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  • Kids have to get the money for good grade...

    Because if they keep getting moneys just for good grades,they will get more good grades.Kids are trying to get money and they are thinking about that they have to study more well and they can get good grades.My opinion is kids have to get the money for just good grades.

  • I think kids should get paid for good grades because

    I think we should get paid for good grades. Firstly, it would encourage kids to work harder. Secondly, it can teach them to save money. Last it can
    First of all it would encourage us to work harder and are grades would grow higher. In the real world people get paid for going to work and when people do good at their job they get promoted or a bonus. Paying students sends a good message that accomplishments pay off. And it will make them want to learn because they get money.
    Secondly it could teach them to save money and they can save up and get like 100 or 50 dollars.Having to stay at school for 8 hours and work all day and then you still got homework after it is very tiring and stressful so the students need something to motivate them to keep up the good work.

  • Kid should get paid for good grades

    It will soon help them in the future to get money and if your child didn't have a good report card you don't have to give them money cause they just went to school. They should get money if they have A's or B's.It motivates them to keep doing better.It also motivates them and makes them want to gain more knowledge

  • Kids should get paid for good grades

    When people go to work they work hard and get paid,so should students when they work hard at school.It motivates them and makes them want to gain more knowledge.Because when another student gets paid they get jealous and want to work more harder,so they can get paid.Kids that get d's and f's its only a reward for kids that actually get good grades,not just for showing up at school.

  • Teaches the value of hard work

    Although it seems like a controversial idea, I think that it teaches children about hard work. It encourages children to do well in school and study well. It is kind of an insight in adult life, where in the world of work, the bigger the effort you put in, the bigger the reward it would be.

  • YES please! It is educational!

    If Middle School Children get paid, I think it would have an educational value to it. We would learn the importance of buying our own things and learning how important money is and what it can behold in our power. We can buy our own things and we can learn that working to the best of our abilities to earn what our work is worth.

  • Students should get paided

    It will help them with life up ahead of them instead of having to get money from their parents.Witch means less money parents have waste more people will go to your and then the school will get more money. Thats why i think school should pay students for good grades.....

  • YES YES and YES

    This is to me only meaning my opinion you guys don't have to think this ok so i think kids should be paid for good grades.Ok im a middle school kid myself so if i was paid i would try harder,but I am not sure how much better I would do.What is your side?

  • They should be expected to do well

    Students should not be bribed into doing well in school. They are expected to learn for the sake of learning and get payed for JOBS later in life. School is not a job. School is where you go to learn, and if that isn't enjoyable, we should make changes in schools, not bribe kids with money.

  • Students should not get paid for getting good grades

    If kids were paid for getting good grades then they would use and trade all there money for things that they don'y need. Also if kids were paid they wouldn't care because they would be like,Oh my parents gave me money and I don't have to do my school work because i already got good grades.Lastly kids don't work as hard as adults do and basically the adults are throwing away their mony

  • Kids should not be paid for good grades

    If kids were to get paid they would just do stuff for money. If they were paid they would give up after getting paid. They would be like, well I've already got money so I'm done here. Then their grades would drop and they would not get accepted into a very good college.

  • NO students should not be paid for good grade

    It would not be treating kids equally what if one kid tries really hard and doesn't succeed? What if someone else doesn't try and succeeds and then he gets paid and the other kid who actually tried is like "I'm not smart" then he doesn't try anymore. Kids should do well for their own benefit

  • That's a little too far

    The only thing I see completely wrong with this would be the idea of students trying their best to get the very best grades possible for the sake of getting the pay reward, as opposed to getting good grades in the hopes to getting accepted to a very good college.

  • Students should not be paid for having good grades.

    Students should not be paid for having good grades. We should not have to bribe our children to get good grades in school. This should be expected from the parents if they are truly invested in the education of their children. I think it would be wrong to pay students to have good grades.

  • Students should not be paid for having good grades

    Students should not be paid for having good grades. This is because of the fact that students should do their job as students regardless of payment or not. Students go to school for the education to be an adult so that they can then make money. This is not something that needs to occur during the education process.

  • Childern are in school to learn not for money.

    It is not fair because they would buy things that are not useful and childern would not do anything but study all day and all night 24/7 . Also The things they buy would cause more distraction in class. Me as a 5th grader disagree with this argument because it is wrong and the government and the school would loose about 60,000 dollars .

  • Kids should not be paid for getting good grades!

    Well, to me kids shouldn't be paid for getting good grades because kids can get bullied for the money and kids can get spoiled and selfish. Also, when kids go to school all they will be thinking about is money not work. But I'm not saying kids should not be congraduated for getting good grades i just don't agree that kids should be associated with money in school!!!
    Even with grown ups money doesn't always work out very well so just magine what it could be like with kids so this is why i think kids should not be paid for getting good grades.

  • Studies Show It Didn't Work

    I slightly remember watching a documentary about a group of college students who attempted a study in a poverty stricken area where they agreed to pay high school students for good grades. The end results indicated that money was not something that motivated even poor students. I do not think students should be paid for good grades, it does not seem to benefit students to pay them.

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