• To allow teachers to see there progress as educators

    Students should be able to grade their teachers because when the are graded the want to grade right back trust me. When i finish a test and get a good grade i want to write a letter or even verbally telling them thank you. Because even teachers need to know how they are doing. If students are able to grade their teachers the teachers can look back on this and focus on what is failing in their teaching career and work to make it better.

  • Students have the best firsthand feedback on how teachers are doing and if they are making high school an uncomfortable, inappropriate, or overly difficult experience.

    Every student’s got that teacher that they just absolutely hate. The one who “can’t teach.” The one who should have retired years ago, who can’t control a class, or who is just a plain jerk. It seems like they’re not going anywhere anytime soon even though they don’t allow students to be as productive as they are capable of. What about that old unfair janitor who gives out pointless detentions like they’re daily homework assignments? The lunch lady who spits on your food when she talks and can hardly walk? The crabby librarian who can’t hear a word you say and won’t help you find anything or make you feel welcome in the library? There should definitely be something students can do about it. They should surely have a say in who can provide their education and their high school experience. I know it’s hard to admit, but sometimes the students are right. Sometimes they know what they’re talking about. I mean, they are the ones who have the first-hand experience of being around these type of employees. Some out-with-the-old and in-with-the-new is seriously needed in some schools and the students are just the ones who can give the best feedback and advice on where school faculty are needing improvement in order to be successful. Just as teachers, who have first-hand experience, can give the best feedback and “ratings” on students. It’s not complaining, and the students have no actual control over who stays and who goes. It is just so suggestions can be appropriately made so that something can be done if needed about people who are making high school education an uncomfortable, inappropriate, or overly difficult experience. This is why there should be an opportunity in which at the end of each school term, student evaluations of faculty may be submitted online.

    That is the opening paragraph I am writing on this very topic for my 11th grade Lit. Class.

  • Oh definetly for sure

    Because sometimes the teachers grade us based on their opinions so why shouldn't we have the freedom of speech. Plus the fact is we're all humans here teachers think themselves is all knowing when they're not.It's best teachers can make much worse decisions than us it's but they're in denial.

  • Accountability is a 2-way street

    Teachers are accountable to students for creating an environment that fosters learning. They do this with their attitude, knowledge, maturity, sensitivity, respect, judgment, enthusiasm, connection, etc. That's a lot to bring to the table and they should be graded on how well they are able to bring it or if they leave some of it behind.

  • Absolutely. And Judge, don't grade

    I hate grades. Giving a letter grade A, B, C, etc. Tells you nothing about the person and what was done in the class. When you are labeled a letter based on your entire experience in a class how is that supposed to be fulfilling or meaningful at all? Who in the real world looks at a faceless transcript and wants to hire that person? You need to meet them and judge their character and research their experience in life situations.

    Anyway, If a student is judged by the teacher than the teacher should also be judged by the student. We are all humans. In what other job would this even be a question? For example, of course the public wants to judge the performance of construction workers because if you don't they don't need to do well at their job, and the public are the best critics for the construction workers. Similarly the student is the teacher's best critic and feedback of the teacher helps the teacher to improve their methods and realize that students are capable of teaching too. Teachers need to be humbled.

  • Grade the teachers!

    I think we as students should be able to grade our teachers. Not because they are mean, how they dress or so on. We should grade them on their performance of teaching. Are they explaining the work they want us to do? Are they actually teaching us something valuable and not wasting our time? In that form of grading, I do think we should be able to. I don't think it is fair how there are teachers who have been teaching for so many years and all their students fail. That is a sign that the teacher isn't doing something right.

  • Reason on why we are grading

    Teachers should be able to know their personal attitude and about how they are acting from the children's perspective. You should also be able to grade your teachers so they could understand how you feel and what they need to fix. Teachers also can be informed on why some kids don't like them.

  • It can't hurt.

    Sure, students should be able to grade teachers. Obviously the grading would work differently than the grades do for students. I would use it more as a performance report. The report wouldn't affect the teachers pay, but it would let them know if they are doing good, or need improvement.

