• Yes, it would make them strive to do more.

    If children are paid for better grades, they will want to do better in school. We don't have to pay children for D's and F's, this is rewards for GOOD GRADES, not just for being at school. When students are paid for good grades, they learn that working hard and making good choices does have its rewards. They will try to make better grades, in the hopes of earning more money. Children will also learn responsibility and the value of money; rather than just begging Mom and Dad for all the toys and video games they want, they will work harder and save up for their next purchase. Moreover, many schools have fundraisers for various charities and projects. Rather than dragging Mom across the neighborhood to sell cookies and making Dad bug his coworkers to buy chocolates, the students will buy these on their own, and help the school itself.

  • Yes, of course.

    You work at school.
    You work at a job.
    You can learn at school.
    You can learn from a job.
    You get paid at a job.
    Not at school.
    What's the difference?
    You go to work because you need money. Very rarely because you enjoy it. Same at school.
    Many kids don't like school or pay attention because they don't get anything out of it. People opposing say it is just bribing them to work; what about a career? Is that bribing you to work too?
    Not to mention the money can be saved and used to get into college with the assistance of the newly motivated-to-gain grades. More kids would attend school, too. They'd get more money from it.
    Not to mention some truly smart children such as myself can't earn any money due to age restrictions. They have many talents and smarts, but earn nothing in return other than on occasion, "satisfaction".
    It would benefit everyone greatly to have students be paid for such efforts.

  • Kids should get paid

    I think kids should get paid for doing their homework because it would encourage them to actually do something and they can earn money and good grades so they won't get held back in school and they will also try their best in classes and teachers won't be stressed out because we don't complete an assignment.

  • People get paid to work, right?

    When people go to work they work their shift and get paid according to their hourly wage or salary. What do students get? A high five, a letter, or a missed recess if they don't do well. If they were paid for every A, or a passing score on a standardized test, wouldn't that motivate them to do better? Don't adults perform better when a bonus or a promotion is at stake? now, who would do the paying is the real question.

  • Payed For Good Grades

    I am a student. Mostly As and Bs. I would LOVE to be payed more money for my hard work and think of this students would try harder if they new they would be payed. For example if your a really smart kid and you need money for college thats a way to save up. Also many high school students are dropping out maybe if money was offered they would stay and at least try!

    - Meh! Secret! :PP

  • Yes they should.

    Kids would be smarter because they want money. Kids these days don't listen to teachers because they believe it is a waste of time but if they get paid for good grades, they would listen and they would be smarter. They would also have a better chance at having a good job. If kids get money for good grades, they would have a better chance of getting a good college education. It would be easier for teachers to teach because the students would know that if they did not listen, they would not get any money. Also, kids would not be tardy because if they missed anything, they may not receive a good grade.

  • It would encourage success.

    I think that offering students a monetary reward for performing well in school would encourage students to try harder to get good grades. There are a lot of students who just don't care enough to make an effort, and offering money in return for success would give those students a reason to pay attention and to make the effort.

  • Paid for Grades

    Kids should get paid for good grades because then they might actually try harder in school. A lot of kids just slack off and don't care about there grades. Kids want money and if you pay them to do good during school, it will help. Some kids might not go along with it because they'll probably think its just a way to bribe them. (In a way, you are actually bribing them.) I guarantee that most kids will have higher grades and will do better in school if you actually give them something they want. Schools will also be in favor of this because it makes them look smarter and better.

  • Kids should get paid.

    Kids would would what to earn more money, and money ''talks'' louder. Kids would want to earn money by listening. Especially the kids who have bad grades, suffering with subjects, and less money would love this. Then the teachers would be very proud and same to the their parents. The kids would have a better future.

  • Yes They Should

    I am a kid myself and I think that if kids get paid for having good grades, then they will do better academically. They would realize that if they didn't pay attention, they wouldn't get paid. The taxes should be higher so the government could give the school the money to give to the kids. The parents' money would be coming back to their kids in anyway.

  • Kids Have No Entitlement to Such Payment

    I am a kid myself. I go to school. I exert myself not for good grades, but for a good future, and that is what is imperative here. The intrinsic want for resplendence, adulation and prevalence will win out over our desire for money every time. Who is providing us with this money? Our parents? They already pay for our education. School is a privelige, and students need to learn that they will need a fuel other than their parents' wealth as they become more and more independent. Grades don't always reflect competence, either. A child who is inherently bright needs to learn there is always room for advancement, whatever his/her A+ report card says.

  • Students/kids should not get paid!

