Should students be required to learn a second language?

  • Yes and no i think they should have a free choice of if they want to or if they dont want to

    WE HAVE A CHOICE , WE CAN CHOSE TO do a laugage so if we dont then it would be unfair and then we might get graded more but i think , i would want to have a choice to study or not study any lauage so that would be unfair.

  • Very beneficial for young ones and future life.

    There are several benefits for going through the trouble of learning a second language, both cognitively and intellectually. Learning a second language has been shown to enhance children's cognitive development. Children who learn a foreign language beginning in early childhood demonstrate certain cognitive advantages over children who do not. Plus, certain jobs require bilingual employees. I think second language should start as early as possible.

  • The way the world is going.

    The way the world is going, a second language will become more and more beneficial when trying to get employed. Learning a second language is also helpful for primary and elementary students as learning another language helps the brain make more connections. Also we can learn about the culture of another country.

  • I believe they should!

    I believe that teaching children a second language will help them become more diverse. They'll learn English better by comparing it with other languages. America technically doesn't have an official language. English IS mostly spoken here, but between the crock pot of nationalities that come to this country, (Not including Hispanics) I'm actually surprised that it's NOT mandatory!

  • Students should be required to learn a second language.

    It is easiest to learn and remember a second language when introduced to it at an earlier age. Knowing a second language is extremely useful and can land you many jobs by just having a second language on your resumé. Also, learning a second language makes you stronger in English. I've taken French classes since middle school and my English is much stronger than it was before I had learned French.

  • While Americans should learn a secondary language as do most civilized nations

    While Americans should learn a secondary language as do most civilized nations like Germany, Mexico, Canada, Russia, etc. Ultimately though it is up to the person whether they want to become fluent in the language or not and even though I believe it should be more enforced for people to learn a second language while they're younger, it is still up to them to learn it.

  • I believe elementary students should at least be required to learn a second language

    I believe that a second language should be taught to elementary students in the beginning because if you look at the United States, it has a mix of Asian, European, African, Spanish/Mexican, a bit of Russian, Japanese, Chinese, German, English, Middle Eastern, ect..
    I personally wanted to learn Japanese through out Middle school and current High school year. When I was in elementary, I wanted to learn Spanish because I lived in an Latino - no racism involved - neighborhood and the elementary was 85 - 90 % Spanish/Mexican. Sadly. There hasn't been one single Japanese instructor or teacher through out my Middle school and current High school year.

  • It's ignorant to think that Americans only need to know one language.

    Although English may be the primary language in the US. It is not the official language. Americans only knowing one language gives us less job opportunities and chances to learn about cultures other than our own. And yes America is the land of the free, but it also needs to be the land of the well educated. If Americans are limited to the countries that we can converse with and further than that connect with, due to the cultural aspects that you learn when learning a new language, in the end we will lose opportunities to work with foreign companies that will find us ignorant and incompetent.

  • It's not that hard to learn

    I have learned a couple of languages and it was not that hard, just time consuming. I'm only 13 and i know four languages. I had to study alot but i wasen't upset i had to learn them it was really exciting. Students should learn a second language because it is entiresting and a lot of fun to learn.

  • Yes Students should learn another language

    Second languages are immensely helpful in the real world, as well as being something to brag about. Knowing another language also means immersing oneself in a different culture, allowing people to consider things that they always have in another manner. It has also been proven that learning a second language prevents Alzheimer's and is linked to higher IQ's and problem solving skills. All in all, the benefits of learning a second language outweighs the time-consuming process of learning it.
    I think that students should have to take a second language while in school. They do not have to become fluent, but one or two classes should be mandatory. Knowing a second language opens up many doors for students when they are done with school. Institutions should help those who want to learn get a start.
    Its a great opportunity Learning a second language is a great opportunity to get easy extra college credits. Many schools and colleges are requiring students to have taken at least one class in World languages to graduate. Its not like you cant choose what language you want to study. Let's say you want to go to France and you have no idea how to speak French. Most people there don't speak English and when you talk to them in English and not French they may think your completely crazy. It's a great way to be able to communicate with others around the world and in your community.

  • Learning another language in school is a waste of precious time.

    Kids have so much they need to learn in school as it is, such and reading, writing, spelling, grammar, math, science, history, civics, health, physical education, the arts, technology and business. Why should we include a subject that will give them limited skills. Research shows that the only way to learn a language properly is immersion. I have seen students study a language in school for 12 years, only to forget every thing they learned at school in the first semester of university.

  • It should not be mandatory.

    It should not be mandatory because time for extra curricular classes carves out time in required subjects like math, science, language arts, and English. Also, bringing language teachers costs more money for the county to pay the language teacher. Plus the majority of some schools students are ethnic, so many students speak a second language.

  • Second languages hold no importance

    With the advancement in technology, learning second languages holds no reasonable use to people who are going into a field of work, such as I.T. Related occupations which has its own certified language. Based on just the technological advancements we have at our fingertips currently, we could easily translate our language of preference into any other languages we want in a matter of seconds. As well as the fact that when compared to other schooling subject such as mathematics, physics, history even art, second languages have the least amount of jobs available and do not pay as well as many jobs other subjects would be required for. As far as cultural knowledge would go into second languages, it's little to none. Logically speaking one would learn a lot more in history of a culture than they would in a second language classroom, due to the fact that seconds language subjects don't teach children about the culture of the language and how it originated, only how to speak, read, and understand it, removing the incorrect point of second language classes help children learn about another culture. Second languages also would effect the grades of a child who does well in all thier subjects except the additional language which is not thier home language as apose to someone who speaks that language on a regular basis. In conclusion unless you are going to need the knowledge of another language I see no logical reason why an additional language should be forcibly implied on those who have no use for it.

  • It is cruel

    It is absolutely despicable to force children to learn a second language. Unlike Science and maths, language is ultimately a skill, one you either have or don't have. I had to learn German and French in school, and hated them so much, I often daydreamed about violently killing my teachers.

  • It is cruel

    It is absolutely despicable to force children to learn a second language. Unlike Science and maths, language is ultimately a skill, one you either have or don't have. I had to learn German and French in school, and hated them so much, I often daydreamed about violently killing my teachers.

  • Students should not learn foreign language.

    It is student's choice to study foreign language or not. Adults and teachers can't force them to study foreign language. If students be forced to study, then they would get a low score. So they would get punished to their parents. You need to study another subjects. I think we should not waste our precious time.

  • I don't think that should have to

    I personally think that its their choice if they want to learn a second language or not. Some kids don't want to learn a second language like me. If you do want to then you can. It should be the studen's decision if they want to learn a second language.

  • It's not your business.

    A lot of people on the "yes" side say that a second language is helpful. However, how is it in any way your choice? Don't force me to learn a pointless language that wastes my time and that I probably won't use. You have no right to decide for me what classes I should and shouldn't take, and certainly not such an arguably pointless thing such as language.

  • I don't wanna

    I don't want to learn it its pointless and i don't want to. Its boring and i think it is mean o force people to learn something their never going to use. I don't have 18 more words to say so i really really really really don't wanna learn a second language

  • Its a waste of time

    If the student don't want to then they shouldn't have to and it just adds up to homework also kids usually want to finish homework if they got lots of it then it gets them stress and they don't have sleep and the next day they sleep in class so i say no

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