• Yes. i believe students should be rewarded for learning.

    Yes. I believe students should be rewarded for learning, but only in certain forms such as incentives, or motivation. The best way to reward a student for learning is through scholarships. Scholarships are great because they give students who are not financially able to afford college a chance to experience higher learning.

  • Yes, in some instances kids can be rewarded.

    There's a saying that "learning is its own reward." But I believe that kids can be rewarded in some ways, as long as it doesn't become more of a bribery scenario. As an example, kids who do well in school might earn stickers from the teacher. I had a teacher who gave us credit we could save up in exchange for small gifts. Giving kids a bit of money for As can help reinforce the importance of good grades, too. It just should be smaller things, not large rewards.

  • Yes but don't get carried away

    Yes students should be rewarded for learning. If they show great strides in learning they should know this is a positive thing and be rewarded. I don't think that students should be bribed in order to learn or receive gifts that are not in line with achievements. We don't need to spoil kids either.

  • Students should be rewarded for learning.

    Students should be rewarded for learning. There are a lot of pressure placed on students in the classroom to succeed at learning their subjects. I think it is good to reward students when they do a good job because this will only push the students to continue to do a good job.

  • Yes and no.

    The reward for learning is usually the good grades and having a great GPA to enter college with in hopes of having a scholarship. Beyond that I do not know if students really should be given a reward for doing something they should want to do anyways. The education already benefits them.

  • Dress for success on the inside too

    Rewards for success or loss should be a parents main objective. Rewards do not mean presents-- it means showing the respect that whatever they've learned deserves. "Rewarding" in my eyes isn't just about presents. It isn't always about parties for a good deed-- it's the "I'm proud of you" moments. It's the pat on the back and the positive reinforcement for learning something new that will propel them in their lives.

  • Praise.

    Yes, students should be rewarded for learning. No, that doesn't mean that they should get a new gadget every time they answer a simple math problem, but it is important for them to know that good grades and working hard mean a lot. It's hard to see beyond the letter or number.

  • Yes

    Nearly all students received a myriad of rewards from teachers throughout school. In elementary school, 70 percent of students said teachers offered candy for good performance. Other treats included prizes, certificates, extra recess time, class parties and stickers.In her study, endent on rewards and realized that was not such a good thing," Davis expxternal rewards failed to show much positive impact on grade-point average. Overall, students thought rewards were good motivators. However, contrary to expectations, the students most motivated by rewards were the ones to cite them as bad. "Maybe those students felt depelained.

    Posted by: Jhon
  • Yes we should

    Your kids will think if they will work hard they will succeed and get something out of it.Your kid will get exerise too if the school goes outside they do need 60 minutes of outside time.If YOU HAVE IT ON A FRIDAY AND CALL IT FUN FRIDAY your child will get its jitters out because you have all the test on friday and they work all through the week

  • It should be rewarded

    If a kid does really well in school (getting outstanding marks and As) they should be rewarded with small things, or maybe go out for dinner or something nice and simple. A hard worker should be allowed to get a reward every now and then just to show that their work is appreciated

  • They should not be paid

    I don't think they should be rewarded because they would get used to be getting a reward and they could lose their responsibility to do their homework or other work .......................................... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Learning Is The Reward

    I do not believe students should be rewarded for learning. I believe an education sets the foundation for the rest of your life, but for children it is much like work. I believe learning is its own rewards, it shouldn't require further rewards. I think doing this would lead a person to feel like they are owed more when working later in life.

  • No, learning should be its own reward

    Receiving rewards for doing something is the equivalent of getting paid. In society we get paid for doing things that we may not want to do unless we are paid. Students who are offered rewards for schoolwork might have no other incentive to learn except for the reward. This gives a bad reputation to learning which, to my mind, should be something that excites people and comes from their own natural desire to understand the world. When a person is excited about learning for its own rewards he or she will continue to do things over and beyond what is assigned or "rewarded".

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