• Homework Is Time Tested Tool

    Modern methods of teaching focusing on free thinking are all fine and well, however there is nothing like homework to ensure a student's mastery of the subject being taught. Not only does it ensure assimilation of knowledge but it allows the student to practice good habits like neatness and promptness of work in the timeframe alotted. Good prep for a future entrant into adulthood.

  • Homework should Not be given!!!!!!

    Kids got to school seven hours a day, five days a week. By the time you are in sixth grade you are supposed to have an hour of homework each day after school on top of that. Homework should whatever that student does not finish in class. When kids spend a lot of time on homework they don't have time for sports and friends. Two best friends spent the entire summer at each others houses. When school started they where in different grades. They never saw each other, because of homework and other commitments they had to attend to. They forgot about each other, and at the end of the school year they saw each other again. They had forgotten each other, and made a promise to never forget each other again.

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  • I t makes us smart

    We have time to eat,time to play and time to talk then why not a time to do homework. It makes us smart even half an hour we should do homework .And mother will never say to do her work when we are doing homework.And as kids our work is to study

  • HW should be given to students

    Students should be provided with HW everyday by teachers in order to enhance their knowledge and understanding power. Yes, students feel a certain kind of burden but its definitely for their good.
    HW lets them revise of what they had done in schools and if they have any problem understanding the concept, they can immediately clear their doubts the next day.
    Also they would be somewhat prepared for their examinations by doing regular practice.
    I feel that HW should be given to students but to a certain extent.

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  • Homework should not be given

    Kids already have practice for sports and plus they won't have a lot of time to do their homework after practice and they will be tired. There's not a lot of time in the world to do plus we have to go to school in the morning and do it all over again.

  • Homework should be given to students.

    I think that homework should be given to students. One of the main reasons that homework should be given for learners is to attain knowledge meticulously. Firstly, homework has an important role to let students refresh their memory by learning what we learned during school time. There was a research to find out the cultural differences in the amount of time spent on homework and in beliefs and attitudes about homework. 3500 Beijing, Chicago, Minneapolis, Sendai and Taipei elementary students, their mothers and their teachers were interviewed. The results were reviewed. Chinese children were assigned more homework and spent more time on their homework than Japanese and American children received more help from their family members and they also had a more positive attitudes about homework. From this research, we can see that homework should be given to students. Though people say that homework are bad for students there are also some positive effects of homework. Homework will let students have an immediate impact on the retention and understanding of the topic or subject it covers. Homework also improves students' study skills, improve their attitudes towards school and teach them that learning can take place at anywhere, not just in school building during 8a.M. To 2p.M.There are also non-academic effects, like fostering independent and responsible character traits. Plus, can bring families closer together as students may ask their parents or siblings for help on their homework. Not only will this help the students get a better understanding of the part where they do not understand, it will also allow parents to get more involved in their child's educational life. Homework helps in our exams and in achieving goals in life. When we do homework, not only our teachers will know how well we understand the subject or topic being taught and if we need help.

  • Homework supports students' educational growth.

    Ask yourself the following question: would you want your child to succeed? Most likely, your answer would be yes. As teachers, or parents, we want our students to succeed. The best way for them to succeed is through education, and for their education to truly educate them they need homework. Homework is what allows students to practice what they learned in school, at home. This not only encourages education, but it also teaches responsibility. Having homework assigned with the due date gives student the ability to plan which is great for kids. Who doesn't want smart and responsible students?

  • Kids shouldn't get homework!

    We have 7 hours of school a day, 5 days a week - is that not enough?! So many students stay up into the wee hours of the morning, just to get homework done! Then the next day at school, when we're too tired to concentrate, teachers wonder why! We need time to ourselves, and time for our families. With homework, 'time' is not in a student's vocabulary! Homework should NOT be issued, and that is final.

  • cant we do it in class!?!

    Teachers might say its to keep it in students mind but really isnt that what class is for? Homework is a waste of time! Studies even shown that homework only helps math and no other classes. That just shows it homework is useless. Kids should be spending time with their family and having lives! Homework needs to stop

  • No homework, no!

    Students need time to be a kid. Why would we make them do even more work after they've already did it for 7 hours? Explain this to me someone? The students work hard all day and when they go home they have to do even more work on their own time? Now that's not to fair is it? Not very fair for these youths. Not fair at all in my opinion now let's stand up! We can all do this together! Let's make a difference in these young children's lives! Yeah! No homework! No homework! Take a stand and make a difference in young lives! Yeah come on let's go people! No homework! There's my opinion. They say its reinforcing the work but we could do that in class the next day! These kids in the world should have no homework! Thank you very much. That's my opinion. The end. Goodbye. Follow my opinion you should. No homework. Do it, for the kids. Do it for the kids! Yeah! Woo! Yeah! Woo! Yeah! Woo! Yeah! Woo! No home work. Let these kids live their childhood. You have one childhood. Let them live it. This is the way it should be people! No homework.

  • Homework is a BAD idea!

    Homework is very stressful! We go to school for 7 hours, right? Shouldn't we have a break from learning instead of staying up all night doing homework! With homework, you have less time for yourself, less time for sleeping, and you get in trouble if you don't do it. So I say NO, we shouldn't do homework.

  • Homework takes away time with family and friends

    Homework also takes away play time if kids had more time to be outside and play there wouldn't be as much over-weight students. Homework also stresses people and causes bad behavior. If there was no homework there would be more time to study for tests therefore test grades would go up.

  • Wasting time of students.

    Students can go to school and go back home happily without any homework and studying stress. Next, students can spend more time for gathering with their family and friends. For example, they can go out and play, study with friends, go fellowship gathering, or just relax and enjoy studying time. Because after finish studying, they will come out for working. Students also can attend their piano classes and many more...

  • Students should not be given homework.

    Kids have to do enough school work during the day and should have time to play when they get home they work all day and when they get home their brain needs time to rest. They should be able to do it during school hours.Students should be able to have fun and not have to spend all of their time stressing over the fact that they might not have finished their homework. Homework is just a waste of the students valuable time. You are only a kid once, you shouldn't waste all of your time on homework.

  • We already have enough of class!

    We already have to get up very early, spend a ton of time in class, and then be given homework?! We already have plenty of time to learn whatever we are supposed to in class, but we are still supposed to do homework. Listen, teachers, the purpose of class is for us to learn stuff in class, but if we have to do work outside of class, then that means you aren't doing your job right! You are supposed to teach us whatever we need to learn in class, and not make us spend our time doing things that we were supposed to do in class!

  • Kids should not be given homework

    Yes, homework is meant to be your number one priority but, children have other commitments after school or in the weekend.Homework is proven to make kids get stressed or have a panic attack, and that can lead to anxiety through out your life.Your whole life doesn't revolve around school/homework!! Also homework can lead to a lack of sleep and cause your body to shut down.
    That's why I think that HOMEWORK should NOT be given to students!!!!!!!!

  • HWare just waste of time

    I think we as students should also have time to play and enjoy but these HW,s are always a burden to children.When children plan to go out but wtheir HW will always stop them. So I think HW should not be given .Plz think of students who study 7 to 8 hrs a day!

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