  • Educators should never stop being educated

    Students should have the right to grade their teachers, this way teachers and students would realize how fundamentally important an solid education is. Teacher's would work harder to educate their students, and students would better understand how hard it is to teach if they were to really grade a teacher on the aspects of the job. Everyone would win

  • Students see their teachers everyday.

    Students have the experience of being taught by their teacher. Do the teachers interact with the class? Are they helpful? Do they play farmville all day? The students know this. All teachers put up a front for the superintendent or the person supervising them. Only students truly know what the teacher really acts like.

  • No

    Students should not be eligible to rank their educator. Most students are immature and will rank their educator on their own moronic opinions on their educators educational system. Many will abuse this privilege for their own injurious purposes, such as less homework or cellular devices in class. This will disrupt the learning environment for serious students trying to have a better future.

  • No

    No--students do not know by what measure to grade teachers. Teachers should be graded in some form, but not by their own students. Students also tend to be particularly harsh if they have a personal problem with a teacher or did not perform well in a class. There should be a different way of measuring teacher performance that does not depend on the students.

  • It is unnecessary.

    Students don't need to grade their teachers because they are not pupils or peer. Students have no right to talk about their teachers like that. The teachers went through grading when they were in school so it is not needed by the students. They already get graded by the school, district, and state so there is no need for the extra grading by a student. Students would grade the teachers based on how they feel about that teachers.

  • No. Not good.

    I'm against in Grading the Teachers by the Students. As a student, I don't have enough knowledge or experiences. Many of students can't be able to trust. They will just put negatives or bad thing or whatever they just want to write or to put on their given grade to the Teacher.

  • Teachers are graded by their peers and their administration.

    Students should not be allowed to give their teachers a grade, but they should be allowed to give an opinion. Teachers are graded by their principals or their administrative staff. If students are doing poorly in a teacher's class, then administration would pull the teacher in and find out why students aren't doing well. They would then decide if it is the teacher who is responsible for delivering poor lessons, or if the curriculum is too difficult for students to learn. There are plenty of students who don't like their teachers, but that doesn't make them bad teachers; it's just a difference of opinion. Teachers don't give students a bad grade based on their attitude or appearance. Students get bad grades because they don't do their work, or they do it poorly. I believe that if a student feels that his/her teacher deserves a failing grade, then that should be brought to the principal's attention...But make sure it's not because you don't like them! Make sure you have good supporting evidence that they really can't teach.

  • It Has A Huge Affect

    Students do not realize that by posting these comments, or grades, they are damaging the teachers career. As far as college professors go, if they do not have enough students enrolled in their classes, they do not get paid. This means that the pay the teachers were expecting does not come. An angry student that did not work hard and received a bad score on a test can get his revenge by posting a bad review on the teacher, even though it was his fault. You just cant trust it.

  • Students lack experience and knowledge!

    Students are not as wise as adults and don't have as much experience in the real world. They might not understand what makes a good teacher. Being a pupil, I can say that I enjoy teachers who are really energetic, funny and kind. However, this may not necessarily mean they are the most qualified and best at their job. However students would give them good grade because they are "fun" and "nice". Personal bad experiences with teachers could lead to undeserved bad grades as well, for example a student could have been caught doing something bad or was given a bad grade because of their poor quality of work. Overall, there would be a lot of good teachers with bad grades, and so this could have negative consequences such as dismissals.

  • Pupils averages are too low.

    Many pupils would just not be capable of this. The average student these days is hardly up to getting a few GCSEs, and frankly, as a high school student, I know some people who would work against or for people for personal gain. They just don't have the wit to do this, and it is silly to make out that they do, as it may end stickily.

  • Shouldn't be by their students, but should be by others.

    Students do not have the maturity to grade their teachers. Some bad students will probably give their teachers low scores, and some student may not care whether or not they get graded. This would result in a Voluntary Response Bias. I understand that the students have the experience, however they should not grade their own teachers, especially when the students are receiving mediocre/bad grades.

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