• You get paid to go to work why not us.

    You get paid for your job, right? Then why can't we get paid for ours. We sit at a desk for hours working just like any other office job. The one thing that's different ( besides you being adults) is that you get paid and we don't. You get to choose what job you want so you shouldn't complain about not liking it. On the other hand for most children their parents choose their school, unless they have to go to some technical school ( nursing and other stuff like that). So you get paid for a job you choose but we don't get paid for a job that's forced down on us having us have multiple jobs instead of one. It doesn't seem as fair now, does it? And what you call learning and educatin I call memorization and being forced what to think and if we think about anything else you get punished. So unless you consider getting your freedom to think what you want forced out of you as payment (which is cruel if I do say so myself) students like me don't get a payment.

  • Why the fuck not your already being forced to go

    To that one that said no because school is a previlage,WTF NIGGA some dont want to have the prevliage,some just want to wait until they are 18 and go to collage to tell u how the job u want to be works
    might as well give them money for forceing them to be here and the no way in heck guy can go to hell

  • Yes! Students can't make money, yet they take time out every day!

    We go to school everyday with about the same hours you go to work, except the only thing you do is get graded on intelligence, somewhat like work, and it's made to make the country better so we can take care of you oldies, but we get nothing. We still have to buy lunch at the school, and field trips, but we don't get anything back. It's like saying "Want money? Wait from PreK to the fourth year of college to start making anything, and then you'll pay off all the debt you have from going to college anyway.

  • It will motivated kids.

    The thought of money would motivate kids to do better and not to miss class. Not just show up and get money but it should be based on time there and grades to encourage students to be there longer and do better in to school environment. This will help kids stride to do better

  • Definitely not it will be unfair

    Definitely not it would be unfair because even the bad kids would get paid and that is unfair the poor teachers will have no more money t paid for the water and important things for the classroom and it will be dangerous for the kids if they are dying of thirst and if the water all of a sudden it stops they working that can be dangerous

  • Who's going to pay for it? And it's a RESPONSIBILITY!

    Going to school is a privilege not a job! One must understand that you are there to learn, not to work. You are the one benefiting from school, not the teachers. They get paid for helping you achieve your goals in life. It's the law that you go to school and so getting paid for it is not only expensive, and unjustified, but also greedy.

  • School is a place for learning

    Schools have to deal with enough they don't need to pay 750 kids at least $5 a week if they do that then the school won't last long. Plus school is a privlage you go there to learn and your teachers help you mold your life so that you can provide money for yourself and one day your own family.

  • No way in heck.

    The first person to comment in the "yes" section says that paying students "Will motivated kids". Theres literally spell check, yet he/she somehow forgot all of their grammar skills. Its obvious THEY need some motivation to do well in school. If children were payed to go to school, it would take like six months for america to go bankrupt.

  • School funding is tight enough already

    Where is this money to pay students going to come from? Education is already one of the least funded things in America, and schools are therefore constantly having to make budget cuts. Living in places like the US, we have the privilege to become educated, seeing as the United States educates everyone, regardless of age, ability, ethnicity, social class, etc. So no, students should not be payed to attend school.

  • Education funds are tight enough already

    Where exactly is the money to pay students going to come from? Education funds are tight enough already. Sure it may motivate some students, but it's most definitely not going to motivate everyone. Living in a country like the USA, it's a privilege that we even have the opportunity to attend school. The US has acts like No Child Left Behind, and they also ensure that any child, no matter their ability, age, ethnicity, social class, etc. Has an opportunity at an education. That in itself, is payment enough.

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