Should students in the 5th grade and up learn about agriculture?

  • It's never too early.

    The very basics of agriculture should be taught to children at a very young age. While I think 3rd grade might work better, 5th is a decent compromise. By teaching agriculture from an early age, we can inculate ecological stewardship into our future adults as well --- something we desperately need to do now.

  • ABSOLUTELY! The average American is 3 generations removed from the farm.

    Today, children are under the impression that their food is made in a grocery store. This disconnect does not start with children, even adults have become ignorant consumers. Like any other profession a child may idolize in their youth, a farmer should most certainly one of them. It is a proud profession where every day is concluded with the satisfaction that they are feeding the world. If children don't even recognize the fact that it takes a tree farmer to build the house around them or that the hamburger they get from McDonalds was once a bovine... What are we really teaching them? I'd like to hear an arguement as to what we should be teaching our children instead of where their food comes from? If you eat, if you wear clothes, if you are living comfortably... It is beacuse of the things around you that are conveniently provided by a farmer. And h311 yes children should be learning about that in school.

  • Schools should provide students with a wide variety of educational experiences.

    Agriculture is a life skill, and if not taught in schools many people will never develop an awareness of it at all. As we go further into the technology age it really benefits the kids to experience these hands on skills which give them so many insights into parts of life they weren't even aware of before.

  • We need food to survive.

    This is a really good idea. Growing your own food is like printing your own money. As long as we need food to survive, learning agriculture is a good thing. Personal gardening could be the solution to the number of food deserts in the U.S., where the poor can only get fast food and other junk food.

  • you eat don't you

    Ok so I read this debate out load to my kids. My 13 year old son started laughting and said you would think they would know that before they are in the fifth grade. and then stated that it should be common knowledge that food really does grow on trees. But put the sarcasm away for a minute. The amount of land used for farming has been cut in half over the last fifty years. While the need for food has doubled. Plus if you really want to know what your putting in to your body and your kids body you should know a few things about farming. Like what all is put on your fruit's and veggies.

  • Even if you aren't a farmer, you need to know about agriculture.

    Even though the amount of knowledge available to our world has grown tremendously, we are arguably the dumbest generation the world has ever had. We can make incredible things, but could you do something as simple as a pencil? That is because our specialization keeps us from know basic practical skills.

    If we don't learn about agriculture, the skill will be lost.

  • Teaching children agriculture is unnecessary in modern times.

    I think that we as a people need to understand that times really have changed. Because of this, we really are no longer an agricultural society, and as such really do not need to teach our children about how agriculture and whatnot works. We should focus on teaching other things.

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