    Student/kids should not get paid for getting good grades. My sister used to get straight A's she asked my mom for money for getting good grades. My mom said why should you get paid for something that we expect from you. If students got paid for getting A's and B's all they (student/kids) would think about is money and not what they learned in school today, yesterday or any day. If students got paid for good grades all they would think about is what am i going to buy with the money i got or how i am going to spend it. I am a kid/student if I got good grades and i got paid for that i wouldn't have took it. Why should kids get paid for something their parents expect from the children.

  • waste of time

    Just because it might be hard work doesn't mean it needs to be paid for. Us kids would take on bad habits that we don't need. Simple rewards or no rewards at all would be much more beneficial. Money is not going to help us focus at all. Think again!

  • Because they should want to learn not be paid for good grades.

    I think students should try on their own and don't worried about the money. If their grades are good you can tell them, oh nice job, keep it up. Parents shouldn't give their kids money if their grades are not good or even half way there. Students should learn on their own.

  • Think of the children's education!

    Kids should not be getting money for their grades. It is like giving animals food for pooping. They would not be learning to learn, they would only do it for the money. After they get paid, most likely, they will forget what they learned in a timely fashion. And still, some people think it will help them learn...
    I as a child, will forget everything if I get paid for my good grades because I will be more into the money instead of the learning itself.

  • This idea has been scientifically, both psychologically and experimentally, to be flawed.

    In some cases the prospect of financial reward enticed students and improved the attendance rates; however there was no increase in the quality of the students' work. Psychologically, there is no evidence whatsoever to suggest the prospect of a reward has the potential to improve performance on anything other than the most basic of mechanical skills.

  • No They Should Not

    Students should not get paid for good grades. God grades are expected from students when they are in school. Their future is determined by how well they do in the classroom, so they really shouldn't need any type of incentive to do well. Paying students for grade would be ridiculous.

  • I do not believe there should be a law stipulating that students should get paid for good grades.

    I believe that a person should choose to do the best they can regardless of rewards. Good grades are a reward in and of themselves. A person should not need money in order to get good grades. I believe as a parent, if they choose to reward a child for maintaining good grades, that is wonderful but it should not be to bribe them into getting good grades because a person should simply want to choose to be the best.

  • No definitely not.

    Kids need to understand that achievement is something to be proud of, but should not be bribed to try hard and do well. Kids also need to understand that some times money isn't everything. All kids should strive to do well so they can have good careers not so they can buy the new iron man toy.

  • Should students get paid for good grades

    They would always expect more. No, because than that child will never know how to achieve something on his own. He is always going to expect more when he gets good grades, and it doesn't have to be money it can be other things as well, but it won't last that long either. And these kids need to be glad they're going to school. There are kids in Africa who can't go to school because of whatever reason. In the United States we're lucky that we can get an education. Also you can't always rely on somebody to always give you something when you do good. There are a lot of people in the world who probably do good everyday, but doesn't mean they always get rewarded for that, so we're thankful we get to have this education and should be appreciative about it.

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Zooba says2013-06-07T01:42:11.407
In the end, it's up to the student's parents or caregivers, isn't it? If my neighbour wants to pay her children for each A they receive, then let her. That doesn't mean I have to pay my child.
Anonymous says2013-08-15T13:38:24.203
The thought of getting paid for having good grades would convince students to try hard in school and do everything necessary for good grades. School is a yearlong process and kids don't usually have any other way to make money. Especially those in extracurricular activities. I personally believe that good things should be rewarded. However there should be a program set up to avoid the types of students who may try to cheat the system. The system could be for those who actually work on their own and get the grades by themselves. Cheaters and people who take advantage of others shouldn't get rewarded.
DatAzian says2013-11-14T15:38:20.297
I actually think that this would be effective, except that we have no money to spare.
DatAzian says2013-11-14T15:39:47.110
Because a monkey spent it all.
Quan says2014-01-08T21:20:25.630
In theory, students with better grades have access to higher paying jobs.
geek42 says2014-03-03T15:48:50.470
Hi there peps
geek42 says2014-03-03T15:49:16.987
Hi there zak
AndreyVaughn24 says2014-03-06T04:14:43.767
I most definitely believe that if students were paid for their hard earned a's, then there would be more students striving. If I was paid for all of the time and effort I and to put forth for my straight a record, I would lose my mind.
Poulsen1423 says2014-03-10T19:19:48.150
Um big money cashin out
Craighawley215 says2014-05-20T13:06:59.747
Students are paid, just not with money. Students earn knowledge, as well as opportunity. In addition, I view it as students' reward is the wealth of things that their parents provide for them, out of pocket. If students are supposed to get paid for their schoolwork, then parents shouldn't be obligated to provide food, shelter, gifts, allowance, vacation trips, or really anything.
dyana3008 says2014-05-20T22:46:40.847
Well It`s the parents choice not are choice
pino says2014-11-10T12:14:52.717
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