Should students have access to cell phones in school?

  • Yes why not

    What if there is an emergency then what your screwed because you don't have a cellular device around to call any one which is pretty stupid in the senior high school there allowed but in 9th grade in junior high your not what a shame and that is my reason

  • Yes They Should

    Students should have cellphones in school because of reasearch, educational games, contact with family and all around, they are much easier than a chrome book or a laptop. Every kid has one too, so the school would not need to buy them. Also, kids can just pull them out of their pocket, and done. They have a computer, phone and more in one, little divice

  • They should be able to have acess to thier cell phones for multipul reasons

    You should only use it for stuff for school that involves school matters and other stuff like that and derp yolo and peace bro and other sad comments finders keepers and losers weepers and other sad childhood rymes duh twilight eclipse and the rest of the series that are boring

  • Yes, students should have access to cell phones in school.

    Like it or not, our society has become dependent on cell phones for communication. While I do not believe that students should be allowed to carry cell phones into class or use them while in class, I do believe that they should have access to their cell phones during their lunch break and in between classes. When students are allowed to carry their cell phones, the school secretary does not have to take messages from parents that simply want to tell their child that their dad is going to pick them up from school and they should not ride the bus. Instead, that parent can simply text their child a message and the student can read it during their next break. Likewise, if a student needs to communicate something to his parent, he is able to do so without having to go to the school office to use the phone.

  • Yes, cell phones are essential

    In the modern world, cell phones are an essential item people carry. Students need access to handle emergencies, changes in after school plans and to mark important dates on their main electronic calendar. Keep students from playing with phones when class is in session, but do not put a blanket ban on cell phones at school.

  • Yes, only for emergency purposes

    Young people enjoy spending time on their cell phones, but the time in the classroom is a time for learning. With computers available in many classrooms, there is very little need for cell phones for any other reason than for emergencies. Otherwise, schools can expect decreased productivity from students infatuated by electronic devices.

  • Yes, if cell phone use is controlled

    Cell phones can be a distraction, but they can also be an important safety net for children in case of emergencies. Students should be allowed to carry their cell phones with them during school. However, it is okay for teachers to have rules about not using cell phones in class unless there is an emergency.

  • No phones in classroom

    Phones should be kept in the locker during the day and not allowed in the classroom. Having been a teacher, I know that as phones began to permeate classrooms, test scores began a downhill slide. The students that spent the most time playing with their phones had the worst test scores and also seemed to severely lack in the personality and exhibited poor communication skills. The teaching staff would refer to these students as "Phone Zombies".

  • No, there is no reason a student needs a cell phone in school.

    To risk sounding old, but there is no reason a child need a phone. There weren't any cell phones in existence when I was in school and we received any urgent messages through the Principal's office. This is how it should be. After school, yes, this is an instant communication device that children should have access to in case of emergencies.

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