• This is fair

    I say say this is fair because for people that are doing the hard work. And another reason is it is fair because people who don't do good they don't get any thing and another reason is that even though they try hard as they can this is fair to people

  • Kids pay more attention and do better quality on there work for a reward.

    I should know I am a kid and I know that if I were to get payed for getting good grades I would try my hardest to get the best grade possible. Also I know that the more money they get the more we can save it for college, getting a car, and starting our own family.

  • Students should get paid for having good grades in school.

    If students get paid every week for having good grades in school it will motivate them to actually do their work and set their life on a better future. Obviously students will definitely want to go to school and do their work and make sure that they are passing there for they will do better in school.

  • Students should get paid for having good grades in school.

    If students get paid every week for having good grades in school it will motivate them to actually do their work and set their life on a better future. Obviously students will definitely want to go to school and do their work and make sure that they are passing there for they will do better in school.

  • Yes, but not excessive amounts.

    I do not know if the school system itself should pay but if parents or charitable organizations want to set up some kind of pay reward for good grades, that is a good incentive for a lot of poorer kids to do better and work toward success because they see some benefit of study.

  • Yes they should.

    When a student gets good grades, without cheating, they work very hard. This work should be rewarded because it teaches them that hard work pays off. It is important to teach this to children early because then they will work harder in the future. If they know that they will be rewarded for hard work they will do better at a job in the future.

  • Maybe yes... :)

    Yea maybe because hey.. Who doesn't love money? XD If students really get paid for having good grades, then they will obviously study hard for the money and get good grades.. Then get the money.. Simple as that.. Lol.. But I'm just telling my opinions about it.. No need to be wrong or right.. Haha..

  • It teaches a sense of self-worth

    | The idea of paying children for their academic success has been experimented with and has been shown to be an effective way to motivate children to do well in school. However, the benefits are far more profound than that; we send our children to school to learn how to function within society and become productive citizens. Having them understand that there is a market value tied to their hard-work is one of the most important lessons we can teach our children. Many of our societal problems are due to individuals not having a sense of self-worth or understanding the relationship between hard-work and reward. Paying our children for their academic success is not only a benefit to them, it benefits society as a whole.

  • Our entire society revolves around money

    Schools pretty much train children to just do everything they're told to along with a bunch of complex mathematics you'll probably never actually use in the real world unless you happen to take a very specific career. I feel it only makes sense to reward people for their hard work.

  • What happens when the money stops? And what will they do with that money

    Paying the kids for grades is good incentive and will most likley improve their grades and attendance but when the money runs out is will have permanently damaged their will to learn, they will most likley expect to get paid and when they dont they will no longer have a reason to learn, there love for learning will all but diminish. Students should love learning not be bribed to learn, the whole point of school is to get a good education not to earn pocket cash. Have you ever wondered what they do with that monney, they might bribe the teachers to make there test scores higher, it will only promote cheating.

  • Why celebrate mediocrity & what we expect of our children normally?

    My son (8) & I agree that children should NOT be paid for good grades, because they are expected to do their best! Pride in a job well done should be what motivates our children, not a video game or a carrot in front of their nose. Self motivators & those who take pride in their work are the ones that the others will end up working for one day!

  • Students shouldn't be paid

    There is no reason to pay a student money for having good grades. There ultimate goal is to get a quality education and they will realize later on that if they do not do well they will not do well later in life. Paying them might motivate them but that is not something that should become a standard in order to make kids do what they should be doing on their own.

  • Students should not get paid for having good grades.

    Students should not get paid for having good grades. They should be expected to earn these grades and not do it because they are going to get paid for it. We are too eager to reward someone for something good and take something away for doing something bad. I think we should just keep the system that we have in place.

  • Study Shows It Doesn't Help

    There was a study done, as well as a documentary, where they went into a poverty stricken area and attempted to pay students for good grades. The idea being that they would do better in class and also be able to help out at home financially, without doing anything more than what they should have been doing in the first place. The experiment failed and the students did not follow through, even though they knew they would get paid if they did. Therefore, I think throwing money at good grades is a waste of time.

  • Don't bribe your kids to do well!

    Students should want to do well for the sake of their own futures. They need to understand from a young age the importance of education and doing well in school. If they strive to be the best, they will find enough reward in the feeling of accomplishment from success. That is true motivation!

  • Paying children would just give them the wrong motivation

    In the special cases where certain children have particular trouble in certain subjects, yes, small rewards would help motivate them to really work hard. But for a majority of students, A's and B's should be expected. Working hard should be the norm, not slacking off. Having to bribe your children to try in school gives them completely wrong motivation. They should want to work in school so that they can have a bright future. And if they choose to slack off and make bad grades, it should come back and bite them in the butt when they attempt to apply for colleges. People have become far too nice and lenient when it comes to education.

  • Widening Income Gap

    Well, in competitive societies, the rich have access to more enrichment and better school facilities, such as tuition and extra classes or private tutors. On top of that, their home environments are much more conducive for learning (perhaps 24-hour air-conditioning and a personal domestic helper to aid in chores) These help to boost students' grades, which would entitle them to the money. But what about the children from less well-off families who struggle with family issues , or have to work after school? Wouldn't their grades be affected?

  • Why would we need to be paid for getting good grades.

    Why should we get paid for having good grades i don't see why we would need to get paid. You pay to get schooled so i don't see why they would need to pay us for being good in class because that is what they expect from us in school anyway, they want us to do the best that we can but no-one ever does.

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