• Homework Is Time Tested Tool

    Modern methods of teaching focusing on free thinking are all fine and well, however there is nothing like homework to ensure a student's mastery of the subject being taught. Not only does it ensure assimilation of knowledge but it allows the student to practice good habits like neatness and promptness of work in the timeframe alotted. Good prep for a future entrant into adulthood.

  • For punctuality and making self sufficient...

    Yes I agree that students should be given homework. I m also not agree that students may feel the load of a heap of tasks but to make them punctual and self-sufficient the should be given some short of homework. It may create a situation that students may share with their parents and discuss about that and off course parents help them in visualising the things accordingly comfortability of their child. So after coming from school, it it better to study and learn from homework along with studies rather than playing video game full day and watching cartoon network. Now days many of the dish network are providing channels for the children. Channels are proving a platform where students may learn a lot. So teacher may also give task to please students go and visualise such things and we will ask tomorrow. This will lead a drastic change and students will enjoying study. If this will not happen then I m sure that students may fall with laziness and in upper class division they will feel problem. Thanks. Hit like if you agree with my statement. THANK YOU>

  • Helps student learn responsibilty

    Kids depend on the teacher and not themselves and they don't want to do do it cause there lazy just do it and get over it okay. I'm 11 and i think students should because it helps you learn more on the subject your learning. If kids didn't have homework they would be dumb.

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!

    It helps us to learn whatever is studied in the class. In exam times we do not have burden to learn whole syllabus we only have to revise it.If we do our homework in school we become unable to pay attention on whatever is being studied and we can also be punished

  • Uses and mis uses of doing home work

    Home works are very important to achive success because they not may make us perfect In studies but also improve our intelligence level . Nowadays children are spending more time on computer and television which affect their studies and health . Giving home work to children will not affect their brain instead of that it improves our memory power

    Misuses: I think there are no misuses in doing home works. Because they are so much helpfull for us.

  • Students become lazy

    Home work should be given because in school students depend on teacher, they ask everything from their teachers so when they don't get homework they don't learn new things. So homework should be given because with the help of that students learn and their minds increase and do does their vocabulary,

  • Students become lazy

    Home work should be given because in school students depend on teacher, they ask everything from their teachers so when they don't get homework they don't learn new things. So homework should be given because with the help of that students learn and their minds increase and do does their vocabulary,

  • Yes yes yes

    Homework should be given as it helps children to revise their day to day work done by the teacher. They spend more than three hours in playing so can't they contribute one hour for doing their work. Their teachers have more work at home and in school than them . Teachers teach in school , check notes, go home, look after their children, cook food so don't they feel bored.

  • Homework must be given

    Homework is very important for the success of life we can acheive a better grade if we do homework its very punctual for us you should also do homework for better grade ! Make yourself perfect become successfl and be happy that your teaches give you homework good source ok!

  • Homework helps to understand better

    Doing homework will prepare students for the big end tests. If a child does poorly on an assignment then they will learn what is necessary to do well on the next test without being punished. It also provides students with the opportunity to practice at what it takes to be successful in school. Like they say, practice makes perfect.
    Doing homework is also a great way to develop responsibilities. By being assigned work one day and knowing that it has to be done by the next day, they will develop a sense of punctuality by turning their work in on time.

  • Kids shouldn't get homework!

    We have 7 hours of school a day, 5 days a week - is that not enough?! So many students stay up into the wee hours of the morning, just to get homework done! Then the next day at school, when we're too tired to concentrate, teachers wonder why! We need time to ourselves, and time for our families. With homework, 'time' is not in a student's vocabulary! Homework should NOT be issued, and that is final.

  • No homework, no!

    Students need time to be a kid. Why would we make them do even more work after they've already did it for 7 hours? Explain this to me someone? The students work hard all day and when they go home they have to do even more work on their own time? Now that's not to fair is it? Not very fair for these youths. Not fair at all in my opinion now let's stand up! We can all do this together! Let's make a difference in these young children's lives! Yeah! No homework! No homework! Take a stand and make a difference in young lives! Yeah come on let's go people! No homework! There's my opinion. They say its reinforcing the work but we could do that in class the next day! These kids in the world should have no homework! Thank you very much. That's my opinion. The end. Goodbye. Follow my opinion you should. No homework. Do it, for the kids. Do it for the kids! Yeah! Woo! Yeah! Woo! Yeah! Woo! Yeah! Woo! No home work. Let these kids live their childhood. You have one childhood. Let them live it. This is the way it should be people! No homework.

  • Homework is a BAD idea!

    Homework is very stressful! We go to school for 7 hours, right? Shouldn't we have a break from learning instead of staying up all night doing homework! With homework, you have less time for yourself, less time for sleeping, and you get in trouble if you don't do it. So I say NO, we shouldn't do homework.

  • Homework takes away time with family and friends

    Homework also takes away play time if kids had more time to be outside and play there wouldn't be as much over-weight students. Homework also stresses people and causes bad behavior. If there was no homework there would be more time to study for tests therefore test grades would go up.

  • Students should not be given homework.

    Kids have to do enough school work during the day and should have time to play when they get home they work all day and when they get home their brain needs time to rest. They should be able to do it during school hours.Students should be able to have fun and not have to spend all of their time stressing over the fact that they might not have finished their homework. Homework is just a waste of the students valuable time. You are only a kid once, you shouldn't waste all of your time on homework.

  • cant we do it in class!?!

    Teachers might say its to keep it in students mind but really isnt that what class is for? Homework is a waste of time! Studies even shown that homework only helps math and no other classes. That just shows it homework is useless. Kids should be spending time with their family and having lives! Homework needs to stop

  • Wasting time of students.

    Students can go to school and go back home happily without any homework and studying stress. Next, students can spend more time for gathering with their family and friends. For example, they can go out and play, study with friends, go fellowship gathering, or just relax and enjoy studying time. Because after finish studying, they will come out for working. Students also can attend their piano classes and many more...

  • HUGE waste of time

    Homework is usually something the student already knows because it has been taught in school. What is the point of giving a student work he/she already knows all too well? It's really boring to study something you already know. Therefore, homework is basically a big waste of the child's free time which can be spent doing something creative (drawing, making a video, designing a game, etc).

  • Burden for students

    Students should not be give hw because they need time too relax and time too minds off some children do not sleep due to tesion off home work . We need time for our parents and friends and we need time for playing indor or out door games like hockey , etc

  • So Absolutly Piontless

    Reserach has shown that homework has little or no effect on students,and plus it is stressful and takes up time after shcool when they could be doing something creative or fun with family and friends instead of coming home every day after school to play after 8 hours of school they have more work to do.

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