• Cellphones-should be allowed

    Even though we listen to music and etc.We still listen and follow the rules the teacher has to say cellphones should be allowed if we ever forget anything we have our phone to help us and it helps us in life sometimes it really does help us in life .

  • Yes you would want it too

    Kids should have phones in school because of emergency. And think of it this way;if you were in these kids shoes, you would want to have your phone in school right? Yeah exactly. If you were in 5th-12th grade you would want to have your phone in school. You my be tempted to play on it but the teachers can prevent that.

  • Yes, but only for emergencies.

    I believe children should have cell phones in school. Its just that they should only be used for emergencies or important events. For example, maybe you forget that you have soccer practice after school, so you'd use your phone to call your mom or dad instead of going to the main office for the phone. The phone should also be turned off when class is going on, so the students have their full attention on their school work.

  • Yes, for some cases.

    Students not being able to have phones in school is a respectable rule, and I'll follow it, but that does not mean I am not against it. Children should be able to have phones in school to listen to music (during breaktime) and look up info. If their teachers and school are O.K with it, also to take notes. Of course, there is no denying that many will use their phones incorrectly during school hours, but punishments can be placed on them. So in all, students should be able to have phones in school with restrictions, of course!

  • Yes, but there should be a level of respect.

    I think students should be allowed to have cell phones present during class for emergency reasons ONLY, but I do feel that students should respect the teacher while she or he is teaching because you may miss out on an important detail in class for not paying attention to the instructions for an assignment.

  • No, not so they can be seen.

    There is no need for students to have cell phones in school outside of their backpacks or pockets. Of course they can carry them for emergencies or to be able to get in touch with parents. However, they should not be seen as they are distractions and any teacher should be able to confiscate if being used in class.

  • Cell phones- constant addiction

    The proposition stated that phones can be used for listening to music, copying notes etc. But all this can be done with any electronic device such as an iPad. When a student has a phone in school, he/she may be constantly texting. This is evident in all teenagers. As a result, the student looses focus on what is happening in class and is addicted to it

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