with each other, but they should not socialize with each other as peers. Teachers have a responsibility not to remain professional with their students, both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Current students, no.

    There is no reason that former students can't be friends on social networks with their teachers, but there is no reason that a current student should. It creates an inappropriate line between the student and teacher dynamic. Teachers are not your friends, they are your instructors. Once they are grown though, it is okay.

  • Students should not be friends with teachers on social networks.

    Students should not be friends with teachers on social networks. This would only end badly from my standpoint and I think that the student/teacher relationship should be kept to a classroom setting. I believe rumors would spread throughout the social network and the relationship would fall apart after awhile but it should be up to the teacher to decide.

  • No, unless it's a special site only for students.

    Students should not be knowing what their adult teachers do or where they are in their personal time away from school. Adults do things youngsters can not comprehend and should not be doing themselves. Unless it is a site dedicated to student help, a teacher should not friend his or her students.

  • Simply due to how much drama is created on social networks, it would be wise to not friend teachers.

    People tend to take things out of proper perspective, which at times have caused unecessary backlash. If a teacher friends its students on facebook, people may thing something inappropriate is going on with their child and a specific teacher. From a professional standpoint, it shows that a teacher has specific favorites in his/her classroom(s).

  • No to having teachers and students follow each other on social networks

    Students have no business seeing teachers private lives. After school, teachers and students need to lead seperate lives. It's a conflict of interest having students know the business of their teachers and teachers knowing theirs. My other point is that teachers are typically much older than they're students, language and content may be inappropiate for the students. Also, students could "blackmail" teachers for grades if they saw something personal about the teachers. And too, teachers could use information against the student and their grades.

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