Should students have no vacation in school until the end of senior year?

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  • I think they should.

    Students can't be on a week vacation with work to do! I do agree that sometimes they can have to much stress, but wouldn't it build more stress when they get back with A LOT more work to do? Missing even 3 days of school will leave you with a lot of work, and it will build stress with every work you didn't do and now you have to do. And 7 days of work to do? That's extreme stress, Students should just stay at school without doing vacation on work days.

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  • Students might collapse under stress.

    Considering how rough school is on kids during the school year, not having a vacation seems like a horrible idea. Sorry, but no summer vacation util senior year seems like an bad idea to me. Plus, it might raise bullying. The people with happy personalities might get bullied because people might accuse them of enjoying school, and not let it go. In other words, kids need a vacation.

  • No students should be allowed vacations.

    Students should be allowed vacations because it gives them a chance to relax and unwind from the stress that comes from trying to cram all the knowledge they are expected to learn into their minds. It basically lets them switch of their brains and give it a reboot or de-frag it basically which allows it more room to gain more knowledge. They would become burnt out before they even reached senior year if they were not given a vacation.

  • Students need vacation.

    It would be mentally straining on any and every child to be in school for ten months straight without vacation until senior year. During the months of educational instruction, all students regardless of age are subject to mental and physical stress, therefore there is definite need for vacation. Without any breaks of any type, students academic progress will be substantially affected.

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