Should students be required to take elective classes in high school?

Asked by: Hannahlol
  • You could always put requirements in electives ... But make it fun

    So OK I get that some people don't want or need electives, but not everyone wants that opinion. You could always make the class fun and put some requirements into the class and make it count as a credit that you need. Like photography counts as a art credit and here at school we have career choices make the classes fun and kids will stop complaining.

  • A well rounded student is best

    Students should be well rounded and able to quickly adapt to changing environment. If students lack a sense of imagination, the United States won't be able to compete on the global market. China has this issue when it comes to manufacturing, they can copy any product but not design one themselves.

  • Yes they should.

    I personally always enjoyed that I was required to take elective classes in high school. It broke up the monotomy of taking math and history classes and it allowed some fun to be have during school in electives like art or gym. I think most students like them so keeping the requirement is good.

  • Extremely Stressful for some people

    I hated electives. They wasted my time and they'd be no use. I suffer from anxiety and it's not worth the trouble. Why should kids suffer miserably for nothing? I doubt they'd be useful unless you want to pursue a music or art career, but you like those. I say students shouldn't have to take electives, or at least something so students who suffer from anxiety don't have to. Like an exception.

  • It is a waste of time

    Students waste their time taking classes such as Art and Band when they could be home doing homework or studying for the next test or better yet catching up on sleep which, if you did research, sleep improves student grades. Also, students that have more free time can focas on extra-curricular activities. Finally, most highly ranked colleges do not even look at the elective classes in high school.

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