Should students in high school have a physical education class?

  • BUT

    IT SHOULD NOT BE MANDATORY. OFFER IT AS AN ELECTIVE. A gym class is of no use to someone who is already overweight. Standing around while everyone else plays sports because no one wants to play with them is nothing but detrimental to a young adolescent. The only students who prosper and who take gym class seriously are the athletes who don't actually NEED any education in the physical department. Make it an elective, not mandatory.

  • Excersize

    I would have to agree with that students in high school should have a mandatory P.E. class during the school day, not only because it gives the students the opportunity to get there energy out but they have time to be active and to socialize with there fellow class mates. The reason why I am all for students in high school having to have a P.E. class during the day is because our society now is an overweight society and that is because the students do not have any structured activities in the school day.

  • Schools need to promote better physical health in students.

    This generation has more overweight kids than any other generation. Schools with PE classes can promote life long physically active habits.

    Kids who exersize learn better and retain information better.

    During the teen years the brain goes through a massive culling of unused neural pathways. If students don't continue to develop their coordination skills in the teen years they will lose many of them permanently.

  • Obesity is on the rise

    Yes, obviously they should, since obesity is on the rise. 1 in every five people in America are considered overweight or obese and it's time we started doing something to prevent the future generations from being fat, overweight and obese people.

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  • Yes, but not if already in a regular sport

    All students should be in physical education, but they should get an exception if they are participating regularly in a sport. For example, I swim 3 1/2 miles 4 or 5 days a week and am on a competitive team. I should not be required to take P.E. As I'm already working on my health.

    Posted by: KBP
  • Students should have to have go to P.E

    Today i am a person who goes to P.E and enjoys doing it, but i see lots of kids who are just sitting on the side lines and not doing anything. When teammates need help people who are not participating just stand there and do nothing, then leads to the fact that teams are not fair because there are more people on that side who are participating in the game than this side. Also , for example, when playing soccer when not participating in the game they can get hurt b y just standing there. The point I'm trying to get across is that it should be required and if you are not going to be doing P.E for awhile than you have to have a doctors note.

  • I love gym

    Personally i think gym is a great thing in high school. If you are like me, you will get antsy in the middle of the day and need to get some movement into the day. I have gym first thing and the morning and it really wakes me up. Gym is probably the only time teenagers will get active

  • PE is great and fun class.

    For my opinion PE class is fun and i like it.I think for high school student it shout be medatory fro PE class.Teens need to stay healthy and strong.If they don't take PE class they would be lazy. So guys listen to me and try to take it and have fun with your class.

  • Yes they should

    There are way to many kids obese in todays world being an athlete myself and being enrolled in a advanced pe that my school offers i believe that if everyone was required to take pe every year they would be much healthier and live a better life. Not saying that they should have to take a advanced pe but one that will best fit there needs and go at a speed right for them. This is just my opinion

  • PE should not be mandatory

    Obesity has absolutely nothing to do with PE class. We only have less 30 minutes of PE every other day and less than 50 percent of students actually participate (mostly athletes) and it's not even an intense workout (badminton, ping pong ect.). The rest of us just stand around gossiping or do other homework. It's a total waste of time.

  • Students should be able to decide for themselves how best to exercise, and should therefore not have a physical education class.

    Physical education classes can often be competitive or even embarrassing for children, especially for those children that are not as coordinated or fit as other students. This can breed a dislike of physical exercise. Therefore, I believe students should be made aware of the benefits of physical activities, but should be left to exercise in a way that suits them.

    Posted by: FoolishTracy47
  • P.E. Sucks. Really.

    Say you are in a p.E. Class. You are really bored and you not very athletic like me. You want to run away. Thats how i feel because im in middle school. I have it every day and i hate it. Many people agree with me but 15/16ths of my school love it. I hate all of them

  • Since when did this class help anyone get anywhere in life?

    Yeah. You can do a push-up....Congrats. That's not exactly going to help you get a good job. If anything, those who actually CHOOSE to become an athlete can take classes of their OWN ACCORD. For instance, I take yoga lessons every weekend. Forcing children into this is not appropriate nor necessary.

  • It is dick class

    The class is worth some dick cheese pellets because it is friggin retarded and will never fucking help my awesome life with its amazing dick cheesiness and its dumb cuz im fit asf and i dont need phys ed to exercise. I walk a mile to school each day and back again to my house its just dumb.

  • How does it even help?

    Its a class student don't even try in. Its not even a workout u don't burn any calories, well i mean if you think Badminton or standing around is had work then yea i guess it is. Most student just walk around talking until the class ends and I would know I'm a student who takes pe

  • We have better needs!

    Students should be using this wasted time to learn and PE is not an exact way of learning. PE should be optional and not obligatory in any circumstance that way students who want to become proffesional in PE can and those who don't can become educated in their own interests. I understand why PE is done but I have on argument.

    2 hours of pe every week is not going to keep anyone fit unless its intense and they have a very good diet. Let's face reality in some cases it's just not like this.

  • Not Needed In High School

    In high school students need to get ready for college. They need to prepare for all their classes and fill their resume. PE is a useless class that colleges do not count. Many bright students have gotten lower gpa s than what they would have gotten without it. Instead of pe, students can have more AP classes which will actually benefit them in life. Not just changing their clothing and running.

  • Not Needed In High School

    In high school students need to get ready for college. They need to prepare for all their classes and fill their resume. PE is a useless class that colleges do not count. Many bright students have gotten lower gpa s than what they would have gotten without it. Instead of pe, students can have more AP classes which will actually benefit them in life. Not just changing their clothing and running.

  • No, it should not be mandatory.

    I think that students in high school learn nothing form physical education classes. They are basically pointless. Having about 30 minutes every other day to throw a ball around isn't going to help anyone. Plus, they are high school students. Yes, I think in middle school and elementary school it should be required because at those ages students are not able to make decisions for them selves. But isn't that what high school is all about? Making your own decisions and preparing for the real world? If you want to take a physical education class, that is your choice. But if you are more motivated to exercise on your own time and do things that you are comfortable with, that should be your choice as well. Telling a student that they have to exercise is not getting them ready for the real world where nobody is going to be there step by step telling you how to get in your daily exercise.

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