• Kids with no Time are not less than Those with More free Time

    I'm a senior myself, and ive never been in the yearbook a lot other than the class ones or the actual individual photo, ive done color guard but i wasn't in it then, i did varsity basketball and i was in it then. I've seen so many kids that are on every single page who are the "popular" ones. And my school is very very small. Like 80 kids to a class small and it just seems like it isn't fair to those of us who aren't popular and go to a technical trade school and miss out on the important stuff.

  • As a student

    I have friends of mine that are in clubs and sports that do a lot. Students work hard and some help out our school and they don't get recognition. The only people that you see in yearbooks are popular kids and varsity sports players. I'm in tennis right now at school but they don't care about us, just football and basketball.

  • Equal Space Should Be The Right way

    I think that students should get equal space in the year book because whether you are popular or not you are still an important part to that school and that is all that should matter. It shouldn't be based on how many sports you played or on you grades it should matter that you high school life was fun and enjoyable to you.

  • It is very unfair

    I have always have had a decent amount of photos in the yearbook. I know it is hard to fit in all the children. If your parent was the 'room parent' you know how many times you have been in it. I would be in it 1 or 2 times and the kid whose parents are the room parent are always in every photo. It makes me mad every year. Why buy the yearbook when you are barley in it.

  • Students SHOULD have equal space

    I got to agree here, I'm one of those kids who has gone to all the games, rooted my team on, keeping A's, and just being nice. Along with a lot of other people, but a lot f them don't get that attention in the yearbook, one of the people in charge of our yearbooks, is a mom to one of the most popular girls in school. So what happened? Well this year when we got them, she was almost on every page (Regarding the ones she couldn't be in since she wasn't in that grade.) This happened with many other "popular" kids as well and honestly, I barely ever order yearbooks or look in them if I do order them anymore, cause I know it'll be the same thing again. And yes, if ALL students had equal space, that would even involve with the kids who didn't really care about school, but it should be based on behavior as well.

  • Coming from experience.

    I understand that some students don't "deserve" to be in the yearbook. Yes i agree that some students have contributed to the school more than others BUT what about those kids who love and support their school?Someone who goes to all the football/basketball games and cheers her heart out? What about those students who get straight A's? Not very often are they recognized. When I open my yearbook at the end of the year, I only see pictures of the students who play sports and are in clubs. Most of the students shown in the yearbook are the "popular" kids. Without the students who go and support the football players and basketball players there would be no student section. I think everyone should get the chance to be recognized for something they did even if it was a little thing. Of course some students don't want to be in the yearbook but coming from personal experience (as somebody who only gets in the yearbook twice, one being the school picture) I've always wished that the "not so cool" kids could have a chance at being in the yearbook. So YES, everyone should be equally put in the yearbook.

  • Yes, yearbooks should be more balanced.

    Going by what I witnessed in my own school years, students who were working on the yearbook panel at school were typically the ones given cameras and, of course, they took photos of their own friends and cliques. This left a large number of students out of the yearbook, other than the typical standard school photo. The yearbooks were never a good reflection of a typical student's time at school, but more a reflection of the bubbles the yearbook panel lived in. Schools should do more to include all students, creating a more balanced yearbook.

  • Students should have equal space.

    All students should have equal space in a yearbook. There should be no favorites. To give some students more space than others shows bias and is unfair to students that, for whatever reason, have less space. This is unfair. The yearbook is a reflection of the entire student body and should be treated as such.

  • No, what you do matters.

    People everywhere these days are trying to protect everyone's self-esteem. People are trying extra hard to protect people’s feelings, and I get that. They are just trying to do the right thing, but they need to prepare us for real life. Everyone in this generation is so insecure and they act like the victim all the time. I think they just need to grow up and accept the fact that they aren’t going to be the center of attention all the time. The people who deserve the attention are the ones that actually owrk hard for the school and actually care.

  • I am an editor in yearbook

    Like the other people have said we don't have enough pages to add everyone. Some people are camera shy. We need people who actually participate and we need to show are school who went to state what clubs are there who are the seniors yeah it sucks but someone really wanted to be in the yearbook that bad they get off there butt and go support your school

  • It's not that easy.

    People want equal paging in yearbooks, but this is impossible for many schools. For one, the yearbook committees can't just go around taking pictures of kids and then crop each single group out. The yearbook takes weeks ands months to make and sometimes we can't even meet the deadlines, we wouldn't have enough time to get equal paging. Second, some kids don't even want their pictures taken. So how are we suppose to have equal paging if there are so many people like this. There are so many other examples to show you the problems with this, like budget problems, people not in clubs, classes, total number of students, and the list can go on.

  • As a yearbook staff member that's been in yearbook for three years...

    I know that it's fairly impossible to make sure EVERY student gets equal space in the yearbook. I've been in yearbook for three years now, and it's just hard to make sure everyone's in it. There's just so much that has to be done, that it's not logical to keep up with every single student, and that gets a lot harder when the size of your school increases. I have a staff of seven, and there's 200 people at my school. That's 28.6 people that each of us have to make sure are included three times. It's a lot more difficult when you have just that many people in your graduating class. Another part of it is getting people to actually submit pictures. We can't be at every event, we can't get pictures of everyone. It also comes down to having people that are involved in literally everything and then people that aren't in any clubs, aren't in any sports, so they're just not going to get included aside from their mug. I do think there should be a fair amount of inclusiveness, but there's just too many factors that make that near impossible.

  • A Yearbook Editor Votes "No".

    As a yearbook editor (volunteer), I would truly LOVE-LOVE-LOVE to give all the students equal (or approximately equal) representation. However, the reality is that I have to work with what I am given. Photos (all except the portraits) are contributed by the students and their families, and, in our school, getting people to contribute those photos is the hardest part of the yearbook editor's job. Fewer than 30 or so families submitted photos last year, and I can't print photos I don't have. So far I've heard no complaints, but if they did, my first question would be, "How many photos did you submit?" One other thing I learned... I can have fifteen photos of a particular student in there, but their family may never even buy the book (all our books are pre-ordered, so we know who they are ahead of time). So should those folks be the "target market"? I say no. This year when deciding between photos I will look not only at the quality and how many photos of that student are already in the book, but whether or not the family has pre-ordered a copy.

  • No students should not have equal space.

    It's not right to allow everyone to have the same amount of space in the yearbook. Some students make a large effort to be a big part of their school activities, while other students, barely even come to class, and could care less about their schools growth. If everyone has equal amount of space in the yearbook, it is teaching us as students that we don't need to earn recognition. Things should be fair, not equal

  • No students should not have equal space.

    It's not right to allow everyone to have the same amount of space in the yearbook. Some students make a large effort to be a big part of their school activities, while other students, barely even come to class, and could care less about their schools growth. If everyone has equal amount of space in the yearbook, it is teaching us as students that we don't need to earn recognition. Things should be fair, not equal

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