• More Active Kids Care About Future

    Students getting involved in politics means a more active life as adults. Students who care about their government at younger ages translate that into a lifelong commitment to changing their world. More people involved in politics leads to better government when better leaders are elected at local, state and federal levels.

  • Students Need to Involve Themselves in Politics

    These days, students absolutely need to get involved in politics as soon as possible. The young generation will form the backbone of politics in the coming years. They need to be informed and know how to affect the political landscape with their opinions and views. Otherwise, the gridlock in politics will remain.

  • Backbone of politics

    Arguments for :

    The main purpose of education is to prepare us day-to-day life. One must learn manners and also other tricks which make a person successful in material and social life .Politics in a democratic set up is one of the careers open to the people an if a student learns about it at the student age, he will be much benefited in the later life.
    The main problem with our democracy is that day life does not inculcate democratic feelings ; at home father’s orders are final and at the college principal's direction must be obeyed. Till our student life does not become democratic, it is not possible for us to become democrats.
    Perhaps students are more suitable for politics than grown up people because students are generous, open minded, patriotic submissive. On the other hand grown up people become selfish, materialistic and narrow minded so if students take part in politics perhaps our politics will become moral.

  • They should be more involved!

    The reason is simple. We are scared of our gun laws and want to change them. If that means marching out into the streets, we will. If it means walking out of our class, we will. Just because we are young does not mean we can't understand our politics like a 30 year old guy.

  • It is not about joining, it's about being an active voice.

    When I think of this question I think of kids not as being political leaders, that's absurd for their age. I think of this as asking, should kids keep themselves updated on what is going on in the world and learn how it works. Kids our the future, which is said a lot, but they are. Each generation replaces the next. So if the current generation of kids doesn't stay informed or learn how the political world works, our future leaders aren't going to have a proper understanding of how to lead the world and maneuver it's obstacles. Even if they don't plan on going into politics, as a future adult and even a child today, the politics of the world affects them. They should be able to know what is happening, why they are happening, and how it affects them and the people around them. With this understanding they'll then be able to decide for themselves if they want to speak up and take a stand on what they believe in. And that's what the world needs; it needs people who are ready to stand for what they believe in and have faith in something good and for the better of everyone.

  • It's Thier Future

    Adolences need to get educating on topics that are directly related to thier future, the women's march is directly impacting them. They need to know why certain things are happening. They need to know. It's not a 50 year olds job to vote for the future generations. In all honestly, why not let the voting age go down a bit, maybe 15 or 16, and stop after a certain age. Because if you're 90 frankly, it's not your future.

  • We must too

    The politic issues are sensible things. But doesn't mean you are not including it. We as a civilians have our responsibility to know about politics. But, for students, it is necessary for them to have knowledge about politics and participate in election. If the politics issue being a harassment, these should be a shame because we have our responsibility to our country

  • Of course !!!!!!!!

    If on e prohibit students in taking part in politics then why teach them political science. It is a wrong concept that politics is corrupt ,it is just the way how we look into it and how we help it to become better.We should keep in mind that students are the backbone of the country.

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  • Know your limits.

    The thing is if we don't know about computer we can't operate it and similarly if you don't have a knowledge of politics you can't be a part of it. So, that's the most important thing i believe.... If u feel like doing something u should it until and unless it's harming others. There are some youths who changed the world history. You have to accept the fact that the interaction between the youths and the adults is the most important arena we lack in. There are some programs organised like Global Youth Action Network (GYAN) which motivate people to get involve in UN politics.
    Also, if you are a active citizen you must need to know about the politics of the country.
    And choosing ur own political party isn't foolishness or stupidity but your right and a symbol of being a part of a democratic country....

  • They should not get involved

    The simple answer is that young people are just too young to know much about politics. They need to get out in the real world and experience making a living for oneself and how difficult it is to have all the things you need. I think they should actually extend the minimum age for voting.

  • No student should not involve in politics.

    Student is a life which we will should concerted in study not like in SILLY things politics. Student also dent"t have enough age to joint politics and involve in politics . If student also involve in politics then also then don't understand about politics and they will be like ship without compass.

  • First we must teach them the underlying principles, then they should participate.

    Without an understanding of the base principles underlying politics (e.G., the philosophical basis of rights, an understanding of why "I want it" does not equal "I have a right to it", the reasons the Founding Fathers believed the citizens must be able to defend itself against their government, why a system of checks and balances is needed to prevent a small group within the government from having too much power, and numerous other basic concepts), which they should be taught at this age, they are unable to form rational opinions on most political issues.
    By teaching students that it's OK to form an opinion based on emotions alone without a mature understanding of the principles involved, they come to believe that there are no fundamental principles at all and that politics is about power struggles between lots of special interest groups, each holding subjective, irrational opinions views where nobody is right and nobody is wrong, and the only thing that matters is who has the biggest stick. In other words, the way all totalitarian regimes work.
    This is not to say they should never get involved, but even a basic understanding of the many high-level concepts involved in how a proper government should work takes years to acquire (even most adults these days lack such an understanding). If our schools focused more on teaching these concepts instead of teaching kids to "get out there and protest anything you want", maybe the next generation will have a chance of avoiding the mistakes of the past.
    The more succinct version of my argument is: "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

  • Preventing students( upto matriculation level ) to make their idealogies.

    If the students get involved into the political arena at the earlier stage of their life, without having their own prudent and firm idealogies about the politics. They may fail throughout their career. So, it is better to know the political environment and societies first by learning it at school level. And then they should try to implement those learnt knowledge to pursue their political career or goal.

  • They cant (its obvious)

    Its reality according to the rules people (or students) can vote at the age of 18.For active participation they need to attain the age of 25(minimum) to be a member of any legislature,which means they would have to finish their collage,which means they wont be called students, its just plain logic.

  • Students should not involve in politics

    If they will join they will become corrupt dogs. If they want to join they should leave education and learn barking. That is education which reached them here , that is education which made politics , that is education which made our ever politician. So students should not involve in politics.

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