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  • Yes! Of course

    Students need recess to get a break from their classroom. At school kids only sit down and work, but if they have recess they could have time to get up and get a break from learning. Students bed to have fun at school to because if they don't have any fun they might not want to go to school.

  • Even adults need recess

    Students absolutely need recess just as we all need a break from work or whatever task has us absorbed. Students are locked into the rigidity of a controlled schedule so they do not have the option to step out for a break when they need one. That makes it even more imperative that those in control allow ample time for students to rest and recharge their mind and bodies.

  • Students should have recess

    I believe that students should recess not only because I am one but because we need to exercise so we stay healthy and fit. I believe that when children don't have recess their brain doesn't get the right amount of blood so the students and I can't think straight. So by eliminating recess it doesn't help. That is my belief.

  • No recess boo

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