Should students have the right to attend school or not?

Asked by: Dishoungh
  • Well, of course yes.

    The majority of the students in most schools don't even want to be in there or learn anything. They go in there to play, be a distraction, and cause trouble in the school. If these kind of kids didn't attend school, then education would be a whole lot better. And, that's another thing. I think that education quality has deteriorated because most of the students do not want to learn and they don't try to learn. Instead, just DON'T GO TO SCHOOL. So the people who ACTUALLY WANT TO LEARN SOMETHING can get the most learning experience they can get. Also, so you can save these teachers' energy. Now, this doesn't apply to some schools. Usually, private schools, some schools are just fine. Actually, I went to a high quality elementary school. Everyone was nice and everyone was learning. It was perfect. Well, it's elementary school my dear Watson. Okay, but seriously though, I'm sick of the disruptive kids at school. They ruin everything.

  • It should be the choice of the student involved.

    Students need the right to make their own choices during the high school years. They need to learn how to make the right choices and not be punished for those choices unless it effects other students or the community. If we gave the students a choice to WANT to be there then they would want to learn at their own pace which would either make them want the right choice or the wrong one, but that is for them to choose. If they want to be stupid about their choice there is a special place for them in a juvenile prison. It is a matter of choice

  • Well, it is a RIGHT to education.

    Like people have the right to vote, people should be able to freely choose if they wish to learn about the world around them and go into more detail after they get the basics down like learning basic math and to read and write. The rest of it should really be optional. Not everyone needs to know about Shakespeare in depth because a lot of this stuff isn't too relevant anymore. Also, if we teach them the basics in the cyber world then a lot of learning could be triggered in genuine interest in the material. Ask open ended questions on tests asking what they have learned about blah blah and then address any issues. It should also be interactive and should revolve around the desires and learning styles of the individual. It should be encouraged, but not forced because then people thinks its just another chore that must be done to make someone else happy.

  • There is no doubt that kids should attend school.

    The first reason that kids should attend school is that they need to learn to get a better education and get into a good college. Another reason that kids should attend school is that they should focus in class so they know a lot of knowledge and would know something that they learned in school like. It's against the law if you do not attend school cause if something happens and they don't get a good education or get into a good college they won't know anything at all.

  • Kids should be able to pick if they want to go to school or not.

    Kids should be able to pick if they want to go to school or not. Kids should be able to decide if they want to learn or not. Some kids don't have a choice so they come and distract others. When this happens kids can't learn. They play along, missing their education. Education is a big part in their life when this gets disturbed kids have a lack of education. This puts kids in a bad place, making them want to give up.

  • Every child should have this right

    But unfortunately they don't. Every year many kids are kicked out of school altogether. Usually because the schooling system is failing them. It is the responsibility of the adults and the country to ensure every child is able to learn and develop to their fulL potential so they have some career prospects at the end of the day.

  • The world has enough dumba**es, we don't need to encourage it!

    Children should have some form of education K-12, i.e. Public Schools, Private Schools, Parochial Schools, Home-schooled, Charter, etc. A high school diploma, in today's world, should be mandatory. America as well as many nations is evolving into a White Collar society. To get by, you need a Bachelor (at the least). In the next 20-25 years, a Grad degree will be essential to be competitive in the workplace. If individuals don't embrace education, they will suffer the consequences, i.e. living at or below poverty level, very few job options, constant hardship, etc.

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SweetTea says2014-03-12T19:22:35.437
There shouldn't be a choice involved! Education is a must!